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Alexander's Speech Announcing Candidacy, 01/18/2018

After prayer with my family and reaching out directly to the people of the 6th district, I am announcing my independent candidacy in the imminent special election to represent my fellow Georgians in the U.S. House of Representatives.

As a Christian rooted in the American working class, at an early age my family instilled in me a strong faith, trust in God, and to always value hard work- from my first jobs as a paperboy and dishwasher, you work hard in pursuit of the American Dream.

If we want the American Dream to be attainable for generations to come we must face our biggest challenges head on. For too long Democrats and Republicans have ignored our biggest challenges, because both parties are beholden to moneyed interest. I want to be beholden to the People, that's why I am choosing to run as an independent.

I am choosing to run as an independent campaign that stands for the Constitution and Independence. A campaign that stands for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I am choosing to run an independent campaign, because the American People deserve a politics that puts country over party. When the big tent parties are more interested in high dollar donors than the needs of the American People, we need an independent voice.

I am choosing to run as an independent, because we need common sense reforms in this country. Common sense reforms that will cause the special interests to lose money. Hence why the party's refuse to act for the People.

I am choosing to run as an independent, because we have a Congress today that refuses to do its most basic duties. As a firm believer in our Constitution, I will never take for granted the great responsibility instilled in it. Of the powers vested to congress, two of the most important are, the power to declare war and the power of the purse. For too long we have had Congresses that refuses to do both.

We have not declared war as a nation since World War II, but every president post WWII has deployed our armed forces to fight in foreign lands. Congress is supposed to be a check on these types of actions, but it's politically unpopular. Why get into politics if you refuse to do politics? Congress must do their job and vote for war or against wars. It's Congress's most important responsibility.

The second responsibility Congress has taken lightly is the power of the purse. We are the richest country in the history of the world, our budget far exceeds that of any other nation. We currently have enough money in our budget to fund any program that you could ever imagine, but our funds are allocated disproportionately. It is congress's duty to keep track and check on the purse, but they refuse to do so. When the Pentagon loses $6.5 trillion without any consequence, Congress is not doing their job. This is outrageous. I seek to represent the 6th district because I will take the responsibility instilled in the Constitution seriously. Both Democrats and Republicans talk a big game about being fiscally responsible, but their actions show little of that.

I am running for Congress to represent the People, to be a check and balance the powers of the other federal branches. Congress needs an independent voice that will stand for the Constitution and stand for Georgians, and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. With your vote, I can be an independent voice for an independent people.

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Dec 23 2016

Dunwoody Reporter Newspaper Covers Announcement

The Dunwoody Reporter Newspaper featured an article announcing the formation of the Congressional Exploratory Committee for Alexander Hernandez.

Article link here.

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Dec 21 2016

Campaign created!

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