As the water crisis continues in Flint, Michigan, we are taking immediate action. Flint Rising, a project of The Advocacy Fund, is a coalition of community organizations and allies that have come together to ensure that local residents are building long-term power to deal with the consequences of the #FlintWaterCrisis. Directly impacted people in the city of Flint must be engaged as the leadership of this long-haul fight, and Flint Rising is focused on building the organizing infrastructure necessary to develop their leadership.

In only a few weekends, volunteers have knocked on over 8,000 doors to identify emergency needs in our most marginalized communities and begun to build long-term power with Flint residents. In listening to residents at their homes, we've realized how inadequate the Governor Snyder's response to this crisis has been for families in Flint, so we've stepped up to fill in the gap. Rapid response teams of social workers follow up on the canvass to get water and other resources to elderly homebound residents, families without transportation or mothers with sick young children. We’ve also begun collecting powerful stories, identifying leaders, and engaging directly impacted residents in the fight.

It will take decades for our community to become whole again. One young mother held back tears telling us how guilty she felt for believing the State of Michigan when they said the water was safe to drink. Her two year old son was drinking the water for months, and she fears for his future. No one should have to experience this fear for simply letting their children drink water from the tap. Governor Snyder’s callous indifference toward our community is unacceptable. Children were poisoned to save money. Help us make sure this never happens again.

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    “It is unconscicionable that the state of Michigan would ignore their own citizens problems. The problems that the governments own bad decisions created. We stand with the residents of FLINT MI in their fight for clean, safe, healthy water! VOTE FOR CHANGE IN 2018!”

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    “Clean water is a right to all citizens, and every day that Flint goes without is an injustice. The only way to make the powers-that-be yield is to organize.”

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    “I support this movement because everyone should have access to clean drinking water. It's beyond comprehension that this wouldn't be more than just basic human rights and need. But, the moral and ethical implications are overwhelming you say the least.”

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    “The people of Flint deserve better! I stand in solidarity with you and with gratitude for Nayyirah Shariff's leadership.”

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    “God Bless all in Flint, Michigan. So unfortunate but God sees all keep faith, hope, & pray everyday. Much Love”

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    “Water is the base for all life and no matter where we live all we have is each other”

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    “What's happening in Flint is nothing short of human rights abuse!”

May 16, 2016

Moms in Flint take Action

The #FlintWaterCrisis is still impacting residents every single day. This morning a group of incredibly courageous women staged a die-in at the Water Plant in Flint wearing jump suits painted with red symbolizing the damage done to their reproductive systems by the Flint water crisis. Nakiya Wakes, a Flint Rising leader and activist, shared her story of miscarrying twins because she unknowingly drank tainted water for months. The day she got home from the hospital, after having lost her babies, a letter arrived telling her pregnant women shouldn't drink the water. Other mothers have decided they cannot bring more children into the world because they're worried about the impact lead has had on their reproductive systems given that high levels of lead can have multi-generational impacts. This action was a visceral visual of how women in Flint have been impacted. There's still no end in sight to the crisis. This action was led by inspiring mothers like Desiree Duell and Nakiya Wakes who have built a Moms Team, bringing together mothers that are fighting for the lives of their children by standing up and fighting every single day. Help Flint Rising continue this fight by contributing today.

April 10, 2016

Flint Rising and Water Defense

The #FlintWaterCrisis continues to impact Flint residents every day. Just yesterday at a Flint Rising community meeting with over 50 residents, Scott Smith with Water Defense presented evidence from independent water testing showing that harmful chemicals such as chloroform and particulate lead are calling to question whether it's safe to shower and bathe. ( As we've knocked on thousands of doors, we are continuing to find residents complaining of skin rashes, skin breaking, and hair loss simply from taking a shower in their homes. Flint Rising is working everyday to build power in this community to make sure this never happens to Flint or other communities like ours again. Please help us build this movement to fight back by contributing today.

March 19, 2016

Flint residents descend on Washington DC

On Thursday March 17th nearly 200 Flint residents went to Washington DC to hold Governor Snyder accountable as he testified before Congress. Families met with members of Congress, packed the hearing room, and made sure that Flint's voices were heard in the media. Nakiya Wakes, a mother and Flint Rising activist who miscarried twins in 2015 after drinking the water, was there with other residents to demand accountability. “No amount of testimony or even apologies can bring my babies back, or take the lead out of everyone’s body who’s been in this crisis,” Wakes said. “Someone needs to be held accountable.” Help #FlintRising continue to speak truth to power and demand that our Governor fix what he broke! Contribute now: #FlintWaterCrisis

March 6, 2016

Flint Cannot be Ignored

Tonight All eyes will be on Flint - #flintlivesmatter have been ignored for too long - you have been incredible in supporting us to help build a ground game in flint. You can help us again tonight by sharing this crowdpac on Twitter and Facebook with this message: We need to build a powerful movement in Flint: #FlintRising is building a powerful movement: Help: #demdebate #flint Share with your networks, and make sure we are NOT IGNORED. We can get to this goal!

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