This past election cycle we witnessed the peaceful transfer of power from one Presidential administration to the next. This is a powerful testament to the vision of our founding fathers and is an act that no matter our disagreements policy-wise should and must be celebrated. We have four years with a new administration and in the meantime, we should focus on our upcoming local elections!

We have an opportunity right here in Virginia to take a stand, and there is no better time than today to get to work. As President Obama said, "if you're not happy with the election results, grab a clip board, gather signatures, show up, dive in, and persevere". It's time to put on our walking shoes and get to work. In Virginia we have elections every year. The Governorship, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and every single House of Delegates seat is up for election THIS YEAR! I hope you will join me in helping shape our commonwealth's future, by working hard with me to elect our great Democratic candidates to as many seats as possible.

I have made it my mission to focus on helping those democratic candidates in Virginia to get elected to our local, state, and federal positions. If you are interested in helping out, email (, reach out to my Facebook, or catch me around Sterling. Together we can, and we will work to keep Virginia moving forward.

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February 6, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!