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Kenneth is a 26 year-old first generation American who is a member of the Green Party and is a candidate for California’s Congressional District 34. He ran for this same seat during the 2016 Democratic Primary as a write-in candidate. Like so many, he began with no interest in politics but was inspired by Presidential Candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders. Kenneth organized and helped get out the vote in Los Angeles and he traveled with other Bernie supporters to the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to support Bernie. Kenneth agrees with Bernie that big money in politics is corrupting our democracy and our way of life. His ambition is to serve, empower, and improve the lives of the constituents of District 34: the working class, millennials, people of color, senior citizens, LGBTQ and all of the 99%.

Born and raised in Sylmar, California with his 3 siblings in a Catholic household, his parents immigrated to the United States from the Philippines in search of the American Dream. When he was 7 years old, his parents divorced and he was raised mostly by his mother, a registered nurse. Despite all of the challenges of raising 4 children as a single-mother and caring for her elderly mother, she set the example for them through relentless hard work, placing a value on family and the importance of an education. Kenneth made a promise that his mother’s sacrifices would not be in vain. He graduated early from Woodbury University, a small private college in the Los Angeles area, with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting at the age of 20. He did so by completing over 21 units per semester and back-to-back semesters . He took courses at Harvey Mudd College, University of Southern California, Cal State Northridge, and Glendale Community College. Despite his busy college schedule, he was the Vice President of Woodbury University’s Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) and the Society of Accounting and Business (SAB), and was in the Air Force Officer Training Corps (AFROTC). After graduation, Kenneth was quickly hired by one of the top accounting firms in the world, Ernst & Young in Downtown Los Angeles, and received his CPA license at 22 years of age. Currently, he lives in Koreatown and is employed but is dedicating all of his free time to helping his community and running for office. Also, Kenneth is founder of "We Can Make A Difference,” a community service volunteer group that has provided services such as serving hundreds of meals, articles of clothing, and blankets to the homeless, performing community clean ups, distributing back to-school supplies to low income families, and raising funds for tenants fighting eviction.

Kenneth fulfilled his promise to his mother to finish school and have a successful career making six-figures in accounting and finance. However, Kenneth could not turn a blind eye to the injustice he sees every day. His mother recently struggled to overcome cancer and hold on to her career as a registered nurse which is her primary source of income. Her wish is to pay off her mortgage so that she can pass her home on to her children after she is gone. Like millions of Americans, his mother’s story is not uncommon.

Kenneth knows first hand what working families have gone through and the challenges they continue to face such as: access to quality public education, college affordability, quality health insurance, safe neighborhoods, a clean environment, a living wage to support their families, navigating a broken immigration system, and how owning a home is becoming unattainable for so many people. That is why Kenneth is committed to fighting on behalf of the residents of Congressional District 34 and will run a grassroots campaign funded by small dollar donations, NOT corporations or Super PACs. It is possible for our Government to put People, Planet and Peace over profits!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

  • Barbara Snyder RN endorsed

    “Kenneth is just the kind of person we want working on our behalf in congress”

  • Ryan D endorsed

    “Mejia stands for a revolutionary change that I feel every constituent should be aware of if they are tired of the status-quo. "Berning Green" for the people and fighting for equality. We are at a precipice and the people are ready for a positive change forward. This is why I endorse Keneth Mejia.”

  • Giles Geetooah endorsed

    “For a long time now America has always been a two party system that runs this country and yet look at what it has got us today if you keep picking the same old things you'll get the same old results single every time it's about highh time that we do people actually try something different for once and I know the green party is the best choice for that answer”

Mar 31 2017

$26 to help us reach $50,000! Fundraising Deadline Tonight! 3/31/17

As today is March 31, 2017, we have an FEC fundraising deadline by 11:59 EST tonight! Currently we are at $47,000! If 116 of you donated $26 to our campaign we can hit our goal of $50,000! This campaign has received 99% of it's total contributions from donations of less than $200 and it's all because of people like you believing in our cause of fighting for a future we desperately need! A future where healthcare, education, housing, immigration, and preserving our planet are HUMAN RIGHTS!

We represent the 99%, not the 1%. That number is very symbolic because we have made it this far with the help and support of you, the PEOPLE!

We are in the final stretch and we can also use your volunteer help as well making phone calls from out of state or knocking on doors if you live in Los Angeles! Please donate and sign up to volunteer if you can (links below)!

In Solidarity Sisters & Brothers,

Kenneth Mejia

To donate, please visit: https://www.crowdpac.com/campaigns/130842/continuing-our-revolution-in-los-angeles

To volunteer, please visit:


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Mar 27 2017

We've hit $45,000! Almost to $50,000!

Good news team!

This past weekend, we hit $45,000 with 1,317 individual donations!

We are 8 days away until our Special Election on Tuesday, April 4, for Congress! If elected, we will be the 1st Green Party member and change the course of politics as we know it! This campaign couldn't have gotten this far if it weren't for each and everyone!

Because of you, we were also the cover of this LA Times article showing that 90% of our total funds raised come from small dollar donations (less than $200)! No other campaign comes close to us!


As we are in our last week before election, please consider donating $26 or what you can afford in our final week!

Thank you so much!

Kenneth Mejia


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Mar 15 2017

Kenneth Mejia - 3/15 Fundraising Deadline Tonight!

Hello friends & family!

Today we have our March 15 fundraising deadline before we have to report to the FEC how much money we raised/spent for our special election for Congress! We are up against hundreds of thousands of dollars, but we are very proud that we have raised over $36,000 with a average donation of $34 from over 1,000 individual donations! We also have hundreds of volunteers phonebanking and knocking on doors and we can always use more help!

With 20 days left until the race, can you chip in $5, $10, or $26 to our campaign to help us pay for expenses such as voter data, mailers, and campaign materials we can hand out?

We are very close to a historic victory as we would be the 1st Green Party member, the youngest, and most importantly, we'd be truly representing the people without any fear of reprisal from our own political party or donors because we're beholden to YOU, the people!

Thank you so much for your help,

Kenneth Mejia

To donate: https://www.crowdpac.com/campaigns/130842/continuing-our-revolution-in-los-angeles

To volunteer: http://www.mejia4congress.com/volunteer

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Feb 22 2017

GREAT NEWS! We are almost there!

Thank you to everyone who have donated to our campaign and especially to Jill Stein who helped raise $8,000 with her fundraising email on Friday!

As many of you may know, we have a 100% volunteer-run campaign team with no paid staff and that is what makes this campaign so special. If we win, this will prove that the power of the people is greater than the power of the elite few! In addition, it will also prove that the people are open to more than the 2-party options!

Some of the accomplishments that we have achieved during this campaign so far:

- We are the ONLY campaign that went into the community and collected ALL 322 signatures to get on the ballot, while a majority of the other candidates paid the $1,740 filing fee. Our team collected 743 signatures with 488 being valid in the 4 day given time frame!

- We have OVER 18,000 supporters nationwide, with hundreds of volunteers who have enabled us to reach over 10,000 voters and counting through phonebanking and knocking on doors! (We still need more volunteers!)

- We have raised $23,032 over 2.5 months with 655 individual campaign contributions with an average of $35 a donation!

- We are polling around the top 6 spots and only a few percentage points away from getting into the required top 2 positions in order to advance to the general!

Please consider donating another $26 to our campaign team to help us reach our goal of $30,000! We just need 270 more individual campaign contributions of $26 and we will reach our goal of $30,000 to send out mailers to tens of thousands of voters in our district before vote-by-mail begins in the first week of March!

In addition, please sign up to volunteer to make phone calls to voters if you live out of state or help knock on doors if you live in Los Angeles! Many of our voters don't use Facebook, so direct voter contact will win this race!

Thank you so much!

- Kenneth Mejia

TO DONATE: https://www.crowdpac.com/campaigns/130842/continuing-our-revolution-in-los-angeles

To VOLUNTEER: http://www.mejia4congress.com/volunteer

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Feb 7 2017

We broke $10,000 and made it on the Ballot! Please continue to support us!

Hello Fellow Revolutionaries!

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us break $10,000! While over $500,000 have been pumped into the Democratic side, we will keep engaging the community grassroots style and show them that the Green Party is here for them. For the past 2 months we have been knocking on doors and making phone calls to deal with the limited amount of finances we have and the community recognizes our hard work and in the cause that we're fighting for. They know we are here to bring power back to the people and not to special interests that the 2 major parties cater to.

In addition, we will OFFICIALLY be on the ballot for the April 4th, 2017, Special OPEN Election for California's 34th Congressional District (Los Angeles) representing the Green Party! We were able collect 488 Legitimate Signatures in 3 and a half days to be on the ballot when we only needed 322. They gave us a short amount of time because they want to drown out small grassroots campaigning but we weren't going to let that happen! Other candidates paid the $1,740 to be on the ballot but we didn't because we have the People on our side who came out and believed in what we're fighting for.

- If you want a REAL grassroots people's campaign, THIS IS IT!

- If you want to break the 2-party system system that does NOT represent the people and make history, THIS IS IT!

- If you want a movement that will fight back against Trump in Congress AND on the streets, THIS IS IT!


Thank you,

Kenneth Mejia

Please consider donating $26 (my current age) to help us with upcoming financial costs!


Please consider volunteering (phonebanking from out of state or knocking on doors)!


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Jan 24 2017

Please Donate to help OUR Campaign fight for the change we Need!

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

As Donald Trump and his administration begin to take office, we must continue to organize and resist against any form of oppression or bigotry, either directly through policy or indirectly through societal actions. This is the time to stand up to protect healthcare, our environment, the immigrant community, worker's rights, women's rights, the LGBTQ community, and so much more. We do this by getting involved in the political process, organizing our communities, and learning about ways to in which we can build movements that can bring about solutions.

Please consider donating to our campaign again as we are in need of financial resources to compete against the hundreds of thousands of dollars already pumped into our Special Election race in Spring 2017. We have the people power but need non-human resources that require money as well.

We are building a movement that will fight for:

1) A Fair & Just Economy for ALL
2) Quality Public Education as a Right
3) Humane Immigration Reform
4) Medicare for ALL via Single Payer
5) Affordable Housing
6) A Clean and Green Environment
7) Taking Care of our Homeless
8) Electoral Reform
9) Criminal Justice Reform
10) Protection of our Civil Rights
11) Foreign Policy based on Prosperity & Peace

12) Taking Care of our Veterans

In solidarity sisters and brother,

Kenneth Mejia

To sign up to phonebank or knock on doors:


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Jan 8 2017

Happy New Years! Update from Kenneth Mejia and the Political Revolution in Los Angeles!

Happy New Years brothers and sisters!

2016 was the year millions of us got "WOKE". Now it's time to continue the Political Revolution in 2017!

We must continue to fight back against the OLIGARCHS of the Democratic and Republican Party that have enabled the 1% to rule for too long. We deserve a future where People, Planet, and Peace are the PRIORITY over profit.

Please join our campaign as we take on the corporate controlled 2-party system, where we speak TRUTH to POWER (yes, that includes Trump and any other establishment politician), and where we are not afraid to put forth a bold new vision for the future that we need in fear of reprisal by the Democratic and Republican party leaders.

To all my Progressive friends, we know that "voting blue no matter" who or voting for the lesser of the evils are the reason why we ended with Trump in the first place.

Like Dr. Jill Stein said, this politics of fear has actually delivered everything we were afraid of. All the reasons you were told you had to vote for the lesser evil—because you didn’t want the massive Wall Street bailouts, the offshoring of our jobs, the meltdown of the climate, the endless expanding wars, the attack on immigrants—all that, we’ve gotten by the droves, because we allowed ourselves to be silenced. At this moment in history, silence is not what our democracy needs.

This is OUR campaign.

As the only Green candidate of the Spring 2017 OPEN Primary for California's 34th Congressional District with currently 10 Democrats, we have the ability to make history and BREAK the status quo. NOT shake up, BREAK! This is what the Political Revolution is about!

We can only win if everyone gets involved, so please donate and volunteer to help us put power back into the people's hands, not the billionaires!

The Political Revolution is NOW!

In solidarity brothers and sisters,

Kenneth Mejia

Online Volunteer Sign-Up Form (In-State & Out-of-State):

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Dec 26 2016

1st Fundraising Goal of $5,000 Met in 3 Weeks!

Thank you to all who have donated to and endorsed our campaign to reach our first Fundraising Goal of $5,000! We were able to receive 139 individual pledged donations with an average pledged donation of $38, many from supporters, friends, and family who believe in our campaign and share a vision for a future we need.

Please consider donating on a periodic basis (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) if you are able to, as we are up against big money in politics which is what we are seeing in this current race.

Thank you all, and we will continue to fight for the People of not only Los Angeles but of the entire country so that every person has a say in our political process, not just the billionaires and their special interests.

Please help us reach our next fundraising goal of $15,000 by donating and sharing our donation link around to your friends, families, and networks.

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Dec 1 2016

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

  • George Fisher endorsed

  • Barbara Snyder RN endorsed

    “Kenneth is just the kind of person we want working on our behalf in congress”

  • Carrie Powell-Holder endorsed

  • Ryan D endorsed

    “Mejia stands for a revolutionary change that I feel every constituent should be aware of if they are tired of the status-quo. "Berning Green" for the people and fighting for equality. We are at a precipice and the people are ready for a positive change forward. This is why I endorse Keneth Mejia.”

  • Giles Geetooah endorsed

    “For a long time now America has always been a two party system that runs this country and yet look at what it has got us today if you keep picking the same old things you'll get the same old results single every time it's about highh time that we do people actually try something different for once and I know the green party is the best choice for that answer”

  • George Bisset endorsed

  • Victor Tiffany endorsed

    “We need grassroots revolutionaries like Ken in Congress.”

  • Jonathan P Mugridge endorsed

    “Millions of us stood with Bernie. Kenneth embodies Bernie's platform not by talking, but by walking the walk everyday. Please help out and begin the change we wish to see.”

  • Vivian Lembo endorsed

    “We need more choices and honest leadership”

  • James Frost endorsed

    “More third-party and independent representatives are needed in congress, to prove that congress can be a more democratic, populist institution than it currently is. The two major parties are more concerned with stealing votes away from each other, "marketing" strategies and outright propaganda, and policies tailored to impress and handful of wealthy donor groups. They speak, rather than listen. The only thing that will bring them closer to the representative roles they were supposed to fill are the rise of outside voices. Plus the green party platform is perfection in a blanket!”

  • Corey Bengisu endorsed

  • Curtis Phillips endorsed

  • Marc Wutschke endorsed

    “Kenneth Mejia is an alternative to the venal, corporate-dominated Republican and Democratic parties. Through people like him and the Green Party, we'll finally get things done for the 99%.”

  • Dominique Dorantez endorsed

  • Gary O'Brien endorsed

    “he's green and I can no longer stand the 2 party system...and I love Bernie Sanders”

  • Gregory Milardo endorsed

  • Charles Brewer endorsed

    “The Democrats have shown no intentions to change their corporate ways. They need to be replaced with a real progressive party.”

  • Lin He endorsed

  • Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal endorsed

  • Jacob Freydont-Attie endorsed

    “the only way forward for this country is to get corporate money out of politics. The dem's aren't going to do it, so we have to go Green!”

  • Muhammad Haziq Rosli endorsed

    “I endorse Kenneth Mejia because I see him as a true supporter of green democracy. He fights for the rights of the 99% and dares to speak out against all sorts of inequality. I will be supporting him although I am all the way here in Malaysia.”

  • Denise Robb endorsed

  • Danielle Breck endorsed

    “I suppose Kenneth because we need real, revolutionary progressives in congress!”

  • Rafael Stephen endorsed

    “True Public Servant”

  • Jimena Serrano endorsed

    “I support Kenneth Mejia, because we need fresh, young progressive innovators who are not tied to big corporations. Out with corruption. In with integrity and ethics.”

  • Shane Wade endorsed

    “The two party system doesn't work. Promoting Mejia to a Congressional seat will make a huge difference in breaking the two-party duopoly and forming progressive coalitions.”

  • Scott Todicheeney-Mannes endorsed

    “A total breath of fresh air again. We need more young fresh ideas rather then old greed mongers just looking out for themselves. Kenneth is that hope again.”

  • Helen Gaskins endorsed

    “I support Kenneth Mejia because he is the real deal, not corporate owned but for the people. He stands up for the homeless, health care for all, a Green New Deal which will provide jobs for all... no wars, end the school to prison pipeline... and so much more...”

  • Kerry Jackson endorsed

    “I support Kenneth Mejia!”

  • Raina Lewis endorsed

    “My number one political issue is the environment. Because without a planet to thrive on, nothing else matters. Keep our planet alive first, then we can talk about economic issues that affect us. Green Party, put our planet first!”

  • Cooper A-J endorsed

  • carlos endorsed

  • Dominique Dorantez endorsed

    “I met Kenneth Mejia last year in chicago at The People's Summit, He inspired me with his passion and idealism. His dream to make the world a better place was one we both shared, and now I am proud to say he is taking action and running for Congress as a Green party candidate in Los Angeles, California. This is huge. This is our chance to continue Bernie Sander's political revolution and fight for real positive change- for the planet, for our community's, and for a better America. I support and endorse Kenneth, but politics is not a spectator sport. This kid is only 26 years old, he has the entire establishment against him yet he's still fighting. He's knocking on doors and organizing at the grass roots level and he needs your help. If you could assist me in volunteering for Kenneth, or donate to his campaign it would make a huge difference. This is how we defeat Donald trump. This is how we fight for income equality, universal healthcare and save the environment. We need a Green party candidate in congress, and Kenneth has a huge chance of winning this thing.”

  • Ramon Calderon endorsed

  • leidiana macias endorsed

  • David Coennen endorsed

  • Marcel Spitz endorsed

    “It is important that the wish of the founding fathers is fulfilled. that the opinion of the people is directly reflected in its government. That means no two party bully system, but all parties get representation in government and coalitions will be formed to listen to each other and govern together, instead of breaking down each other work every few years. That is a disrespectful and totally stupid method. Kenneth shows that he is a leader in this process. Go for it, Ken!”

  • Dave Smith endorsed

  • Nina Zvaleko endorsed

    “Kenneth is determined to represent the People, the Planet, and Peace through Justice. He is also a team player and LISTENS. He's got my support!”

  • Brian Setzler endorsed

    “He's a Green and he's shown tremendous creativity and community support with his campaign. He would make a great representative.”

  • Steven Mazliach endorsed

  • Will O'Reagan endorsed

    “He will rock the world of politics. The most exciting candidate since Bernie Sanders ran against the establishment. If he is elected, the political blowback on Washington will win us even more seats in 2018.”

  • Christian Hubbs endorsed

  • Troy weatherford endorsed

    “I endorse Kenneth Mejia for congress because he is a green and he will fight for the working class and will fight for a Medicare for all health care system”

  • Michael Mahoney endorsed

    “The best candidate in the race by far. If you're progressive and not behind Mejia, you really have to ask yourself why.”

  • Dennis DiTullio endorsed

  • Steve Wolfbrandt endorsed

    “He is the best . No BS. Vote for him.”

  • Spencer Teramoto endorsed

  • Chela Fiorini endorsed

  • Sterling Sanders endorsed

    “Kenneth is a young man that cares deeply about the community in which he wants to represent.”

  • Manuel Araujo endorsed

  • John D. Schmit endorsed

  • Aleece DePuey endorsed

    “I've never seen anyone more passionate or work harder for the betterment of us all.”

  • Bob Bustamonte endorsed

  • Ricardo Perez endorsed

    “Green all the way. Break the two party stranglehold.”

  • Carlos McKnight endorsed

    “Kenneth is an inspiration to this political movement. I support Kenneth because he cares about his community and believes in that anything is achievable. He will stand up to big money and the status quo.”

  • Rafael Stephen endorsed

  • S.E Nelson endorsed

  • Paul Malikowski endorsed

  • Evelyn endorsed

  • Larry Auburn endorsed

    “The open primary takes the top 2 vote getters and Green Congressmembers wage peace through green living wage jobs for all Americans”

  • Logan Simmering endorsed

  • Michael Lin endorsed

  • Nate Craig endorsed

    “I strongly endorse candidates inspired by Bernie Sanders and who support the Green Party's platform. We need local and state offices and to build a legitimate national movement.”

  • Francisco Pierre-Louis endorsed

    “I think it's awesome that Kenneth is running. He's a real straight-shooter that walks the walk and talks the talk. I want him to make history as the first Green to win the House seat against 5 Dems and 1 rep. That would be a great feat for the Greens and in American politics in my personal opinion.”

  • Yolanda Gonzalez endorsed

    “Kenneth Mejia is the voice of Our Real Revolution. Revolutionary change can only come by Revolutionary action as Dr. King & Cesar Chavez proved. The Democratic Party has failed and will continue to fail People of Color because it is fundamentally flawed. The Dems allowed Regressive Demagoguery to steal the Presidency from Bernie Sanders and handed it to Trump. Kenneth Mejia will bring about Real Change! He is passionate, intellectual & has gone all-in for the Political Revolution & I wholeheartedly endorse his campaign for Our Real Revolution & Real Social Justice!”

  • Judeaus Lacey endorsed

  • Tyler Francis Morrison endorsed

    “Thank you for spreading the progressive populist message and for standing up for the working class! You will make history as our first Green Congressman!”

  • Peter Davenport endorsed

  • Ed Bennett endorsed

  • Harrison endorsed

  • Ted Bui endorsed

  • Onel Manuel Martinez endorsed

  • Antonio Robles endorsed

  • Dan Pulju endorsed

  • Mende Smith endorsed

  • corey andon endorsed

  • Kimberly endorsed

  • Kristina Etrata endorsed

  • Eric Brooks endorsed

  • Louis Nicastro endorsed

    “He is a candidate of the people and some fresh young perspective we need in our government.”

  • Jon Leibowitz endorsed

  • Ale Cabero endorsed

  • Barbara Woodruff endorsed

  • JimmyMac Chelsea endorsed

  • Jeff Justice endorsed

  • quinn endorsed

  • Freddy Roberts endorsed

  • Ignacio Cabero endorsed

  • Mirsha Lopez endorsed

  • Duy Nguyen endorsed

    “Kenneth has carried the Bernie platform to the local level and is willing to stand outside of the flawed two party system and go green.”

  • Eric Pouwels endorsed

    “Hardworking, honest, progressive-minded candidate who will put the needs of the community first.”

  • Thalia Soriano endorsed

  • Verónica Castro endorsed

  • Ziheng Fang endorsed

    “Time we had a voice for the people!”