The Democratic Party should open their doors to a new progressive generation. Some of us are skeptical of the DNC thanks to their treatment of Bernie Sanders in the presidential primary last year. But we’re willing to join the DNC as donors if Rep. Keith Ellison gets elected as chairman.

A lot of progressive grassroots donors may not feel comfortable supporting the Democratic Party. But with Keith Ellison in charge, all of that could change. We trust Keith Ellison to bring a strong and progressive vision to the DNC.

That’s why we’ve set up this pledge to show the DNC what they’ll be missing out on if they choose anybody but Keith. Showing that the DNC could raise BIG money from small donors is just one way we can help get Keith elected.

Let's show the Democratic establishment that we don't want big money and we don't need big money. This should be a people's party. And Keith is for the people!

Make a pledge to donate to the DNC today if Keith Ellison becomes chair. Your card will only be charged if Keith Ellison wins the chairmanship.

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    “I support Keith Ellison to be DNC Chair and will don't to the DNC if he is elected because we need the energy of progressives and berniecrats to carry us foreword. If he is not elected I will leave the Democratic Party.”

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    “I support We'll Donate to the DNC If Ellison Become Chair because the Democratic Party needs to understand that the grassroots wants Keith and will support him with energy and $$.”

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    “I will only join the Democratic Party again if it is run by progressives, not big money interests. Until then, you can find me with the Green Party.”

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    “If the Democrats can't come out of their coma after the last election, there isn't much hope.”

December 7, 2016

These Craven Attacks on Keith Must Stop


Something awful is happening in the Democratic party. Over the past week, Rep. Keith Ellison has been subjected to baseless smear campaigns from members of his own party. These attacks have made Ellison the latest victim of the same petty self-cannibalization that has plagued the Democrats all year. Elites within the party used the same craven tactics when they falsely labeled Bernie as a racist and a sexist, and now they’re trying to do it again.

One elite in particular is Haim Saban. Saban is a billionaire mega-donor who has previously made contributions to George W. Bush’s presidential re-election campaign. And just last week, he had the audacity to call Keith Ellison -- a man with a great history of defending religious and civil rights -- an “anti-semite.” This kind of inflammatory behavior is not only destructive to the political process, but to the Democratic party as well.

And Saban isn’t alone. The American Defamation League came out with an equally disappointing condemnation of Ellison, lambasting him with false accusations and criticisms. Like Saban and the rest of the party establishment, the ADL wants to back a specific horse in this race. But they’re incapable of criticizing Ellison’s policy stances about relations in the Middle East, since President Barack Obama shares nearly identical views. As a result, they’re forced to rely on hatchet jobs and cowardly character assassinations.

Keith Ellison is being smeared and slandered by the establishment figures, and he needs our help. Please share this page with your friends and ask them to make a pledge to donate to the DNC ONLY IF they put an end to the smear campaign and elect Keith for DNC Chairman.

Democrats just received a shellacking in 2014 and 2016, and something has to change. The DNC chair debate is supposed to be about which candidate can adopt the strongest platform, energize the party, bring in new voters, and increase turnout across the country. And if someone has a policy-based disagreement with Rep. Ellison, they should come out with it. Instead, people like Haim Saban are launching unfair attacks in order to push their personal political agendas.

This kind of rhetoric is harmful and destructive. But what saddens me most is that I’ve come to expect this kind of punching-below-the-belt from elites like Saban. Especially against people like Keith: a tremendously qualified candidate, who has even gone as far as to pledge his resignation from the U.S. House in order to do the job full time.

Ellison has sacrificed so much for this country, and now wants to sacrifice for the Democratic party, too. It’s time we show him our support. Please share this page with your friends and urge them to make a pledge to donate to the DNC only if he wins (No seriously, your card won't be charged unless he's elected as Chairman).

Thank you for fighting alongside us!

Campaign created!

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