In a shameful cloak-and-dagger move, Republican lawmakers in the North Carolina General Assembly hijacked a special legislative session called to provide relief to victims of natural disasters, calling a "session within a session" to ram through legislation to take power away from the newly-minted Democratic governor, Roy Cooper.

Twenty-eight bills were filed, the worst of which to expressly arrogate executive and judicial authority and prerogatives to the Republican legislative supermajority in a bald, unconstitutional power grab, democracy-be-damned.

Now, twenty-eight might seem like an arbitrary number-- but considering that a federal court recently ruled that twenty-eight of North Carolina's legislative districts were unconstitutional and racially gerrymandered and ordered that those same districts be redrawn (by the Ides of March, no less), we think there's some uncanny irony here.

Bear with us as we walk you through this-- we know, it's a lot of corruption and undemocratic skulduggery to wrap your head around. . .

So Republican legislators gather in secret to push through the lion's share of the twenty-eight bills, those bills which were intended to weaken Governor-elect Cooper and there was literally nothing Democrats could do to stop this-- because, what do you know? Democrats don't have enough legislators in the General Assembly because they can't win on account of the unconstitutional gerrymandering of the districts. Shocking, right?

But there's the light at the end of the tunnel: in 2017, at least twenty-eight districts have to be re-drawn and special elections have to be held. And you know what that means?

North Carolina GOP-- we're coming for you.

Pledge your support now-- we think $28 is appropriate. If any of the bills arrogating power from the Governor become law, your card will be charged for the amount of your pledge and your contribution will be used to go after these sneaky Republican legislators and make sure we elect strong, Democratic candidates who will have Governor-elect Cooper's back.

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January 31, 2017

[Updated #2: Please Read] Putting your pledges to work.

Thank you all very much, again, for your pledges to the 28 Campaign to Fight Back Against an Undemocratic NCGOP. Together, during the first of the December special sessions, the campaign was able raise $1,000, almost entirely in pledges of $28 or less, in ~48 hours.

In the last update, I wrote that rather than creating a new organization to receive donations from the pledges y'all so generously made, it would be more productive to direct contributions to two organizations already working hard in 2017 to elect strong, Democratic legislators who'll have Governor Cooper's back. I mentioned as possible beneficiaries Now or Never NC, a state PAC with a great track record, and the NC House Democratic Caucus. I now propose to direct donations from y'all's pledges directly to Now or Never NC. (For sake of full disclosure: while I started this campaign as an individual and am suggesting, as an individual, that donations be directed to Now or Never NC, I feel that it's only right to mention that I now help organize for Now or Never NC).

Now or Never NC ( is already off to the races in preparing to identify, recruit, seed-fund, and fundraise for the most competitive Democratic challengers in communities across the state for the 2017 special elections (should the courts allow them to move forward) and beyond. Your donations will go a long way in the shared objective of breaking the radical Republican supermajority's stranglehold, either by year's end, if we have the special legislative elections, or in the 2018 cycle.

ALL THIS SAID (AND THIS IS IMPORTANT), please email me at (or call me at 919.619.5467) if you want more information on Now or Never NC and just why they were selected as the beneficiary for 28 Campaign donations, or if you'd prefer that your pledge NOT be converted to a donation for the cause. ****I will be converting the pledges to donations in 48 hours, at which point you should see a charge from Democracy Engine for the precise amount you pledged appear on your statement****

Again, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. Thank you all again, and here's to democracy for NC in the year ahead.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!