Vote to sink Donald Trump’s original bus and we will drop it in the ocean where it will help create a new coral reef (and bring attention to Donald Trump’s destructive anti-environment agenda). Your donations go to The Sierra Club and also help fund sinking the bus in an eco-safe performance artwork. If "Sink It" wins, we will sink the bus this summer.

We are the artists who purchased Donald Trump’s original campaign bus off Craigslist in Iowa over a year ago. (Yes, it really is his bus!) We then transformed it into an anti-Trump artwork and spent 2016 crisscrossing the country talking to thousands of Americans about Trump. It was our response to his outrageous campaign. Now that the election is over, we want you to help us decide how we should use the bus in the future by voting to sink it or save it. You can vote to sink the bus and we will work with environmental organizations to drop the bus in the ocean where it will start a new coral reef (it’s all environmentally friendly). Your donations will help fight climate change and support the artists as they can continue to make environmental and political art. Or you can donate to save the bus as an artwork and we will keep it on the road. View the leaderboard here.

The campaign that gets the most donations wins!

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December 29, 2016

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!