Montigue Magruder is a Virginian native that was born in Charlottesville and has lived in Richmond since he was 10 years old. His political inspiration came to him in 2010 when he spoke in opposition to fare increases on Richmond's public transit system. He is a member of the Green Party that ran for Richmond City Council in the 2016 Election against two well-known Democrats. Montigue's political advocacy continues to fight for the issues concerning least among us in society. As a former caretaker of elderly and disabled people, Montigue strongly believes that everyone should live a life of dignity and love from birth until death.

Montigue has been an advocate for better public transit for 6 years. He served on the GRTC and Transit Study Task Force. He also worked with VA Organizing, RePHRAME, the Richmond NAACP, and served on the executive board of the Industrial Workers of the World. While running for City Council last year, he realized that a run for state office was the better choice as some constituents pointed out that the issues that he wanted to address required action by the General Assembly .

Montigue decided to run against the incumbent after noting their acceptance of donations from corporations like Dominion Power that make life harder for his fellow Virginians. Many 69th District residents want a delegate who will truly fight for the people. Montigue will help build the greater good for all Virginians.

If elected, Montigue will fight for the following issues:

1) Guaranteed voting rights for all Virginians.
2) The established human right to clean natural resources.
3) Full and fair funding for all school districts.
4) Expanded access to public transportation throughout Virginia.
5) Practical criminal justice reform.

Take Montigue’s hand and ride with him to make his case to the people of Virginia’s 69th district. He will only accept donations from working class people like himself and refuse donations from corporations and Super PACs. Support the man who gives a damn about the people of Virginia's 69th District!

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    “I support Montigue Magruder for House of Delegates 69th District because he has a proven track record of fighting for people who get forced out of political decision making processes. Magruder is highly intelligent, able to articulate ideas in ways that resonate with everyday folks, and I stand behind his policy ideas. I think it's time the 69th District have the authentic representation it deserves.”

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    “He is the TRUE representation of the 69th district!”

October 26, 2017

The last minute push!

Good morning everyone!

We're now in the last 12 days of this election cycle! We're down to crunch time and I'm about to go all out in the final days of this election.

But first to give you some quick updates!

Since the last update I've held several mass canvassings throughout the district, mostly in the southern half of the district. These canvassings were focused on the parts of the district usually neglected by those in power (including my opponent). Until I made appearances in those areas, most people weren't aware of Virginia's General Assembly, the House of Delegates, or even who their representative was on Richmond City Council. The battle to inform the voters about the office still continues as we bring this election season to a close.

I was considered one of the Green Party's Top 5 candidates to watch! The support from the Green Party helped reel in an additional $500 which allowed me to purchase 4 large signs for display at some major intersections in the 69th District and pay for some meals for our canvassers.

I also participated in three candidate forums. In the Richmond Crusade for Voters forum, I outclassed both of my opponents by showcasing my plan to Build the Greater Good and taking strong stands on my positions. At the Trinity Baptist Church forum, I encountered a more moderate audience. But that didn't stop me from being the radical historian and truth-teller I've always been. That trend continued at James River High School forum (video not available) that took place in Chesterfield County. I was the only 69th District candidate that showed up to the forum.

I was endorsed by the Richmond chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America in September. I encourage y'all to become members of the DSA. I am grateful for their help with canvassings and those who have volunteered to work the polls on my behalf on Election Day.

While the majority of donations have purchased signs, meals for canvassers, advertisements, and the production of flyers, some of those donations also helped me pay bills and buy some groceries to sustain myself.  I would like to request one final donation from you. A $20 donation will help tremendously towards helping me sustain myself through the rest of the year.

I thank you for your support! Please donate if you can and continue to share the campaign with all peoples in your networks! Let's Build the Greater Good in these last 12 days!


Montigue T. Magruder

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