For those of us keeping up with the 2016 election, it seems like every politician these days has their own PAC dedicated to looking out for their own special interests. But what about the rest of us?

Now, thanks to Crowdpac's groundbreaking new tool, you can be just as effective as the political insiders. In just three easy steps, Crowdpac will show you the members of congress who, according to the data, champion the issues and causes you care about the most - allowing you to support an entire slate of candidates with just one click.

We analyzed congressional floor records, website and Twitter data, vote history, and campaign finance reports to determine which members of congress prioritize key issues such as immigration, gun control, tax reform, and the national debt. We also factored in key battleground districts throughout the country to ensure that your dollars have the biggest impact on Election Day.

By acting on the issues you care about, you're sending a message to Washington about your priorities and making a much bigger difference than you would by just voting. So take a moment to explore this new tool and create your own fantasy PAC for the causes you feel are worth fighting for.

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