In Philadelphia, what many voters are familiar with are the printed ballots issued by the Ward leaders and candidates. These, however, can differ based on who pays whom and how many of each are handed out - some Wards have "Morning" and "Evening" ballots - and based on what was paid and who needs to be kept "happy." Some candidates are endorsed for their qualities, others for their relationships with senior leadership, some for both ..... and some based on cold hard cash.

See Ward Ballots online here via Crowdpac

In an effort to provide transparency these ballots will be updated live as we get them off the great site phillyballots on

Ballots by Party

Official Democratic Party Ballot

Ballots by Candidates

Councilman Kenyatta Johnson Ballot

Councilman Curtis Jones Ballot

Councilwoman Maria Sanchez Ballot

State Senator Anthony Williams Ballot** (Endorsements include Quinones-Sanchez, Kenyatta Johnson, Janie Blackwell, Curtis Jones Jr.)

Candidate Ori Feibush Ballot #1

Candidate Ori Feibush OTHER Ballot

Candidate Cherelle Parker

Isaiah Thomas

Ballots by Wards (links to ward leaders website)

1st Ward

1st Ward, Division 6

1st Ward, Division 17

South and Southwest Philly 2nd Ward

4th Ward

5th Ward, Division 25

8th Ward

9th Ward

21st Ward

22nd Ward

24th Ward, Division 6

30th Ward

34th Ward, Division 1

35th Ward

36th Ward – Version 1 - Version 2 has Allan Domb INSTEAD of Sherri Cohen

39th Ward, Division 7

39th Ward Division 30

48th Ward

50th Ward

52nd Ward

65th Ward

Northeast Philly Ballot

**side note - as our tool cannot add multiple district candidates - we have included their names next to ballots where there is more than one district candidate selected.

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