From President-Elect Trump’s appointments to local elections across the country, 2017 is ripe with opportunity to make an impact nationally and in your community.

Here’s what you need to know this week:

Weigh in on Trump’s appointees

Democrats are mobilizing a vocal opposition to many of President-Elect Trump’s appointments.

Meanwhile, Senate republicans have scheduled 6 confirmations for this Wednesday, January 11.

You can keep up with all of Trump’s appointments with this tracker from The Atlantic, and watch live coverage of today's confirmation hearing with Jeff Sessions right here.

Make your plans for the inauguration on Friday, January 20

Whether you’d like to attend the inauguration of our 45th president to celebrate his win or want to stir up a bit of noise in protest, this handy article from has you covered.

If you want to brave the crowds and watch the parade, info on that is here.

Keep your eyes on Chicago tomorrow

Democratic operatives are planning a massive gathering of “Obama Alumni” in Chicago to commemorate President Obama’s farewell address on January 10.

Learn more about attending or watching the event here.

Hot Crowdpac campaigns:

Learn about the Bernie revolutions’ resistance home in Washington D.C.

Millennials for Revolution have raised nearly $50,000 to house activists in Washington, D.C. to be on the front lines of the fight to hold the Trump administration accountable.

Learn more about the race to replace Rep. Xavier Becerra

With Rep. Xavier Becerra tapped to become California’s next Attorney General, a field of young candidates have sprung up to run in the special election to replace him.

See the list of the candidates here.

Decide whether to throw a former Trump campaign bus into the ocean or have it drive across the country as protest art

Creative artists who procured a former Trump campaign bus during the 2016 are leaving it up to you: should they throw the bus in the ocean or use it as a protest vehicle in 2017?

The choice is yours.

Bernie supporters will donate $30,000 to the DNC if Keith Ellison becomes Chairman

The race to become the next chair of DNC has high stakes as Democrats look to rebuild in 2017, and the field of candidates seems to grow each week.

447 DNC voting members will make the ultimate decision, but these Keith Ellison backers have pledged nearly $30,000 to the DNC if he wins.

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