Help us out in Georgia: Fund Rides to the Polls


We're raising money to fund rides for people who otherwise couldn't vote. This is the most powerful, impactful, immediate, practical, real thing you can do. Make free rides possible. $10-15 gets one voter to the polls. We're focused on three critically important states - Pennsylvania, Florida and N. Carolina.

Rides are for people who are under family, work or financial pressure, who have no spare time. For first time voters and immigrants. For people of color, millennials and seniors. Because of fear of intimidation by "poll watchers." For any reason that can be solved with a free ride. From anywhere, to the polls, to anywhere.

An extraordinary coalition of My Ride To Vote and 30+ organizations are partnering to provide free rides for voters. Our alliance representing millions of voters will reach out to their members via email, text, websites, radio, press, social and national media. Your donation goes for promotion of the promo code and for the rides.

How it works: Voters use Free PROMO codes on Lyft and Uber to get $15 off their ride to the polls and $15 off their ride back.

The margins are razor-thin in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida. The margin between winning and losing those battles could be very small - tens of thousands of votes. Please share this with your friends & family and post on social media. If you are in a "safe" state, all the more reason to support people in the battlegrounds.

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    “It's absolutely the right thing to do! It's nice to see something that is making the voting process more accessible to everyone instead of doing everything possible to make it harder to vote! As you can probably guess, I'm not a republican!”

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April 24, 2017

Fund Rides to the Polls in Georgia


My Ride to Vote is refocusing its efforts on the special congressional runoff election in Georgia. We need your help.

Last November, your contributions alone raised over $475,000 to fund rides to the polls in the battleground states where they were needed most. Thanks to you, thousands of voters were able to get to the polls, many of them for the first time ever.

On April 18, an unprecedented number of voters came out for a special election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District – the first true battleground election of this new presidency. The election is now headed to a decisive runoff, where this new coalition of voters will decide which candidate will best protect and defend their civil rights. In short, this is a local race with national consequences.

Looking toward the runoff, My Ride to Vote wants to make sure that these voters stay excited and that it is as easy as possible for new voters to enter the political process. Can we count on your support?

My Ride to Vote’s goal: raise $250,000 to provide at least 8,000 rides to the polls for the June 20 runoff in GA-06 – less than 10 short weeks from now. If we raise $100,000 by May 15, we can provide rides for early voting – when many low-income and underrepresented voters prefer to cast their ballots.

Can you chip in $25, $50, or whatever you can to help us guarantee 8,000 rides to the polls in GA-06? Every dollar you contribute ensures a new voice is heard. We can’t just sit on the sidelines when the stakes are this high.

Please click here to visit our new Crowdpac campaign page and make your donation now. Visit to learn more.

Thank you for your continued support of My Ride to Vote and commitment to our democracy.


Ben Leiner
Executive Director
My Ride to Vote

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