Co-sponsoring bills is an important component of congressional work. It's one of the clearest ways for a member to signal support for legislation. At the same time, it's been referred to as "D.C's favorite time-wasting scam," allowing members to acknowledge their stance on an issue without the political risk of drafting the legislation outright.

We researched the sponsorship records of the 114th Congress and found the five members who have co-sponsored the most bills. According to the data, these are Representatives Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC-At Large), Raul Grijalva (AZ-3), Jim McGovern (MA-3), Alcee Hastings (FL-20), and Charles Rangel (NY-13).

Eleanor Holmes Norton, who tops our list with 420 co-sponsorships during the 114th Congress, is an interesting case as a non-voting member of Congress. As the Delegate for the District of Columbia, Norton may serve on committees and speak on the floor, but cannot vote on legislation. It is fitting that she relies on co-sponsorship as a platform to express her views.

Representative Grijalva was a close second with 406 co-sponsorships, followed by Jim McGovern (361), Alcee Hastings (360), and Charles Rangel (354).

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