You can't get elected without the support of women, who comprise the majority of voters in America.

Now it seems they are closing the gap on another front: political donations. In 1990, men accounted for 75% of all donors, and were responsible for 76% of the money going to federal candidates. In 2016, men represent 57% of donors, and account for 68% of money given to federal candidates.

However, while there has been strong progress in the share of total donors who are women, the actual share of the money given by women has not climbed nearly as fast. Men may represent a smaller slice of the donor pool, but they have made up for it by giving more money, keeping their impact and influence similar to what it was in 1990.

This is not to say the increase in the percentage of donors who are women is not significant. It has directly impacted the current presidential election, for instance, especially on the Democratic side: approximately 60% of Hillary Clinton's donors are women. This has helped solidify Clinton as the top fundraiser of this cycle.

But what are women doing with their influence? Where are they taking their money?


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