My husband and I have been married for 13 years and we have 3 boys in Minneapolis schools ages 16, 10, and 6. We live in NE Minneapolis and are contributors to our community and beyond. I am one of you. I have faced the same kinds of struggles as many of you. Many of my life struggles were due to barriers that long needed to be torn down. My life’s work up to this point has always been doing just that and I plan to continue that tradition into this role as your Councilwoman. I want to break those barriers down so that people can focus on being the best version of themselves and accomplish all that they put their minds to.
I believe all people are created equal, have a right to live their lives in whatever way suits their pursuit of happiness, and that we all deserve equity. Equity in the job market, economy, safety, education, environmental standards...all facets of life.

We lead with the larger vision. I do not pledge allegiance to any party or alliance that tears down its own. I put people first where they belong and work on behalf of their interests. The outcome of the Presidency and our current political climate demands real leaders who can put being PC aside to stand up to the establishment that is trying to take our freedoms and segregate us from each other. I will see to the true progress of our beautiful ward, have the tough conversations on your behalf, and take action in the form of continuous improvement and progressive change.

I am a true believer in collaboration, especially in politics. In Minneapolis, any change we make can and will affect other parts of the city and our state as a whole. We are the economic machine with many moving parts that when combined fuel the engine of our state. Each part of our ward has its own challenges and only by working together to come up with smart, green, sustainable solutions will we be able to meet those challenges and overcome them.

I served my country in the US Army as a Combat Medic SGT and in this role as councilwoman I will be able to continue my selfless service focused on our community. We have work to do and I am the candidate that is ready to listen to you and get the work done! My Campaign Facebook Page


Phone: 612-605-1236


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