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    “I just heard Kelly speak yesterday at the People's Climate March in Williamsburg. She was inspiring and represents the change we need in Virginia.”

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    “Kelly is an impressive newcomer to Virginia politics. An energetic, young, progressive native of Virginia. She understands the issues facing the peninsula and the state. She will work to protect the environment, the economy, and the security of all Virginians.”

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    “We need you! You share my values and, although from NY, know that we are all in this together.”

Jun 20 2017

June News Round-up

The campaign has gotten a good amount of press over the past few weeks--here's a quick roundup!

GayRVA (Brad Kutner): LGBT candidates, Democrats win big in Virginia Democratic primaries – what does this mean for Trump? 

"The winds of anti-Trump sentiment sentiment seem to be blowing hard in Virginia as Democratic turnout for the 2017 Gubernatorial primaries appear to have broken previous records. Democrats came out in droves, with over 536K votes case in their primary, choosing Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam to represent them come November. Meanwhile, about 363 thousand Republicans cast their vote with businessman and GOP operative Ed Gillespie taking the lead on their side...

Adams and Roem will join Ben Hixon (D-30) and Kelly DeLucia (HD-96) as openly LGBTQ candidates running in the 2017 election."

Full article here.

Metro Weekly (John Riley): Virginia’s New Resistance: Meet the LGBTQ Democrats fighting back against the GOP

"Kelly DeLucia, a 41-year-old realtor from Yorktown, Va., was compelled to run for the General Assembly by a deep sense of duty to make her community better for her nine-month-old twin sons.

“Things are going on right now at the state level and the national level, where I just cannot sit on the sidelines and watch them go on,” she says. “And I’m not alone.”

DeLucia, who is the only Democrat running for the 96th District, will be one of four LGBTQ candidates who make it to the general election. More notable, however, is her distinction as the first Democrat to challenge Republican Del. Brenda Pogge (R-James City) since the incumbent’s first election a decade ago.

“There’s a very deep assumption that it’s an unwinnable red district, but the data doesn’t support that,” says DeLucia. “There’s a clear path to victory and I think Trump is doing most of our work for us this year. We have tons of Democrats in this district. The problem is we have such apathy with the Democratic voters because they haven’t had a candidate to go to the polls for in ten years...”

Full article here.

Washington Blade (Michael K Lavers): LGBT Va. Democrats honor Northam, Roem

"Lieutenant Gov. Ralph Northam and Danica Roem are among those who the LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia honored on Saturday at their meeting in Richmond...

The LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia also honored state House of Delegates candidates Ben Hixon, Dawn Adams, Rebecca Colaw and Kelly DeLucia, Chelsea Savage, a nurse who unsuccessfully challenged state Del. John O’Bannon (R-Henrico County) earlier this year, was also honored.

Full article here.

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Jun 20 2017

ENDORSEMENT: Competitive Commonwealth Fund Endorses Kelly DeLucia

MERRIFIELD, VA – The Competitive Commonwealth Fund (CCFund), a Virginia PAC dedicated to recruiting and funding Democratic candidates in traditional GOP strongholds, announced it had endorsed Kelly DeLucia running in HD96 against Republican incumbent Brenda Pogge.

“We’re thrilled to support Kelly DeLucia in her run for Delegate.” said Competitive Commonwealth Fund Board Chairman Charlie Jackson. "Kelly is rock-solid on the issues that matter to her local residents, including healthcare, education, and economic growth."

The Competitive Commonwealth Fund intends to announce more endorsements on a rolling basis in the coming weeks as the race for Virginia’s House of Delegates takes shape. The CCFund mission is to support Democratic campaigns in areas that usually don’t receive enough resources to run effective campaigns.

“Democrats win when Democrats run,” Jackson said. "Expanding the Democratic electorate is critical to DeLucia's success as a nominee, and she is laser-focused on getting our shared Democratic values out to the residents of Virginia's 96th House of Delegates district.

The Competitive Commonwealth Fund is a Virginia Political Action Committee founded in October 2016 by Thomas Bowman and Morgan Jameson to recruit and support Democratic candidates for office at all levels and in all regions of Virginia. A Board of Directors consisting of veteran Virginia campaign and political professionals governs the Competitive Commonwealth Fund. More information about the Competitive Commonwealth Fund is available at https://www.competitivecommonwealthfund.com/.

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Jun 10 2017

Daily Press: Spending levels suggest more heated campaigns this year

By: Dave Ress

A quick glance at the latest campaign finance filings suggest we will, once again, have some hard-fought House of Delegates races on the Peninsula.

But while spending ahead of Tuesday's primary is expected, the early money dropped in competitive races is also sending a signal for a heated November.

Perhaps most unexpected is the effort Democrat Kelly DeLucia has launched to challenge Del. Brenda Pogge, R-Norge, in what's been a a GOP bastion.

DeLucia's April and May spending total is $20,175, which includes $10,000 of consulting services provided as a donation by Los Angeles-based Integrated Strategies, according to her latest filing with the state Department of Elections.

Pogge's spending total $8,193, mostly for a variety of relatively modest printing, mailing and office supplies bills. So far, no big consulting or staff salaries...

Full article found at: http://www.dailypress.com/news...

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Jun 6 2017

DeLucia Boasts Grassroots Support, Retains Fundraising Lead

Kelly DeLucia, Democratic Candidate for House of Delegates in the 96th District, has retained a fundraising lead over an entrenched Republican opponent through strong community and grassroots support. Despite announcing her candidacy in the final days of January, DeLucia has outraised her opponent by more than $4600 in 2017, with a total haul of $21,149 since Jan. 1st.

This lead has been made possible through a robust community of grassroots supporters. Her opponent, however, continues to rely on a coalition of special interests. 94% of DeLucia's contributions come from individual donors while nearly a third of her opponent’s can be sourced to PACs, organizations, and businesses. DeLucia also engaged more than double the number of donors under $100 than her opponent, 101 to 48.

To join our movement, sign up at www.kellyforva.com.

DeLucia grew up in Yorktown. She graduated from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs with a Bachelors of Science degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in environmental science.

DeLucia resides in Yorktown with her wife Dee and their two infant sons.

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May 17 2017

Kelly DeLucia Endorses Ralph Northam for Governor

(Yorktown) – Kelly DeLucia, Democratic candidate for 96th House of Delegates election in November, has endorsed Lt. Governor Dr. Ralph Northam for governor of Virginia in 2017.

DeLucia said of her endorsement:

“Issues important to all Virginians are at stake this year. Ralph Northam has demonstrated his commitment to make progress for all our citizens.

Dr. Northam has a solid plan for working families in Virginia, which includes clear objectives to address equal pay, paid family leave and affordable child care.

As governor, he will promote creation of new jobs in health care and technology to create a robust economy benefiting all Virginians.

Throughout his career, Dr. Northam has been an unrelenting champion for reproductive health. He respects the rights of women and families to make their own decisions.

Dr. Northam is exactly who we need to lead our state during these challenging times. Proud to join my fellow Virginians across the state and here in the 96th district in supporting him as our next governor, I look forward to working with him in the months and years to come.”

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Apr 21 2017

Challenger Out-raises Incumbent

Democrat Kelly DeLucia has far outperformed Republican opponent Brenda Pogge in first-quarter campaign fundraising, raising $9,924 to Pogge’s $3,214.

DeLucia’s campaign is powered by grassroots funding, with 121 donations coming in at under $100 or less and a median contribution amount of $100.

DeLucia has received 154 individual contributions compared to Pogge’s 23.

“These donations come from hardworking people who know that I will work hard for them,” said DeLucia. “The overwhelming grassroots support we’re seeing sends the message that people are ready for change in the 96th district. I am ready to bring about that change.”

Contribute to the campaign at:


Find out more about Kelly at:


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Feb 21 2017

DeLucia Speaks at Rally - Williamsburg VA

Indivisible holds rally in Williamsburg

February 20, 2017
Virginia Gazette - Jack Jacobs

Full Story

Kelly DeLucia spoke to attendees at Peninsula Indvisible's rally held on Monda. DeLucia, a democrat, will run for the 96th House of Delegates seat against Brenda Pogge, R-Norge.

Local progressive activists shared strategies on how to resist the president's agenda on Presidents Day in Williamsburg.

Peninsula Indivisible, along with the support of Middle Peninsula Progressives, aimed to provide a forum for information and networking to help local people oppose Trump's administration, said Josie Soltys, a co-organizer of the event. Soltys added she wasn't politically active before Trump's triumph in November.

The event featured a number of speakers ranging from representatives of Democratic campaigns to environmental activists.

Several speakers pointed to Virginia's upcoming 2017 elections as a key moment, both to keep the state blue and as an early national indicator of Trump's support.

The governor elections in Virginia and New Jersey are the only governor contests in 2017. Coming a year after the presidential election, they're traditionally seen as an early referendum on a newly elected president.

"Virginia has an opportunity to be a bellwether," said Kelly DeLucia. DeLucia will run for the 96th House of Delegates seat against Brenda Pogge, R-Norge. Pogge has held the seat for a decade.

DeLucia urged the roughly 200 [over 250] people inside the Williamsburg Players community theater to get involved if they want a change.


Jacobs can be reached by phone at 757-298-6007.

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Feb 16 2017

Great Article in GayRVA - Feb 14, 2017

Out lesbian hopes to unseat wife of Virginia Family Foundation leader in 2017 Delegate race GabriellaLacombe
February 14, 2017

Read More: election 2017, Kelly Delucia, Virginia 96th district

It takes a great deal of energy to make the most of a bad situation.

In the wake of the election of our current president, and his subsequent Cabinet appointments, many have conceded that the “bad situation” box can now be checked.

It’s this political climate that moved Yorktown, VA, resident Kelly DeLucia to action. The former elite competitive athlete and current real estate agent is bringing her energy to run for the 96th House of Delegates seat in 2017. She’ll be up against Republican incumbent Delegate Brenda Pogge.

DeLucia’s political path is not without obstacles. The 96th district, composed of James City County and York County, has had Republican representation for two decades.

Prior to Delegate Pogge’s 2016 race against Independent candidate Brandon C. Waltrip, where Pogge won a total of 61.08 percent of votes, she has run unopposed since her initial election in 2007. However, Pogge only passed 23.3 percent of bills she proposed in 2016, and DeLucia sees a path of entry for a Democrat in the 96th district.

“This is a very red district, there’s no two ways about it…but there are more than enough Democrats in this district to outperform Republicans if we show up in bigger numbers,” DeLucia said in an interview with GayRVA. “That’s what works time and time again, [getting] more people to the polls. I think this year, that is a very realistic expectation…a very exuberant democratic turnout.”

DeLucia grew up in the 96th district, and has consistently stayed involved in her community, including founding AIMFourExcellence Foundation, an organization that used sports as a forum to teach children how to be better citizens. She also identifies as a lesbian and is in a same-sex marriage of seven years; the structure of DeLucia’s day-to-day life is as community-oriented and family-oriented as the best of her constituents.

“I have a very traditional family. We have a very strong marriage, we’ve been together for decade; we have two beautiful baby boys.,” said Delucia. “The great people who have gone before me have done so much great work at taking away and reducing the amount of prejudice toward gay people. I’m a direct beneficiary of those actions.”

DeLucia said her primary issues center on using state government to act as a firewall against some of Trump’s more extreme initiatives and how they could trickle down locally. This translates to improving teacher pay in order to retain quality teachers in the district and promoting environmental protection for the tidal areas of the district, which includes the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. She feels the area can be significantly effected by climate change, something Virginia Republicans have been hesitant to embrace.

And, like most candidates, she hopes to tackle transit issues.

A combination of hard results from the past and growing numbers at her interest meetings give DeLucia a feeling of growing momentum for her campaign.

“[When] I started a company ten years ago in athletics, I was apprehensive about how people might respond to me working with their children [not only] as a lesbian, but also as a female in the sports world,” said DeLucia. “In ten years, I never lost a client, I never had one negative word said about me or my company. There was this mountain of anecdotal evidence that how I live…is well received in the community.”

According to Williamsburg Daily, incumbent Delegate Pogge’s principles are cited as being “inspired by a conservative worldview and informed by the philosophies of the Founding Fathers, especially the Jeffersonian principles of small government and less intrusion in the lives of private citizens.”

Pogge’s involvement with the far-right Virginia Family Foundation (VFF), where her husband, Roger, is the Ministry Relations Coordinator, could also provide some fodder for a candidate who wishes to champion the rights of LGBTQs.

VFF has long advocated for discriminatory bills against the LGBTQ community and while Del. Pogge hasn’t been part of any committees which deal with LGBTQ issues, the few times equality-related bills have made it to the House floor, she’s voted inline with her husband’s conservative group.

According to Equality Virginia’s 2013 legislative report card, Pogge voted against workplace protections for LGBTQs and inclusive bullying policies while she supported a bill that would allow clubs in state-run universities to discriminate in membership and goal.

Pogge also voted against a judicial appointment for Tracy Thorne-Begland, an openly gay US Air Force vet who was discharged for speaking out against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the early 90′s. Thorne-Begland has since been appointed to the Richmond judiciary, but he faced criticism from Mr. Pogge’s Family Foundation for what they worried would be the judge’s “political agenda.”

If the 96th district is looking for a change, DeLucia is poised to give them one when the General Election comes on Nov. 7.

“It became clear that the most effective thing to do is to get people elected who are going to do a better job,” DeLucia said. “In searching for someone to find to run in my district, I ended up being the person that I found.”

Delucia is currently running unopposed as the Democratic Challenger, GayRVA will follow her campaign as it evolves.

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Feb 14 2017

DeLucia gathers with nearly 140 activists in Yorktown, VA

Nearly 140 activists gathered in Yorktown Virginia this week

Tabb Library, Yorktown VA Feb 7, 2017

Kelly DeLucia, a real estate agent from Yorktown, is hoping to unseat Republican incumbent Del. Brenda Pogge in Virginia's 96th House District. While many politicians start out as community activists, DeLucia’s transition moved at lightning speed. Following the presidential election she looked for proactive ways to make a real difference in the politics that effect her community.

Seeking a local group to link up with, she was soon invited to join like-minded Yorktown residents who had started meeting for coffee. It was a match made in heaven. Concerned with the formation of many small groups which shared a common cause but were disconnected, DeLucia set out to bring as many of them together as possible, as fast as possible.

With less than a weeks notice, the "coffee crew" and others rallied to attend the 1st formal meeting in Dec. Around 25 activists agreed spread the word and to meet again in a month. Attendance more than doubled for the January meeting. In the same month the group tripled. By then DeLucia had announced her intention to challenge the incumbent in HD-96.

On February 7th almost 140 eager activists packed into the Tabb Library in Yorktown, VA. “I can't describe the feeling I had when we walked in the door, right at 7, and there was only a seat or two available. It sure felt like nearly 200 people to me! To think that our first meeting was a round table discussion... I was so moved!” Ellen Dozier, Yorktown VA

DeLucia, who is one of the group’s co-founders and a frequent moderator, opened the meeting - “America is a wonderful experiment in democracy, tremendously flawed and ever evolving. We are here to stand together, to fight together, to ensure that our grand experiment keeps moving in the right direction… Right now America is headed in the wrong direction. We are disenfranchising minorities, alienating allies, and seeing unacceptable efforts to turn back the clock on social equality and civil rights gains. We are here tonight because we refuse to put this car in reverse!”

Attendees who were the right kind of angry rolled up their sleeves and got to work. More than 15 leaders volunteered to serve on the board while dozens of others stepped up to serve in other positions on each Task Force. Task Forces formed around shared interests in environmental protection, women’s rights, social equality, campaign support and other important causes. That evening on Facebook, one woman posted “My fear was that this organization would be a random unorganized group of opinions and agendas, but to the contrary it is extremely well organized and run for having been in existence for such a short time.” - Cindy Ogle, Yorktown VA

DeLucia and other organizers, pleasantly surprised and visibly moved by the sizeable crowd, said they would need to find a much larger space for next month’s meeting.

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Jan 30 2017

[Incumbent] Pogge-R announces reelection run for 96th House seat

[Incumbent] Pogge-R announces reelection run for 96th House seat

Jan 27, 2017

Amanda WilliamsContact Reporter

Real estate agent Kelly DeLucia has announced her plan to challenge Del. Brenda Pogge for the 96th House of Delegates this November.

DeLucia, a Yorktown native, said her motivation to run for office came from the results of November’s presidential election. She plans to appear on the ballot as a Democrat.

Pogge, R-Norge, confirmed this week she intends to run for reelection, representing a district that includes parts of James City and York counties.

She has held onto the seat since 2007, most recently defeating independent Brandon Waltrip in 2015.“Democracy is all about everybody’s viewpoint being heard,” Pogge said. “I’ll leave it up to my constituents. If they want to rehire me, I’ll be back.” Pogge said she already has volunteers circulating petitions to put her on the November ballot, but she won’t focus on campaigning until after this General Assembly session ends. She also has $28,400 reported in her campaign fund, according to the Virginia Public Access Project.

DeLucia knows the race will be difficult — the district has been in Republican hands for two decades — but said it’s important to challenge incumbents.“What I think is the path to victory is high Democratic turnout and apathetic turnout on the Republican side,” DeLucia said. “It's going to be hard but it's going to be doable.”

She said after the November election, she felt it was her responsibility to better the community for her two boys. She decided running for office was the most effective way to do that. While the November election was her catalyst, attending the Women’s March on Washington Jan. 21 boosted her confidence, she said.

“I had decided to run the week after New Year’s, and for me what the (women’s) march did was put a big stamp of approval on my decision,” DeLucia said. “What we saw in D.C. and across the country with the marches - people are ready to get to work."

That’s why she expects the 2017 election, though in an off year, to have high voter turnout. She thinks people have mobilized in response to the new administration in Washington, D.C. DeLucia said protecting public education is high on her list, along with social equality and protecting the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The next few months will be dedicated to fund raising and creating a campaign team, DeLucia said. "The ground game is where we're going to win," DeLucia said.

Williams can be reached by phone at 757-345-2341.
Copyright © 2017, The Virginia Gazette

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Jan 25 2017

1st Democratic Candidate in 10 Years Announces Campaign for 96​th ​District House of Delegates Seat

(Yorktown) – Kelly DeLucia, local real estate agent, today announced her candidacy for the 96th House of Delegates election this November. DeLucia, a newcomer to politics, is the first Democrat to challenge incumbent Delegate Brenda Pogge since she was elected to the seat in 2007.

DeLucia was compelled to run in the wake of the results of last November’s election. “I’ve been incredibly involved in the community for my entire life. But it wasn’t until last November that I realized how desperately we need motivated citizens to serve in government,” DeLucia said.

The 96th House of Delegates District, which contains parts of York County and James City County, is generally considered a safe Republican district. That reality does not seem to faze Kelly DeLucia. “I know it’ll be an incredible challenge to win in the 96th,” DeLucia conceded. “At the same time, my life has been a saga of taking on and overcoming challenges. I’m at my best when the odds are against me.”

DeLucia grew up in Yorktown. She graduated from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs with a Bachelors of Science degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Environmental Science. As a result, she plans to focus part of her message and efforts on encouraging responsible stewardship of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

DeLucia resides in Yorktown with her wife Dee and their two infant sons. Although she is both excited and a little nervous about challenging an entrenched incumbent, DeLucia feels there is no other option. “I don’t know how to explain it. When I look at the faces of my sons - and then look at the state of politics today - the sense of responsibility is overwhelming. My mission is clear: to fight for change in the political sphere. It’s the only way to ensure my sons can flourish in the same
community that made me who I am today.”

Kelly DeLucia’s website is www.kellyforva.com.

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Jan 13 2017

DeLucia: Volunteer, Activist, Community Organizer

Over the last decade Kelly DeLucia worked to raise funds and increase awareness for dozens of local non-profit organizations. Her annual event at Buckroe Beach drew thousands and featured 5 -10 not-for-profit organizations each year. Organizations such as YouthBands, RockSolid Foundation, Seton Youth Shelter, Virginia SIDS Alliance, Ferguson Center Arts for All, StandUp for Kids, Houses of H.O.P.E, Steps to Success, N.E.W to You, Orphan Helpers, H.E.L.P., VA Power Soccer, No Bully, CASA of Chesapeake, Safehaven, Free Kicks 4 Kids, Boy Scouts,LINK, Tony’s Marching Angels, and many others benefited from her commitment to giving back.

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Jan 11 2017

Obama proposes $9/hour minimum wage. OK, says business owner. [DeLucia] ​- Feb. 2013

The Christian Science Monitor - February 13, 2013

Excerpts from the article by By Liz Fuller-Wright, Correspondent

"When President Obama proposed raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9 an hour, one Virginia business owner decided to do it on the spot. Many employers cringe at the thought of paying higher salaries, but after hearing President Obama say that the current minimum wage isn't enough to keep workers out of poverty, one businesswoman actually did. On the spot.

"Obama says to raise minimum wage to $9.00/hr. So I did!!!" posted Kelly Wilson [DeLucia]. Kelly Wilson [DeLucia], a small business owner in Virginia, on her Facebook wall....

Raising wages – often the lion's share of expenses for small businesses – won't be easy.

"It's going to pinch us a little bit, there's no two ways about it," Ms. Wilson [DeLucia] notes.... in addition to her year-round crew of six to eight, she hires 15 to 20 coaches each summer. "I already run a pretty tight ship, in terms of the number of people," she adds.

Virginia is one of 31 states whose minimum wage is $7.25, the federally mandated minimum since July 2009. In his speech, the president said, "Tonight, let’s declare that in the wealthiest nation on Earth, no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty, and raise the federal minimum wage to $9.00 an hour." ....

This morning, Wilson [DeLucia] texted her employees that their hourly wage would jump to Obama's recommended $9 per hour: "Congratulations on your raise!"

Not everyone believed her at first, she says. When she reiterated her promise, one texted back, "Wait, you were serious about that?"

Wilson [DeLucia] says she doesn't expect a host of other employers to follow her lead. But that's not the point, she says. "I'm not trying to set a trend. I'm trying to do what is right."

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Jan 10 2017

Campaign created!

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  • Anita Angelone endorsed

    “I just heard Kelly speak yesterday at the People's Climate March in Williamsburg. She was inspiring and represents the change we need in Virginia.”

  • Shelley Beth Bolin endorsed

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    “Kelly is an impressive newcomer to Virginia politics. An energetic, young, progressive native of Virginia. She understands the issues facing the peninsula and the state. She will work to protect the environment, the economy, and the security of all Virginians.”

  • Anita Jagt endorsed

  • Margaret Markey endorsed

    “We need you! You share my values and, although from NY, know that we are all in this together.”

  • Lisa Zwirner endorsed

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    “She stands for values that are important to me”

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    “William Haworth suggested we support you because you share our values. And we believe it is imperative we put more sane people in our state, as well as federal, governments as possible. You sound like filling that bill.”

  • Joseph Glosson endorsed

    “I endorse Kelly for three important reasons: her remarkable resume; her sincere and successful commitment to community service; her obvious ability to work well within complex organizations.”

  • Mark Lerman endorsed

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    “Kelly DuLucia is a smart, engaging person who cares deeply for her community and will fight hard for the rights of all people!”

  • Kristin Downey endorsed

    “I endorse Kelly DeLucia because we need to start our governing makeover locally. Kelly knows our area well and has a vested interest in the community. She has invested her time and energy toward the well being of the community already and has shown her commitment locally.”

  • Lisa Zwirner endorsed

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