On Dec. 20, we announced a plan to staff a permanent opposition base in Washington, DC. From this house - codenamed District 13 - we’ll coordinate nonviolent resistance to Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda.

You responded by saying "Let's go!"

When Trump and tries to open up national parkland to fracking, we’ll be right up in his orange face. When Trump and his Republican Congress and billionaire cabinet try to gut and privatize Medicare and Social Security, we’ll be right there in their faces. When they try to fast track regressive judges and steal women’s rights, we’ll be there.

Our community of progressive revolutionaries - including People for Bernie Sanders and Really American - helped us raise significant funding in just the first week. Now we’re seeking matching funds and talking to DC landlords to make sure we’re in place before the inauguration to support the Women’s and Millennial marches. This is happening!

What now? We're getting very close to full funding for a year but still have a ways to go - our total goal for DC is $60,000 and thanks to your outpouring of support we've received a $10,000 matching donation. Any extra funds you give will go towards logistics and programming and we are also looking for opportunities to open additional movement houses in red states.

Trump’s agenda is deadly serious and we are, too.

Want to make a donation from outside of the U.S., or join us with a recurring donation? Use THIS form. Thank you!

Who are we?

This project has three teams:

Action Faction: The folks who run things day to day, pick partners to support, and ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved.

  • Moumita Ahmed (Millennials for Revolution)
  • Erika Peralta (former Color of Change PAC, Tim Canova for Congress)
  • Jay Carmona (former 350.org)
  • Stan Williams (African Americans for Bernie, former NNU staff, OWS)
  • Betsy Avila (Digital Organizing, Democracy at Work, former Young Democratic Socialists National Coordinator)
  • Desiree Kane (#NoDAPL, The Indian Problem, The People's Summit, Netroots Nation, Knight Foundation)
  • Anoa Changa (African Americans for Bernie, MPACT)
  • Amirah Sequeira (NNU, former Health GAP and Student Global AIDS Campaign staff)

Logistics: The folks helping us raise money, hold the rental contract, offer legal support, and keep us out of trouble. (Our attorneys have asked not to be listed publicly.)

Advisors: Our movement leader friends we are counting on to keep us honest, offer opportunities for this house to be useful, and mentor us.

  • Nadine Bloch (Direct Action trainer, puppeteer, author) DC
  • Becky Bond ( Former Senior Advisor to Bernie2016, Co-author of Rules for Revolutionaries)
  • Rapi Castillo (founder, Progressive Coders Network)
  • Libero Della Piana (Director of Digital Organizing, People’s Action)
  • Zack Exley ( Founder, Brand New Congress, Former Senior Advisor to Bernie2016)
  • Ann J Lewis, Visual Artist
  • Maria Svart (Director, Democratic Socialists of America)
  • Leewana Thomas (OUR Walmart, Former co-director of United Students Against Sweatshops)
  • Nomiki Konst ( Surrogate for Bernie Sanders, Host of SXMProgress Contributor CBSN live )
  • Jennifer Flynn Walker (Walker Strategies, former Health GAP, VocalNY)
  • Billy Wimsatt (Director, Movement 2016, Gamechangers, VoteMob)

[Note: organizations listed for identification purposes only!]


What is the primary use of this house?

To be used by organizers from outside Washington DC, while in Washington DC, in support of protest, creative/nonviolent direct action, and movement building.

Will certain people get to live in this house full time?

In general, no; but we will have some people live here for longer periods as caretakers to ensure continuity and responsible stewarding. This is not a housing solution for some lucky activists; it’s a shared resource to be put in use.

Why is this resource important?

We are activists and organizers mostly from outside of Washington DC. Most of us know what it’s like to be without enough resources. As we look towards (at least) four years of a Trump Administration, we expect numerous mobilizations and actions to take shape. This "house of resistance" will serve the movements and organizers who most need it, providing a base of operations, a comfortable resting spot, and a home away from home.

What is your timeline?

We’d like to move in before the Women’s March and other "anti-inauguration’" activities take place on January 21st. A number of organizers have committed to help equip the house and assist with the mobilizations.

How long will District 13 exist?

Our current plan is to raise enough funds to last a year. That’s enough time to see if this is worth doing longer. For us, this entire project is an experiment in capacity building.

How will District 13 interact with local Washington DC activists and organizations?

We’re clear that this is not an intervention in the local politics of Washington DC. We expect to have a very limited role in local or community issues based there. That said, we are including local organizing stalwarts to advise us and guide us in forming strong and productive relationships. We note in particular the DC Action Lab, Institute for Policy Studies and the Washington Peace Center as being in the activist community we seek to interact with.

What about operations outside DC?

We aim to create a model that local activists outside DC can do in their own city or state. Similar to the way our digital operation has been a success, we want activists to see a good idea and run with it. We can’t buy a house in DC, but activists could in Harrisburg. We’ll be able to show them how to resist and organize in their communities.

Who will District 13 be accountable to?

The names listed above, the movements and organizations they are part of, and the community of donors and supporters forming around this project. Financially and legally, we will be a business with strong protections for those listed on the lease. (This business will generate no profit.)

What does this fundraiser pay for?

Our initial goal is to raise at least $50,000. This will cover a year’s rent for a house in Capitol Hill. If we can raise more, we’ll use it to help with travel stipends for activists, logistical support for actions, and hosting/food expenses.

What if I want to support the project anonymously, by check, or have a non-monetary donation?

Email us at house@district13house.org - we're happy to provide an address for donations by mail. Thank you!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

  • endorsed

    “As an older person with health issues, I can't be as involved in protests as I once could. So I'm delighted to pass the baton to you terrific young people, who will stand up for the values we all share (and which Trump is threatening).”

  • endorsed

    “we must do what we can to fight these monsters. Humanity is on a precipice, and I want to do what I can to keep us from falling into the abyss.”

  • endorsed

    “I support The District 13 House because you are doing what is right. Thank you!”

  • endorsed

    “I just donated $27 dollars (found between the cushions of my couch) because I got my start with some of these folks, seeing young people figure out how to do a thing on their own steam and execute it is so exciting. It means the world to me. I'm here for this project and I hope others with access to resources will consider jumping in as well.”

  • endorsed

    “We've needed this for years, and we need it more than ever now. This will be so helpful!”

  • endorsed

    “This'll be extremely useful.”

  • endorsed

    “Action trumps excuses. Onward!”

  • endorsed

    “A forward operating base for the resistance is a powerful idea!”

January 20, 2017

Livestreams from today's actions in DC

Here we are - Day 1 of Trump's regime.

Our Action Faction is live at today's protests in DC.

Follow updates and livestreams from Millennials for Revolution today and tomorrow (Women's March and #MillennialsMarch) on Facebook and Twitter :



Thank you for your support,

Moumita and the District 13 team

January 3, 2017

Donations from wherever you are

Happy New Year and thank you again for your support for the District 13 house.

We successfully hit $40,000 in small donations by midnight on New Year's Eve - with private donor matching, we've raised $50,000 to make this project happen. That's just $10,000 short of our one-year funding goal. And the donations keep coming in!

As we can see from the regular barrage of tweets, President-elect Trump is a threat far beyond our borders. Americans and democratic activists around the world need to stand up and fight together to stop a backslide into fascism.

Many of our friends from Canada and elsewhere outside the U.S. have asked us if they can donate. Today we launched a new donation page for donors anywhere in the world. Visit the international donor page HERE, and please share it with your friends who may want to join the supporters of the District 13 house. Thank you!

Moumita and the District 13 team

December 30, 2016

We're very close

It’s amazing how far $27 goes when we come together. The logistics team for District 13 is busy house and office hunting in DC, and our matching grant from a private donor has been lifted to $10,000! That means if we can hit $40,000 in crowdfunding by Saturday, we’re at $50,000 total for our DC movement base, just shy of our one-year goal and with plenty of time to keep rallying before the inauguration.

You’ve already given, so what now? We’ve seen that social shares are responsible for more than half of donations. Can you keep spreading the word that there’s meaningful action folks can take now to oppose Trump?

Share your support:

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Conservatives want to mock us, but we know it’s because they are afraid of real opposition.

District 13 is our home to host activists from around the country as we fight to end racism, ban fracking, fix the student debt crisis, enact a Robin Hood tax, repeal Citizens United, and win Medicare for all.

Your support is our fuel. Here’s what some of our supporters are saying:

“Retired and disabled there is little I can do anymore to fight back. I support, defend, and those who will be fighting to bring sanity back to America and fight against the upcoming INSANITY in our nation's capital. You are my surrogacy.”

“I saw an ad with a random montage composed of some of my most awesome and committed democratic socialist organizer friends. I thought, "Facebook's advertising algorithm is getting even creepier." Then it turned out that this team is taking the fight to DC with a movement house and community center to prepare for 1/20.”

“I am putting my $$$ and my faith in the young people whose future is being challenged in such a serious way. We must not only rely on them, but support them.”

Thank you,

Moumita and the District 13 team

December 27, 2016


Just a week into this crowdfunding and we're about to cross $35,000 and 1,000 individual contributions. The resistance is strong!

This campaign is fueled by each and every one of you - and we want to send a special shout out to Middle Seat and to Really American, both of which emailed their communities on behalf of the District 13 house. To fully fund the DC house for a year and to support similar "movement houses" across the country, we're keeping up our crowdfunding through Jan. 20. Direct action is the best way to stop Trump's harmful agenda, and we're awed by the support for the District 13 house.

What can you do to help now? A few things:

  • We're looking for movement partners who want to help with this crowdfunding - particularly those who want to raise funds through their own lists and to partner on programming.
  • We particularly want an international partner who can take funds from progressives all over the world who want to help stop Trump.
  • We want to partner with a c3 who can take large private donations for this project.
  • And, we want to talk to activists who have ideas for houses in other parts of the country.

Email us at house@district13house.org

Thank you,

Moumita and the District 13 Team

December 26, 2016

Matching grant, and, a second house?

With your help, we’ve pulled off a holiday miracle and hit the initial goal of $30,000 for opening a movement house in Washington, DC, to welcome anti-Trump activism from around the country. So what now?

First, this is happening. Our logistics team is actively searching for a progressive landlord in DC, and the Action Faction is planning support for the Women’s and Millennial marches on Jan. 20.

Second, we’re raising our goal to ensure that we can fund the house for a full year.

$4,000-5,000 per month rent for the "District 13" house means we need to raise about $60,000 to make a one-year commitment. And our initial crowdfunding success - thanks to more than 800 of you - has unlocked additional resources. A private donors has committed a $5,000 match if we can hit $40,000 in total grassroots funding by Jan. 1.

We have six days to raise an additional $10,000 or more. Easy, right?

How are we going to do this? Together. We need you to put us in touch with any organizations that want to partner on actions with the District 13 house and can commit to helping us raise $2,000 this week.

And we’re thinking big - we want to talk to activists in red states who need help opening their own movement houses (can this community help provide grants to open opposition bases beyond DC?). If you know folks who want to help but want to send a check or make a non-monetary donation to this project, we’re happy to provide a mailing address. Finally, if you have solid leads on DC rentals appropriate for District 13, we really want to talk. house@district13house.org

Viva la revolución,

Moumita and the District 13 Team

December 24, 2016

President Snow

A nuclear arms race declared by tweet? Nothing about this presidency will be normal.

But the opposition is strong. And thanks to you we're nearly at 90% of our initial goal for setting up the District 13 house for a year on Trump's doorstep.

Did you see the new video our friends at Act.tv released yesterday? It's a must watch:


We also have a new URL for this effort - district13house.org. Please share it widely - 119 contributions of $27 or more take us over the top. And, if you know folks who want to donate but can't use this site, you can reach us at house@district13house.org

Thank you!

Moumita & The District 13 Team

December 22, 2016

We're halfway there!

Medea did it, Susan did it. You did it - in fact, we've now got more than 400 donations and have crossed the 50% mark to fund our "District 13" movement house in DC. Please continue to spread the word and support this crowdfunding campaign. You are essential to its success.

This $15k fundraising mark is where things start to get really interesting. Influencers are going to take notice - we've already been covered by The Guardian and Alternet and Crowdpac has promoted the success you made possible in the first 24 hours. The Resistance is strong. Let's keep it up!

Here's the link to share with friends, family and your social media community:


Thank you,

Moumita & the District 13 Team

December 21, 2016

This is unbelievable... THANK YOU!

Barely 24 hours have passed since we launched District 13. In that time all 246 of you have donated $8,732! This surpassed our most optimistic expectations. It's also fun to see that people are hearing about us on Facebook or from friends and deciding to join something a little bit wild.

Sarah Saunders endorsed us, writing that "it's a good plan, and I see several familiar comrades have signed on to it in leadership roles." Thank you Sarah. Please know that as a donor, you too are now in a leadership role. And please know that if each one of you recruited two friends to support District 13, we'd be done fundraising in a week.

We are reading other comments from supporters, especially the question of where this house will be established. Our answer: we don't know. But we know that we're doing the right things - looking for a progressive landlord, forming a legal structure to protect everyone, hiring an attorney, and building a strong community around this project.

And we know that this house will exist before January 20, the day of Trump's inauguration. Sadly, he will be President. But we're going to do everything we can to fight his agenda, starting on day one.

Thank you again - and please share our link with a personal note about why you are joining us.


Moumita & the District 13 Team

PS: This is the link - http://bit.ly/2hrb5YE

December 20, 2016

And we're live!

It's been quite a rush to put all the pieces in place for this project. We had to rush, because we knew a story was about to go live! And here it is, from The Guardian:


That means we didn't have time to 'seed' this properly with dozens of early donations that showcase how much support we have already. Thank you so much to our early donors! Please share The Guardian story with your networks so that more people hear about this and get involved.

Thank you,

Moumita and the rest of District 13 Team

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!