As a family doctor, I have spent my 30 year professional career caring for my patients and 27 years in a nurturing relationship with my husband, 3 step-children and 2 grandkids. Now it is time to care for our country. I believe that the democratic freedoms we have taken for granted are in trouble. The very nature of honesty and integrity has been under assault. My patients tell me that they want the truth, even when it is hard to hear. I will tell people the truth. A great doctor-patient relationship has the same elements as a great relationship between a Congresswoman and her constituents: listening, trust, clear communication, and partnership.

More medically trained people are needed in government. We can critically examine symptoms and produce an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Congress is ailing and we have a prescription. 

My Background:

I received a B.A. in psychology from the University of Redlands, CA in 1975. Immediately after college, my first employment was as a Congressional Aide to Honorable Shirley N. Pettis, of the 37th Congressional District of California, my native state. I worked in this capacity for about 3 years, and learned a great deal about how the federal government functions and fails to function. I then worked in a County Housing program for 2 years while I finished preparing for medical school. Duties of this job included going out into the desert near 29 Palms and enrolling senior citizens in a housing repair program. I visited many residences that did not have indoor plumbing; some were literally shacks.

My professional training as a physician entailed four years at Loma Linda University School of Medicine, where I graduated in the top third of my class. I then moved to Salt Lake City to pursue a 3 year residency in Family Medicine through the University of Utah, completed in 1987. I practiced in the West Valley area for most of my career, running my own business. This is predominantly a blue-collar area of Utah and one of the more racially diverse cities in the state. I had many Asian, LatinX, and Polynesian patients.

I have personally experienced the problems of small business owners. Toward the end of my tenure in private practice, it became difficult to make ends meet and to keep abreast of onerous regulations. I sold my privately owned practice to a large corporation with the intention of continuing to work for them for 5 years. I only lasted 3. The moral dilemma of choosing whether to do what I thought was right for my patients kept bumping up against the organization's desires that I enhance their bottom line. I am much happier in my current employment working in a private clinic for the employees and families of the Utah Transit Authority.

Past Leadership:

For about 25 years, I have been active in organized medicine. I am a past president of the Salt Lake County Medical Society. In the Utah Medical Association, I held many positions of leadership, including Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice-Speaker of the House of Delegates. I was usually in a small minority of moderating voices. The underdog role is one with which I have intense familiarity. The UMA Women's Section awarded me the Deborah Robinson Memorial Award for my activism.

My Philosophy:

My approach to ideas is open; my approach to debate is respectful; and my approach to problem-solving is practical. First find common ground, then use common sense.  

I have been a Democrat for most of my life. My husband and I, along with a group of friends, visited Scandinavia last year. One thing that struck us in these social democracies was how seriously their citizens pledge to look after one another's welfare. In America, we state that we are created equal and have certain unalienable rights—life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There are parts of the world which take this commitment to heart. I believe that people are not only created, but continue to actually be equal throughout their lives. Our Declaration of Independence ends with the following words: "We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor." I pledge to you my service, our shared Fortunes as  Americans, and my sacred Honor to give you my best. 

Personal Life:

I have been married for 27 years to Craig Fineshriber, retired Utah Symphony Principal Percussionist. Craig devoted 40 years of his life to high art. I have three grown step-children and two grandchildren. Step-parenting is a skill that requires both kindness and firmness.

My interests are varied. I direct a Balkan Women’s Choir called “Darena” which presents the music of the Balkan countries. We performed during the 2002 Winter Games here in Salt Lake City. I am also on a Leave of Absence from the Mountain Jubilee Chorus, a chapter of Sweet Adelines International (lady’s barbershop) and play several musical instruments, including the accordion. I am quite fluent in French and have enjoyed international travel. Reading has always been important to me and has helped me develop empathy. I am a master gardener and maintain my garden with assistance mostly from the bees and the butterflies. I enjoy fitness and sports.

My Principles: 

Health Care, Substance Abuse, and Medical Cannabis 

*As a family doctor, healthcare has been my life’s work. My views about healthcare have evolved from the practice situations I have experienced.

*Health care is indeed a right and most developed societies acknowledge this right. I have seen what happens when people do not have health insurance, and we cannot go back. A mature society takes care of its needy, its sick, its hungry, its homeless. 

*I support a Medicare-for-All solution that reduces administrative costs, ensures that all Americans have health insurance, and reduces the role of private health insurance companies. The administrative costs of Medicare are 1%. That means 99% of its expenditures go to providers and patients. Contrast that with for-profit healthcare where the administrative costs are up to 20 times higher due to high CEO salaries and dividends to investors, as well as duplicative services. The cost of Medicare could be reduced further by simplifying it and getting rid of unnecessary regulations. 

*Substance abuse and addiction problems are draining our world of potential. We need effective programs to prevent and rehabilitate those who have been afflicted by this scourge. It tears families apart and causes unbelievable pain. I know this firsthand, as I come from a family with many addiction problems. The current Senate proposal to add more funds to fight the opioid epidemic is vastly inadequate.  Law enforcement agencies and mental health workers need much more.

*It is time to legalize medical cannabis as an alternative to opioids for the treatment of chronic pain. The medical evidence for its effectiveness is compelling. It may even be helpful as an "exit drug" to help people stop using opioids. People do not die from the use of medical marijuana, but Utah remains in 8th place in the USA in deaths due to accidental prescription drug overdoses. 

*I am strongly against the privatizing of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. 

Public Education

*The needs of public education are pressing. A democracy cannot be nourished without an informed public. Critical thinking skills should be taught from an early age. Public education should help folks communicate civilly and respecfully.  Diverting money from public schools in the form of vouchers weakens them. We can’t afford that. We cannot afford Secretaries of Eduction like Betsy DeVos.

*Although the recruitment and retention of qualified teachers is more of a Utah State issue, any federal resources available to address the shortage of qualified teachers should be considered.  We also need to acknowledge where the jobs are in our current economy.  75% are in the trades and crafts. Let's put shop classes and other practical experiences back in high schools. 

*Student debt is preventing millennials from higher education opportunities.  They should be able to refinance current high interest debt. I would like to see Labor Union apprenticeships set up on college campuses so that students could learn a practical trade and begin earning revenue while pursuing a liberal arts or science-based traditional education.  Out-and-out forgiveness of student debt should be considered if it is hampering our economy.  Under no circustances should schools-of-prey be allowed to continue bilking students for tuition for worthless courses. Also, unethical lenders should be put out of business.

*Ultimately, I support free or minimal-cost education in public schools, at least through junior college.  Closing up holes in the underground economy and/or a very small tax on each Wall Street trade are ways to consider funding free education.

Immigration Issues and Discrimination Against Minorities

*The principles of embracing diversity and inclusion are ideals of the Democratic party, and they are mine as well. I firmly believe that humanity is part of a tapestry that links us with all other life forms on the planet. Often in our day-to-day lives, we may not appreciate this interconnection and interdependence, but it is there nonetheless. Humans caring for one another is not a platitude; it is a necessity. Empathy and respect should guide our interactions, even with those with whom we disagree.

*Marginalized citizens, including Muslims, African Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos and others have been threatened for years, but this threat has worsened under the Trump Administration. I favor the Utah Compact and the efforts of the LDS Church to keep families from being torn apart by aggressive ICE policies. People who have resided in America for years and have borne and raised children here should be afforded legal protection, as was suggested in the Dreamer Act.  People of all faiths and belief systems are insured  religious freedoms as defined in our Constitution. They should live without threat to body or soul.

Campaign Finance Reform

*We need immediate reform of campaign funding. One should not be able to buy a public office. Corporate America is overly influencing our elections. I would like to see public financing of campaigns without reliance on large Super Pacs and other huge donations from corporations. Citizens United has been disastrous for America. Corporations are NOT people.

Tribal Issues and Tribal Sovereinty

*Tribal Sovereignty has meant different things at different times.  Originally it meant that the tribes could control their lands in the same way they controlled them before Columbus arrived.  With the formation of the United States, native peoples were not allowed to sell their land to foreign countries, nor enter into treaties with other nations.  While these original restrictions made some logical sense, the Supreme Court has continued to erode Tribal Sovereignty by several decisions that placed the Tribes in a position as “ward” to the US. The tribes were put into a “trust” relationship, with the US acting as “guardian.”  This meant that the tribes were to be protected from having their sovereign rights violated by the various State governments. But, unfortunately, the trust relationship has been used to justify the idea that the tribes do not have the necessary resources or skills to have complete jurisdiction over their lands.

In 1885, Congress passed the Major Crimes Act, which asserted that seven specific major crimes, if committed on Indian land, would constitute federal crimes and be removed from tribal jurisdiction.
In US vs. Sandoval, 1913,  The Court ruled that an unbroken line of federal legislative, executive, and judicial actions had "...attributed to the United States as a superior and civilized nation the power and the duty of exercising a fostering care and protection over all dependent Indian communities within its borders...." In addition, the Court opined that once Congress had begun to act in a guardian role toward the tribes, it was up to Congress, not the courts, to determine when the state of wardship should end.
US vs Sandoval is one more example of how the “trust” relationship was used to justify federal intrusion into the internal affairs of Indian communities. 
In more recent Supreme Court rulings, Tribal Sovereignty has been further eroded.  The court has used its role as protector against State intrusion to instead justify heavy-handed federal oversight.  

I am in favor returning to a definition of Tribal Sovereignty closer to the original. While I see the logic of not allowing treaties and trade with foreign countries, I do not understand the condescension inherent in the view that tribal peoples are not capable of self-governance. They should be able to prosecute crimes committed on their lands, make their own laws, and practice self-determination in as wide a purview as possible. The federal government, instead of continually abrogating the rights of tribes, should instead invest in infrastructure, communications, transportation, education, and treatment of addiction problems on tribal lands.  This is the least it should do to remedy centuries of broken promises.  

* There are many needs on the Reservations which are not being addressed, including infrastructure, transportation, voting rights, decent education, and healthcare. 

The Inter-Tribal Coalition which developed the Bears Ears National Monument proposal put aside intertribal animosities to come together in order to protect their sacred lands. The least we can do is follow suit and come together to insure, on their behalves, that these lands are preserved for future generations.  There has been a tremendous campaign of misinformation implying that the people of Utah and its State Government were not included in the process of deciding which lands to safeguard.  The process was indeed transparent and a recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune clearly refuted this claim with email evidence. The comment period which ended July, 2017 resulted in overwhelming support for the BENM from America.


*The LGBTQIA+ community is a vital part of life in Utah. Marriage equality strengthens families. Discrimination against any group of individuals is un-American. We should all have the agency to live our lives to the fullest and enjoy the blessings of liberty. Losing our LGBTQ youth to suicide highlights the need for support programs and education to stop this appalling trend. Recently the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that employment protections for the  LGBTQIA+ community are covered by the Civil Rights Act. I support the Equality Act on the Federal level which would remove all doubt about it being illegal to discriminate against the LGBTQIA+ community in housing or employment.  Our country has more work to do to insure that LGBTQ folks have equal protections under the law. On a personal level, losing one of my gay friends to AIDS on a bleak Christmas morning is one of the most painful experiences of my life. This experience and others has engendered in me a desire to stand up for the civil rights of the LGBTQIA+ community and to call upon others to do the same.

Jobs, Economics, Livable Wage, Labor Unions

*Jobs feed both the table and the soul. As jobs have been displaced by technology and outsourcing, it is essential that we embrace new technologies and training programs and move forward to produce jobs for the 21st Century. Technological change is rarely reversible. When discussing ways to stimulate our economy, these facts must be acknowledged, and our focus should be on cutting edge and future technologies, not dying ones. Supporting clean energy industries as an option to those which are obsolete only makes sense.

*In addition, there is much money lost in tax revenue from the "underground economy."  Paying for work "under the table" costs all of us who must make up for the lost income tax revenue.  

*I support Labor Unions and particularly applaud their apprenticeship and journeyman programs, which provide free training while paying a  starting wage.  After finishing such programs, workers have a viable career with a livable wage that provides full benefits including a pension in retirement.

*A livable wage will go far in strengthening the families of the 3rd Congressional District.  A recent study in Seattle questioned whether the benefits of a $15/hour wage were cancelled out by job loss. I want to make sure we set our minimum wage at a level that does not destroy jobs, and will ultimately support a range between $12/hr and $15/hr.

Foreign Policy and National Defense

*Foreign Policy must be fluid, flexible, and dynamic as our world changes rapidly and new problems arise, sometimes without warning.  

*The American people must be defended from direct attacks. American interests must be protected by first appealing to negotiations and non-violent strategies using the best minds our country has to offer.  
Expenditures should assure a state-of-the-art military with advanced tools to combat cyberwarfare and other modern threats.

*We should honor our commitments to NATO and other allies. 
Any military interventions must be balanced against the likelihood of inciting the growth of more terrorist cells and ideology.  Missteps such as the incursion into Iraq have only generated more distrust and extremism. The lives of American soldiers must not be sacrificed on missions that only destabilize the world further.

*With regard to rogue nations such as North Korea, America must work with its allies to contain this threat.

 *A president should have regular mental health assessments and be assured of having no signs of dementia, megalomania, or personality disorders which would make him or her respond unwisely to provocation by foreign powers. Access to the nuclear codes should be removed, via the 25th Amendment, when a president cannot be trusted to exercise restraint.   

Women's Issues

*Like many career women, I have had to fight for equal recognition and equal wages. I believe in equal pay for equal work. The powers in our world today are out of balance due to many factors, one of which is that the feminine archetype is largely missing. Government needs women who can build consensus, foster tolerance, and show compassion. We know how to nurture ideas and bring them to fruition just as we nurture our families. We know how to fight for what we believe in with ferociousness, just as we protect our kids. Our collective wisdom needs to be outed. Studies show that a critical mass of 3 women in a group of 10 can alter the "group-think," allowing breakthroughs that lead to creative solutions. The Equal Rights Amendment is a confirmation of the value of women to our society, and its long-overdue approval is the patriotic choice.

*Reproductive Rights and Prevention of Unwanted Pregnancy

Reproductive rights are complex and it is understandable that many people have strong feelings about them.  This is one of the gifts of living in a democracy where freedom of belief and freedom of religion are cherished rights. Abortions should be easily preventable, legal, and rare. Women do not grow up aspiring to have an abortion;  the experience can be unpleasant and often traumatizing. We are called upon to have compassion for any woman or family facing difficult circumstances related to pregnancy.  People of faith must walk with those in need but at the same time respect their agency to choose what is right for them.  Shaming those who terminate pregnancy only adds to human suffering. The emphasis should be on preventing unwanted pregnancies (see below). The Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision permitting abortion for any reason during the first 3 months of pregnancy is humane and respectful of a woman’s right to decide, in consultation with her doctor, family, clergy, and chosen confidants, and according to the dictates of her own faith, the fate of HER pregnancy.  A legal abortion rendered by a well-trained medical professional averts the potentially disastrous consequence of an abortion which is self-induced or rendered by incompetent individuals. Regardless of State and Federal mandates, women will always pursue abortions, so they absolutely must remain legal and safe.  Second and third-term abortions are rare and undertaken usually for fetal malformation, fetal non-viability, maternal risks, rape, and spontaneous loss of fetal life.  In medical parlance, before 20 weeks of gestation, a spontaneous pregnancy loss is known as a “miscarriage.”  After 20 weeks, it is known as pre-term labor.  At what juncture an embryo becomes a human being endowed with all the rights of other humans is subject to philosophical debate, but varying views on this subject cannot be allowed to interfere with access to safe and legal abortions.  In summary, our goal should be to minimize the need for abortions thru adequate support of women, families, and education; but to keep them legal and safe.

*Education about human sexuality, pregnancy prevention, and prevention of sexually transmitted infections should be offered in a medically accurate and age-appropriate manner.  Ninety-five percent of Americans have sex before marriage and the average US adolescent initiates sex around the age of 17.  The cerebral cortices of adolescent brains do not stop developing until late adolescence or early adulthood. The teen brain is impulsive and not always capable of making reasoned choices or of evaluating consequences.  Abstinence-Only programs ignore this basic reality. They have been found to be ineffective and they force educators to provide incomplete and inaccurate information to teens.  Such programs also reinforce gender stereotypes which can stigmatize those with alternative sexual orientations or gender identities.  A sound educational program combines parent-led discussions with science-based materials to help students understand their own sexuality.  Strong evidence, including a recent Colorado study, exists that comprehensive approaches to sex education actually delay sexual initiation. The number of sexual partners and sexual risk-taking is reduced. Another benefit is mutually supportive relationships when sexual activity does take place. For those who do decide to pursue early sexual relationships, condoms, contraceptives, and the HPV vaccine lessen the risk of unwanted pregnancy and SDIs. 

Taxation and Balanced Budget

*Tax cuts for the wealthy are unnecessary. The gap between those most and least fortunate keeps widening. Millionaires do not need tax loop holes. Trickle down economics does not work and what really trickles down is increased income disparity. Fiscal responsibility in spending is indeed important, and this is one of my more moderate views.  It is necessary to keep pointing out, however, that the economy fares better under Democratic leadership time and time again. The last balanced budget was handed to George W Bush at the end of the Clinton Presidency.

The Arts in Society

*I wholeheartedly support the arts. They feed and nourish us, especially at times when we are collectively stressed. They lift us out of ourselves and propel our culture to examine itself. The idea that the NEA and public radio could be defunded is appalling to me.

*Some scientific studies show that children exposed to music have enhanced intellectual development. All children should have this opportunity, not just those in "arts-focused" charter schools. 

Unnecessary Regulations

*Over-regulation is a common complaint for people in business. Having run my own small business family practice clinic for many years, I understand the frustration.  Rules should protect people and/or protect the planet.  They should concern safety and should enhance productivity. Unecessary and burdensome regulations  hamper innovation and morale.

2nd Amendment

*I know that our Constitution protects the right to bear arms. Of course, the founders did not foresee the types of killing machines we have available today.  We need common sense policies that protect hunters and sportsmen but prevent dangerous weaponry from falling into the hands of mass murderers.  I favor legislation that mandates weapons being locked in one safe while ammunition is locked in another. Loopholes in background checks need to be eliminated.  An emergency need for a gun is highly suspicious.

Public Lands

*National parks and monuments fulfill a unique niche wherein human beings can appreciate that they, too, are natural beings in a complex ecosystem. Like most Utahns, I was pleased by the designation of the Bears Ears National Monument, which is within the 3rd Congressional District. This monument, like all of our public lands, must be maintained and protected for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.  

Truth, Facts, and Science

*The truth needs honoring. We cannot make good policy unless we base our understanding firmly upon it. 

*Facts are part of verifiable reality. Ignore them at your peril. Lies are attempts to manipulate the vulnerable. Repeating them ad nauseam does not turn them into truth. The penetration of false news and propaganda into our society has weakened it. Everyone has a responsibility to stop turning to unreliable sources for our news, and to discipline ourselves to not spread inaccuracies.

* Climate change is real and we, as stewards of our planet, need to recognize it and combat it aggressively. Putrid air has dire health consequences for human beings and for Planet Earth. We must protect the purity of our planet for our children and our grandchildren.

*The findings of science can be used to help mankind. They can also be misused for harm.  But scientific truth itself has no agenda. I am appalled at the lack of respect for science that the Trump administration has shown.  

*Acknowledging that complex problems do not have simple solutions is an initial step toward solving those problems. We need realists who can acknowledge the gravity of a situation while simultaneously thinking creatively and inventively about possible solutions. Let's talk values; values are the root of the humanity tree just as issues are its top growth.

Veterans Benefits and Concerns

*Veterans deserve timely medical care in state-of-the-art facilities. They deserve primary care doctors and specialists customized for treating loss of limb, PTSD, and other needs. Veterans on Native American Reservations must not face hurtles to obtaining medical care. The VA Services needs more funding to achieve these goals. Most of all, Veterans deserve our thanks.

One Person One Vote, Gerrymandering, and Voter Suppression

*Gerrymandering is akin to a botched surgery. Our legislative districts should not be resected into pieces specifically designed to disenfranchise a political party, a race, or any other group. A democracy cannot function without checks and balances, as our founding fathers made abundantly clear. A one party system with no opposing voice creates a ripe environment for tyrrany and loss of constitutional protections that every American cheriches. After working on this issue for many months, I am convinced that there are fair ways for districts to be drawn. I am hopeful that the Supreme Court will understand that the end result of gerrymandering is extreme partisanship and disenfranchisement of more moderate voices.  I hope that it will rule against the State of Wisconsin after it hears the case this October.

*Continued acts to suppress voters by removing them selectively from voter rolls must be stopped. Onerous rules designed to discriminate against minorities 

Working Together for Change

*Extreme partisanship is destroying civil discourse and debate. We need new men and women in Congress who can reach across the aisle and forge alliances for the betterment of our nation. Stonewalling is destructive and unpatriotic. Forward progress is what America has always been about. It is in our national DNA. We reject our own heritage when we put partisanship above loyalty to our core values.

*Patience and persistence are what produces change. It may not come as quickly as we wish, but citizens must engage for the long-run and celebrate small victories as they come. We face daunting obstacles and it will take stamina to make positive change happen. We need to set minor differences aside for the greater good, and unite in a common cause to protect our rights and freedoms.

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

  • Karen Brisendine endorsed

    “She has previous experience in politics, which appears to be more important than one might think. Her education combined with her experience in politics as well as medicine will make her a valuable asset in Washington.”

  • Isaiah Eatmon endorsed

    “i endorse them because actions towards and goal is the soultion and thats what there doing.”

  • Joseph M Hoffman endorsed

    “I support Kathryn Allen because Utah needs a Representative they can be proud of who understands the way Utahs communities work to support each other.”


    “SHE CARES!”

  • Tim Butler endorsed

    “She believes in science!”

  • Sherry E Eason endorsed

    “Because Kathryn, as a physician, compassionately understands all of us are created equal and should remain equal. The US should treat all citizens with equal respect and dignity. Access to Healthcare is a Human Right and Kathryn will fight as hard as I do to help US obtain full access to healthcare for all our citizens.”

  • Deborah Barles endorsed

    “As a physician, Dr Allen understands the importance of healthcare and the devastating consequences of taking it from those most in need. She will stand up for her constituents against tax breaks for the wealthy at the cost of people's care.”

  • Kathleen Adams endorsed

    “I support Kathryn Allen because we need to be able to say YES! when asked, "Is there a compassionate, sensible doctor in the House?”

  • Jonathan Burbaum endorsed

    “DC needs more holistic thinkers like MDs, not lawyers like, well, most of 'em.”

  • Phyllis Upchurch endorsed

    “As a lifelong Democrat, first from Mississippi and, since 1974, residing in Utah, I have found myself in the political minority. Kathryn strongly advocates my beliefs and desires for our state and country.”

August 25, 2017

Our First Ad and Our New Pledge to Refuse Corporate Donors

Yesterday we announced that our campaign will not accept donations from corporations, allowing me to be answerable only to constituents. That means we need your grassroots support more than ever!  We also have our first commercial ad running on TV stations. Have a look!  

August 13, 2017

Condemnation of Violence at UVA

August 13, 2017—Holladay, Utah—Dr. Kathie Allen, Democratic candidate for Utah's 3rd Congressional District, responded to Saturday's violence in Charlottesville, Va: "I condemn the Alt-Right, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists for the violence at UVA and for the underlying hatred that engendered it." 

Dr. Allen's response was first posted on Twitter and Facebook. Members of the press interested in receiving Dr. Allen's up-to-the-minute responses to current events can follow her on Twitter at @kathieallenmd and on Facebook at  

July 3, 2017

The Democratic Nomination has been secured.

Hello to all of my supporters on CrowdPac.  Two weeks ago, the Utah Democratic Caucus of the 3rd Congressional District chose me to be their nominee in the Special Election to replace Jason Chaffetz in November of 2017.  I secured 77% of the votes against 2 other candidates. The Republicans will hold a primary for their nominee in mid-August.  Thus we have a perfect opportunity to raise our profile in the community and get out our message before they have even chosen their nominee.  Our message has been honed down to 3 basic concepts:  We want ethics and integrity to be resurrected in government; we believe in science and data-driven policy solutions; and we believe that everyone should have healthcare.  With the latest iteration of the Senate's bill, more and more people are being threatened with loss of the care they have now, and the possibility that their pre-existing conditions will no longer be covered.  It is indeed tragic that our leaders want to grant a large tax reduction to the rich while stripping benefits from the rest of us.  I have appreciated you as my very earliest supporters and hope that you will continue to donate to our campaign.  We have lost every Special Election for Congress this year, but we have one more chance to #Flipthe3rd on November 7, 2017.  Please consider a small donation today to keep us going!  Thanks much!

May 27, 2017

Must secure democratic nomination

Here's an update on our campaign. The governor of Utah has determined that the filing period for our special election ended yesterday.  There are over 20 people running for Jason's seat, including 3 other democrats.  There are two pathways to secure the democratic nomination. The one our campaign is pursuing is through the Democratic State Convention on June 17th, only a few weeks away.  We must convince at least 60% of the democratic delegates of the 3rd CD to vote for us, or we will face a primary in August. Another way we  may face a primary is if one of the other democrats is able to secure 7500 signatures in the next 2-3 weeks.  Please help us again, if you are able. If you happen to be a delegate, we hope you will support us at the convention. Our kickoff volunteer BBQ is next Saturday, June 3, 2017, in Orem, UT.  With the excellent support we have garnered so far, we are hopeful of a clear path to the nomination, but are taking absolutely nothing for granted.  Thanks again for being my first and ongoing supporters! is where you can read about us and the BBQ and convention are listed under the Events Tab.  

April 27, 2017

A Special Election?

Jason Chaffetz has stated he will not re-run for Congress in 2018.  He has also made statements that he may not fulfill his entire term.  These statements have been ambiguous so far, making it hard for our campaign to know if we are facing a Special Election or a full-on campaign for 2018.  The State of Utah does not have any laws pertaining to replacing a Congressman if he or she steps down early. There may have to be a special session of the Legislature to determine the procedure.  You can be absolutely sure that the super-majority of Republicans in the State Legislature will devise a process favorable to their candidate, not me.  So our campaign is in a bit of limbo waiting to hear what is happening and who we are running against.  Our fundraising has dropped off since Jason's announcement, and perhaps this was part of the motivation for the early timing.  Please don't let your support for our campaign dry up.  We may have a real chance to claim this seat later this year in a Special Election, but we still need your help!  Thanks for being  super marvellous supporters of this grassroots campaign!  -- Kathie

April 19, 2017

Chaffetz bows out but I'm "on call"

We don't know all the reasons the usually virulently ambitious Chaffetz has decided not to seek public office at all in 2018.  But it doesn't change our mission to bring ethics, integrity, and common sense back to government. A brand new Congress full of vitalized people with a fresh take would go far to breaking the deadlock and obstructionism in DC.  I'm ready to serve, whether Jason completes his term or exits early. I'm ready to make Trump accountable and vote for his impeachment if he has committed "high crimes and misdemeanors."  Kansas and Georgia should tell us something: a Blue Tsumami is a happening thing!  Please surf that wave with me!  You can donate right here on CrowdPac or through our website at

April 11, 2017

We have a new website!

Our professionally designed website went live today. This is the portal through which supporters can volunteer, contribute, comment, and stay up-to-date on our campaign.  On another note, a poll today showed that Jason Chaffetz' approval rating has dropped from 73% on election day to 52% now.  This gives us an excellent opportunity to persist in our efforts to unseat him.  We appreciate everyone's support!  Here is the website:

March 26, 2017

In his own words:

Jason Chaffetz, incredibly, continues to deny Russian intervention in our election. Instead, he quotes Obama saying that a rigged election is impossible. Sadly, we have all seen that Obama was wrong. Is Chaffetz just astoundingly and willfully ignorant, or is he complicit? Thanks for your support, and please keep it coming. What better way to say Happy Birthday to our chief denialist, #jasoninthe house!

March 21, 2017

Chaffez tries to "shut down" Rosie

Thanks again to all my supporters, especially those who have given multiple donations and those who are maxed out. Sunday evening, Jason Chaffetz put a post on his Facebook Page asking people to sign a petition to "shut down" Rosie O'Donnell because she had supported me. Guess he thinks she is his opponent. Please keep the support coming. He will have big PAC money behind him since he is the chair of a committee. I am very grateful to you all!

March 16, 2017

Campaign Infrastructure Getting Started Today

Once again, I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who has supported my campaign. The enormous boost I received last week has gotten me media coverage and name recognition. Today, our central campaign committee is meeting to discuss our infrastructure. We will run an ethical and strategic campaign aimed at defeating Jason Chaffetz in 2018. Thanks again, everyone!

March 8, 2017

Why does the goal keep increasing?

The goal keeps increasing because we don't want to post what seems like an unrealistic goal. So the initial goal was $50,000. But Jason Chaffetz has $400 K left from his last campaign, and that is just his starting point! I have been told it may take 2 million or more to defeat him. Thanks for edging me ever closer to that ultimate goal!

March 8, 2017

Rachel Maddow Gives Me A Huge Boost!

Tonight on Rachel Maddow she showed my photograph and asked if anyone knew me. She then did a short segment on how secure Jason Chaffetz has been in his last 4 races. But, she said, that could be changing. Then she told the story of my unlikely rise to fame over just a 48 hour period due to a series of Tweets and other happy happenstances. Thank you Rachel!

March 8, 2017

I am official! Filed with FEC yesterday!

Hello to all of my hundreds of supporters to whom I am so grateful! Crowdpac has charged me their share of the fee for their services, and everything from now on goes to me 100%. So thanks for your continuing support. We've got this!

March 6, 2017

Twitterverse has discovered me

Thanks for all the tweets and retweets tonight! I am so grateful. You are helping so much with both financial and emotional support. I feel very fortunate!

February 26, 2017

Edging closer to being able to file with FEC

Here is my wish: That I could meet each of you who have contributed to my campaign and thank you in person. As Jason Chaffetz continues to investigate leaks and other things of no consequence, he leaves the Big Issue on the table, and we all know what and who that is. We need people in Washington who are not beholden to special interests who have courage to do what is ethical for our country. Thanks again, everyone.

February 21, 2017

Thanks for helping me raise my first $10,000

Thanks to all of you who believe in my campaign against Jason Chaffetz. I just crossed the $10,000 mark today. Offers of assistance have come from all over the country, and I am encouraged. When I get my website up and when I find a Treasurer, I will be ready to file with the FEC. It is your support that gives me the courage to move forward. I am most grateful.

February 18, 2017

Investigate Trump, not HRC

Jason Chaffetz vowed this week to continue his investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails, while at the same time, stating he was more interested in investigating the leaks coming out of the White House than what the leaks portend. He has consistently refused to investigate Donald Trump or his administration despite evidence of corruption by Flynn and others. I am working hard to launch a campaign against this man, meeting with Stephen Tryon who ran against him in November, and others who want to help. Please share my CrowdPac page and donate if you are able!

February 15, 2017

Chaffetz' refusal to investigate spurs my early contributions

I launched my page about 4 days ago, though it is continuing to be edited. With the embarassing allegations on the part of my opponent, Jason Chaffetz, that those of us who attended his Town Hall last week were "paid protestors," I feel even more strongly that I have some "strong medicine" for him coming 2018. Please continue to help me raise funds and share this CrowdPac page with your groups and your friends. It is going to take a lot of effort, time, and money to defeat him, but it is in the public interest!

February 11, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

  • Karen Brisendine endorsed

    “She has previous experience in politics, which appears to be more important than one might think. Her education combined with her experience in politics as well as medicine will make her a valuable asset in Washington.”

  • zoltan paal endorsed

  • Emilio Herrera endorsed

  • Joseph Burns endorsed

  • Brianna Westbrook endorsed

  • Isaiah Eatmon endorsed

    “i endorse them because actions towards and goal is the soultion and thats what there doing.”

  • Joseph M Hoffman endorsed

    “I support Kathryn Allen because Utah needs a Representative they can be proud of who understands the way Utahs communities work to support each other.”

  • Margie Read endorsed


    “SHE CARES!”

  • Tim Butler endorsed

    “She believes in science!”

  • Sherry E Eason endorsed

    “Because Kathryn, as a physician, compassionately understands all of us are created equal and should remain equal. The US should treat all citizens with equal respect and dignity. Access to Healthcare is a Human Right and Kathryn will fight as hard as I do to help US obtain full access to healthcare for all our citizens.”

  • Deborah Barles endorsed

    “As a physician, Dr Allen understands the importance of healthcare and the devastating consequences of taking it from those most in need. She will stand up for her constituents against tax breaks for the wealthy at the cost of people's care.”

  • Kathleen Adams endorsed

    “I support Kathryn Allen because we need to be able to say YES! when asked, "Is there a compassionate, sensible doctor in the House?”

  • Meg Gilliam endorsed

  • Jonathan Burbaum endorsed

    “DC needs more holistic thinkers like MDs, not lawyers like, well, most of 'em.”

  • Anaiz Parfait endorsed

  • Benjamin Williams endorsed

  • Jack Gauthier endorsed

  • Phyllis Upchurch endorsed

    “As a lifelong Democrat, first from Mississippi and, since 1974, residing in Utah, I have found myself in the political minority. Kathryn strongly advocates my beliefs and desires for our state and country.”

  • William Davis endorsed

    “Kathie knows that human rights include healthcare. She will put health over profit.”

  • Robert Osborne endorsed

    “I support Kathie Allen because she recognizes that it's not about the party - it's about the people, regardless of political party!”

  • vep jarrett endorsed

  • Dalin Sary endorsed

  • Michael K. Ferrante endorsed

    “I support Kathryn Allen because she is the right candidate for the job. A Democratic majority seems like the only way to avoid the cruel and callous policies of what has become a corrupt and selfish Republican rule.”

  • Rosalind Greene endorsed

    “I am in the medical profession, nursing, with over 27 years of taking care of patients. And it is critical to see more professional individuals that understand comprehensive, affordable and quality healthcare running for political offices.  Dr. Allen's medical expertise will make a substantial impact for the American people and their healthcare.  This is why I endorsed Dr. Allen.  Good luck to you!”

  • Jim Thorne endorsed

  • Toni Reynolds endorsed

  • lynd fallowfield endorsed

    “I don't live in Utah but I do support her & her message.”

  • Alix Remponeau endorsed

    “Congress is sick and needs TLC with the right diagnosis and treatment plan from a competent and honest professional. Help elect her. Regards to all and God Bless.”

  • Barbara Seiders endorsed

    “I appreciate her willingness to engage with people on twitter on important issues: addiction, vaccinations. She will be a smart, thoughtful, transparent and attentive change of pace in the position.”

  • zachary endorsed

  • Kathie Allen endorsed

    “She is all common sense and will choose people over politics when it comes to solving the hard problems of our nation.”

  • Filippo Magistro endorsed

    “It is time for a one payer when it comes to health insurance. I have lived in a country with socialized medicine for over 20 years and in this country with capitalized medicine for over 40 years. I will tell you the difference and the bad publicity we give in this country to socialized medicine. The publicized from countries with socialized medicine about cour capitalized medicine is even worse. In capitalized medicine you can lose your home, in socialized medicine you do not, I should say you will NEVER lose your home or be in the streets. Amazing, let's take people's home to pay for their medical bills and let's put them in the streets. Look at education in our capitalized country for example: We want people to educate themselves by attending colleges with high tuition and give them one choice: get a student loan. SHAME”

  • Kimberley Doyle endorsed

  • Stuart Matthews endorsed

  • Barry Lentz endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen. She believes in science. She supports fixing regulations that make it difficult for small business. She believes in finding practical solutions for the mess America finds itself in. We have plenty of demagogues and partisan idiots in Congress. We need real people willing to work to solve real problems.”

  • Tim Mottshaw endorsed

    “The people of the United States are losing representation in government because of big money supplied by those who can afford to spend biasing the rules.”

  • Dr. Michael Brunson endorsed

  • John Holt endorsed

  • Roseann Milano endorsed

  • Neil Crabtree endorsed

  • Cheryl Fuqua Krock endorsed

    “Katherine Allen is running for Jason Chavetz's seat in Congress, with a very good chance of taking it for the Democrats. She is a worthy candidate and worth sending a few bucks to her campaign if you can afford it. Every little bit helps!”

  • Cindy Prusso endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn because she is NOT a Republican. Utah needs representatives that actually care about their constituents and not their personal agenda. Just because you may be LDS does not mean you have to vote Republican. Look at her values and listen to how she cares for others. No more republicans Utah, no more!”

  • James Huning endorsed

    “As a native Californian who now lives in DC and Maine, I am very impressed with Dr. Allen's philosophy. As a retired scientist (NASA and NSF) I totally agree with her position on science and especially climate change.”

  • Niv Biswas endorsed

  • Linda Miller endorsed

  • Dr. Michael Brunson endorsed

    “I endorse and will support Dr. Kathryn Allen because she appears to truly care for people, and Chaffetz is a Trump surrogate who follows his right-wing agenda irrespective of his constituents' desires and best interests. His voting history and behavior continues to reflect the sick devisiveness of the Republicans in power, and God help us all if he continues to "represent" us in Congress. Please work hard to elect this fine candidate, Dr. Allen.”

  • Keith burke endorsed

  • Susan Rosen endorsed

  • diana w endorsed

  • Steven Gill endorsed

  • Monica Sena endorsed

  • Cedric Hulin endorsed

  • Carolyn Nickels endorsed

  • Chuck Brainerd endorsed

  • Maggie Arnold endorsed

  • Danny Borum endorsed

  • Tom Fitzsimmons endorsed

  • janis Ries endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because we need more women running and need to get rid of Jason Chaffetz at the very least.”

  • Franklin Francosky endorsed

  • Thomas Lane endorsed

  • Haley Stevens endorsed

  • Betty Van Wagenen endorsed

    “Kathryn Allen supports my values which include a concern for seniors, minorities, women, children and men. She is not beholden to corporations and wants to see fair taxation for US citizens. Millionaires and billionaires are not going to feel a dent in their wealth by paying their fair share of taxes; but middle and low-income families will see tax increases that will impact their daily lives. Kathryn is a breath of fresh air in the world of politics--a woman and doctor who understands real people.”

  • Benjamin Cheng endorsed

  • Marshall Gatten endorsed

  • Elaine Berrios endorsed

  • Lisa Green endorsed

  • Bob cruz endorsed

    “She seems so far to be in tune with utah public and willing to be objective and not just a minion of a political party. What happened to everyone liking term limits. Here's our chance-fire Jason”

  • Kathleen Stone endorsed

  • Diane Cushman Neal endorsed

    “I endorse Kathy Allen because she stands for democracy, liberty, freedoms and will do an excellent job. We need someone who can be objective and not a yes-man. Someone who stands for the American people. I am a Coloradan who believes not just in name, but have and continue to give. Thank you!”

  • CJ Evans endorsed

  • Beatriz Golden-Hayes endorsed

  • Anne Axelrod-Bedell endorsed

    “Time to end the Chaffetz run. How he's survived in Utah this long is a mystery to me. He's an ignorant, hypocritical bully, and a blatantly cowardly representative of the beautiful people of Utah and our country. Kathryn is a candidate that will represent her constituents and all Americans across our already great country. She has my full support as do all candidates who strive to protect our country from corporate corruption and ethical indignities.”

  • Paul Olsen endorsed

  • Stephne Keller endorsed

  • Dawn McVey Leithead endorsed

  • rose graham endorsed

  • Nancy Futrell endorsed

  • Suzanne Frew-Harris endorsed

    “I support Kathryn and I am an experienced phone banker and trainer who would love to support her that way. I've got a team ready to start calling!”

  • Lilianne endorsed

    “I live in Florida and I support Kathryn. We need people with common sense and real desire to work for us. Let's show Trump and Chaffets who we drain the swamp!”

  • john Mathews endorsed

  • adeyinka adebayo endorsed

    “I believe in her vision and Jason Chaffetz is a hypocrite.”

  • richard johnson endorsed

  • Salim Zymet endorsed

  • Katherine Sydnor endorsed

    “We need elected officials who put public service ahead of party power”

  • Elizabeth Craig endorsed

  • Claudia Wiggins endorsed

  • Krista Oliver endorsed

  • James Brown endorsed

    “I endorse Kathrine Allen because it makes sense!”

  • Nancy Dafoe endorsed

  • Michelle Maurer endorsed

  • michele miller endorsed

  • Connie Griffis endorsed

    “I endorse Katheryn Allen because we need representatives who vote our positions, rather than by party lines.”

  • Felicity Blundon endorsed

  • Brandi Jensen-Pena endorsed

  • Shannon Raphael endorsed

  • Jim O'Brien endorsed

    “She is a progressive non-establishment candidate who is going to win in 2018”

  • John Paskowski endorsed

  • Donna Harper endorsed

  • Peter Kirchner endorsed

  • Derby Jones endorsed

  • Alexis Frank endorsed

  • Sara Ewen endorsed

  • Jeanine Roquet endorsed

  • Grant Bagley endorsed

  • Bob Watson endorsed

    “She exhibits the kind of can do moxey we need in Congress”

  • Denise Gabbard endorsed

  • Olúwayèmisí Joseph endorsed

  • Judy Wells endorsed

  • Jean Scheidemantel endorsed

    “We need strong, smart women to make decisions that benefit all of us. I'm tired of old white men deciding what's best for all of us.”

  • Rosemarie Kozdron endorsed

  • stev endorsed

  • VIJAYA RAGHAVAN endorsed

  • Jill A Belnap endorsed

  • Persistent Monique endorsed

  • carl williams endorsed

  • E Martin endorsed

    “I support Kathryn Allen's message to Chaffetz -if you won't do your sworn duty to your constituents, then I'll offer the voters someone who will. Let's, all over the U.S., step up where we can!”

  • Tyler Michael Shaw endorsed

  • Maggie Soboleski endorsed


  • Melissa Nicolaysen endorsed

  • phyl cail endorsed

  • Amelia Hughes endorsed

  • Catherine D Lukas endorsed

  • Rob Thomas endorsed

  • paul norman endorsed

    “Ms Allen is our best chance of getting rid of Chaffetz”

  • Katherine Winn endorsed

  • Susan rockel endorsed

  • Monica Garcia Yamasaki endorsed

  • dan sabo endorsed

  • vivian potter endorsed

  • Steven Mazliach endorsed

  • Chad Morishita endorsed

  • Barry Morgenstern endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because, among many other things, she's not Jason Chaffetz. She is a care giver, not an enemy of her own constituents, as Chaffetz is.”

  • Richard Moniz endorsed

    “She has a solid progressive philosophy and seems like a person with great caring and leadership experience.”

  • megan endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because she is an intelligent women who uses science and logic to make informed decisions and she will work on behalf of her constituents and listen to their needs”

  • Julie Maldonado endorsed

  • Carol Graffius endorsed

    “Kathryn Allen has a very impressive lifetime background. Read her story and you will know why I say this.”

  • Dayva Holody endorsed

  • Robert Weissman endorsed

  • Torivio Nicholas Hernandez endorsed

  • Fran Gayron diCicco endorsed

  • Wendy Banner endorsed

  • Patricia Slice endorsed

    “Chaffetz is too big for his britches and doesn't really care about the US.”

  • Ryan Murphy endorsed

  • Michael Ravera endorsed

  • Jerome Langer endorsed

  • cindy white endorsed

  • Emily DeVoto endorsed

    “Jason Chaffetz has had so many chances to stand up to Trump and stop the carnage, and he's proven to be a coward. I am thrilled to be able to endorse and empower Kathryn Allen to challenge him.”

  • Marye Rowley Wanlass endorsed

    “She's smart, caring and capable. She has a handle on the real issues facing our country.”

  • Samantha Gene endorsed

  • Susannah St. Clair endorsed

  • Stephanie Shonie endorsed

  • sylvia dambrosio endorsed

  • Keith Strombotne endorsed

  • Alley Mb endorsed

  • Richard C Sprague endorsed

  • Elizabeth Seacord endorsed

    “Coming from a bluer than blue district, I am excited to have this opportunity to support a candidate who can stand up to someone imbued with the politics of Donald Trump. I'll be looking for more of them here on Crowdpac, and am grateful to having learned of both its existence and that of the campaign of Kathryn Allen from watching the always fabulous Rachel Maddow!”

  • Mary Vercellino endorsed

    “She understands health care and the positive impact the ACA has had on patients.”

  • Troy J Roskens endorsed

  • Ulrike Barta endorsed

    “Kathryn Allen stands up to challenge a full of himself, condescending, reality removed, flip-flopping, not to his constituency listening yet blaming them white male ultra conservative with no willingness to speak truth to power. We do not have time for hypocrite, lying men anymore. REPEAL and REPLACE that guy. Her positions are contemporary, embracing, civil, inclusive and meaningful. She supports equal rights, does not deny climate change and cares to represent her constituents not to rule without listening and accuse over compromise.”

  • Mary Ellen Battesti-Schwab endorsed

    “Because as a senior in this Mess world of Trump and his "Good Ole Boys" It scares the Bejesus out of me that no one will be there to speak for Me !”

  • Alexis Borrero endorsed

  • Shanna endorsed

  • Colleen Johnson endorsed

    “We need more smart women like Dr. Allen in congress. Jason Chaffetz is a corrupt coward and a disaster of a representative. He has caused enough problems and wasted enough of our taxpayers dollars. His priorities are very messed up. Kathryn Allen will help to restore sanity to Congress!”

  • wendy endorsed

  • Ric Watts endorsed

  • Lorraine Benedict endorsed

  • George E.(Ed) Patience endorsed

  • Veronique Markewitz endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because she reflects my values!”

  • Danette Borg endorsed

  • Suzanne Tharpe endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because she stands for America's values and values healthcare, the environment, education, and will stand up for her constituents.”

  • Patricia Dalton endorsed

    “We need to take back our country. Get rid of Chaffetz.”

  • Doug Flanagan endorsed

  • Ernest Holliday endorsed

  • Tom Dollemore endorsed

  • STEPHANIE J. WHITIS endorsed

  • Justin E Poland endorsed

  • Nina Skorus-Neely, BS Engineering, MBA Statistics endorsed

    “Because I strongly believe in the principles on which she is running "providing every American with health care, combating climate change, advocating for public education and promoting science".”

  • Michele Caputo Knowles endorsed

  • Robb Walker endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen cuz health care costs $25,000, my phone cost $20. Chaffitz is OUT OF TOUCH WITH UT!!”

  • Catherine endorsed

  • Shaylee Cullimore endorsed

  • robin nash endorsed

  • Paul Ishikawa, Jr. endorsed

  • Elizabeth A Brennan endorsed

  • suzanne kumar endorsed

  • romy aranguiz endorsed

  • MIKE HORGAN endorsed

  • Alex Acevedo endorsed

    “We need sensible people in Washington who will put the needs of everyday people first.”

  • Warren Metcalf endorsed

  • Judith Evans-Gallagher endorsed

    “Because Jason chaffetz is a dangerous man Kathryn will represent all the people”

  • Tom Fuller endorsed

    “A small donation from 2 unemployed seniors, one disabled, in NH. Here's hoping that soon we won't have to hear sphincter-face Chaffetz spewing his horrible venom.”

  • Collette Powers Barbee endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because as a family doctor she will understand the healthcare better than Chaffetz. Also we need more women running this country...”

  • Alicia endorsed

    “So happy to see a compassionate physician step up to the plate! Best of luck! From Florida”

  • Dannean Altman endorsed

  • Maria Bilyeu endorsed

  • Katherine Sullivan endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because I believe, through the work in which she is already involved, she has respect for the common man. Chaffetz has shown nothing but disdain for people, from those he represents all the way up through the members of congress with whom he works. It's time we got someone in this office who can show common courtesy and caring for the people of Utah and the USA. Ms. Allen is plugged in to the crisis of health care, and knows that people need to depend on their health plan from day to day; Chaffetz takes a good plan for granted, because he, as a member of congress, has the best health care plan on the planet. Time for Chaffetz to go.”

  • Rose Graham endorsed

    “Chaffetz has got to go! He is not for the people. We need affordable women's health care. Who better than a women Dr.”

  • Laura #Resistance✌ endorsed

    “Kathryn will remove @jasoninthehouse removed from office so he can go play with his iPhone all day long. #TheResistance”

  • Philip Baker endorsed

  • Karen Unger endorsed

  • linda olsen endorsed

  • Barbara Bolitho endorsed

    “Jason Chaffetz enables and supports the gutting of our democracy by Putin's half-wit puppet. We must unseat him and depose the puppet. To represent us in Congress, we need people like Kathryn Allen who are intelligent, compassionate, and competent, who comport themselves with integrity, and who honor both expertise (science!) and public service. (Thanks to Rachel Maddow for alerting us to her campaign.)”

  • Laurie Prather endorsed

    “Cancer patients deserve the choice of not dying because they bought a phone”

  • Jamal Abdulkadir endorsed

  • Michele Doyle endorsed

    “Here is the person that is going to unseat Jason Chaffetz! Let's get her elected and take our country back! At least check her out and see if you like her.”

  • Pamela Brown endorsed

    “I endorse Dr. Allen because she cares about all Americans having access to affordable healthcare. The country is in crisis, and we need good leaders to restore decency to our democracy”

  • Uriel Acuna endorsed

    “She sounds like a great replacement to Chaffetz.”

  • BMF endorsed

    “She's knows the complexities of health care. She will be trusted to inform us ethically.”

  • David Stein endorsed

  • jose hernandez endorsed

  • Peggy Kirkendall endorsed

  • robin mcalpine endorsed

  • Hayley Monroe endorsed

  • Brandon Albert endorsed

    “I endorse her because she has a very good chance of replacing the gutless Jason Chaffets. He has no moral compass and needs to investigate, do his job. Jason, don't forget to look your 16 year old daughter in the eye and tell her you enforced DJT even though he sexually assaults women and walks in while teen models dress. Tell your daughter that was the beginning of the end of your free federal ride you call a job. Kathryn Allen will wipe the floor with you.”

  • Narda Fargotstein endorsed

    “Congress needs a caring doctor!”

  • Dorie Lawson endorsed

  • JDP endorsed

    “I trust her I don't trust the arrogant city slicker who puts too much grease in his hair”

  • Tio Wally endorsed

  • Julie Salmon endorsed

  • Spencer endorsed

  • Wendy Kretchmer endorsed

  • Alma Puckett endorsed

    “She is a remarkably qualified and bright woman and would stand up for the people not special interests and arrogant politicians who are lying to the American people.”

  • Kennon Jacobs endorsed

  • Dianne Jackson endorsed

    “The Democratic party needs new blood and she cares about all people poor and rich. She will listen to the people.”

  • Sara Davis endorsed

  • Anna McKenzie endorsed

  • Lindsey Lampe endorsed

  • Jean Rexach endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because democrats must regain control of the House of Representatives in order to stop the abuses against the poor & middle class by the Trump Administration & both houses of Congress”

  • bonnie lo re endorsed

    “Because she listens to the people”

  • Hedlund Nancy endorsed

  • Jennie Tony Ortiz endorsed

  • Jill Harrison endorsed

  • Mormon endorsed

    “We endorse Kathryn because we will choose people over our party, we will choose our country over our party, that is what God would do.”

  • Jeff Stern endorsed

    “She is a new voice for Democrats in Utah! #resistandpersist”

  • Susan endorsed

  • eileen rossi endorsed

    “She understands the need for healthcare, costs and flaws.”

  • darcy silverman endorsed

  • Susan Gutierrez endorsed

  • Lana Gruendell endorsed

  • gwen sperling endorsed

  • Melissa Yocom endorsed

    “Former Utah resident, always glad to support smart over stupid.”

  • Mark Bergeron-Alvarado endorsed

  • Chuck Carlisle endorsed

  • Jennifer Schmitz endorsed

    “We need to stand up for all American People and we need more woman in our government so our voices will be heard!”

  • Michael Del Rossi endorsed

    “We need to stand up for those that need help.”

  • Eddene Roberts endorsed

    “Utah deserves someone like you to lead them. I'm a Texan who supports you.”

  • Hugh Hoglan endorsed

    “Rachel Maddow program brought my attention to the possibilites”

  • paul wicha endorsed

    “This country needs more caring and compassionate politicians. It also needs more women politicians. Kathryn's stated philosophy and policies are what America is truly about. That is patriotism.”

  • Donald Trump endorsed

    “Kathryn Allen is is smart enough to understand the complex Health Care Bills!”

  • Sandy St. Germaine endorsed

  • cheryl jackson endorsed

  • Laura S Fraenza endorsed

    “It's time to end the reign of Chaffetz and put an intelligent caring Doctor, and a woman in his seat!”

  • P Wynn endorsed

    “She is a Real person, tired of the DC Crew (Chaffetz) not listening to the People that put him in office and she took action! It's time to Fix Congress!”

  • Lisa Smithhart Guyll endorsed

  • Sylvia Welsh endorsed

  • Terri Hudler-Hull endorsed

    “I commend you for stepping up and running on your convictions. You have Rachel Maddow to thank for my attention.”

  • Ruben Alvarado endorsed

    “We need Kathryn Allen in Washington D C. RESIST.”

  • Wisdom A Laysan Albatross endorsed

  • deborah fraser endorsed

  • victor balest endorsed

  • Beth Bishop endorsed

  • Tracy Markle endorsed

  • Shana Segat endorsed

  • Erick endorsed

  • Deb Hindley endorsed

  • Theodor Schwartz endorsed

  • Roy Steele endorsed

  • David gonzales endorsed

    “It's time to take back our country”

  • Stephen Brooks endorsed

  • Jeremy Moberg-Sarver endorsed

  • Catherine Grace Dent endorsed

  • William J McFarlane endorsed

  • Georgy Morgenstern endorsed

  • carol dresser endorsed

  • Jeremy Moberg-Sarver endorsed

  • Wendy Apperson endorsed

  • Connie Moore endorsed

  • Michael Kuner endorsed

  • Jeff Peatross endorsed

  • Shiona MacKay endorsed

    “Thank you for wanting to challenge Chaffetz. He is so out of touch. Among other things, Bears Ears is important to me to protect and keep as a National Monument. I have researched the processes and outcomes of the PLI and found it to be very lacking. The Tribal Coalition, after trying to work with Bishop and Chaffetz for three years, was wise to go over their heads!”

  • janice tanaka endorsed

  • teresa drobatz endorsed

  • Toni T endorsed

  • Joey Hauschildt endorsed

  • Marguerite Cole endorsed

  • Karen Hinchley endorsed

  • ana cobo endorsed

    “She is the best, the other ones stink.”

  • Pamela Floyd endorsed

  • Stephanie Yura endorsed

  • Andrew Radin endorsed

  • Teresa Morley endorsed

    “She is persistent and UTAH needs CHANGE!!! Throw Jason Chavitz OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Deena Baker endorsed

  • Debra K Nicholson endorsed

    “I believe its time we elect people for the people”

  • Rachel Welsch endorsed

  • jason endorsed

  • Jill Hileman endorsed

  • Camille Sleight Price endorsed

  • Celeste Dehoff endorsed

  • jessica dargin endorsed

  • Samantha Tollinchi endorsed

  • Patrick Zwick endorsed

    “Kathie knows things and will do things. We need good Democrats to run against the dangerous, ignorant fools that have taken over the Republican party. l”

  • Cheryl Barber endorsed

  • Artha Enman endorsed

    “Democrats must regain control of Congress!!!!!!”

  • mitra endorsed

  • Michael Cope endorsed

  • Gerry Panzica endorsed

  • Debbie Hilker endorsed

  • Alla Estrakh endorsed

  • Gail Reich endorsed

  • Tom Paleologopoulos endorsed

  • Lucia Brawley endorsed

  • Annie Southworth endorsed

    “No more Tryump chronies who refuse to do their jobs, hired by Americans. No to Jason Chaffetz.”

  • Kelly endorsed

  • Damian Sherman endorsed

  • Bruce Miller endorsed

  • Rebecca Thomas endorsed

  • Greg Belcher endorsed

    “I endorse Allen because she is a great learner and will serve Utah and not big business or corrupt special interests in D.C.!”

  • STEVE Hurst endorsed

  • Melody Tsao endorsed

  • Lesley Schwab endorsed

  • Pangie Pantz endorsed

  • McVay Bennett endorsed

  • Paul French endorsed

    “It's time to have more than just a single party representation for Utah back in congress.”

  • Austin Biesele endorsed

  • Barbara Huhtala Houghton endorsed

  • Shannon McManamay endorsed

  • Shannon Zorn endorsed

  • Kym Hunsaker endorsed

  • Michael F Ozaki MD endorsed

    “UT-3 Deserves a Representative that listens to the constituents and honors their oath to protect the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.”

  • beth cook endorsed

  • Scott Keenan endorsed

    “First, I must admit that I will support ANY opponent to Chaffetz because he is a traitor disguised as a politician, and complicit in Republican attempts to destroy our democracy. HOWEVER - Kathryn Allen is an exceptional candidate and very obviously a thoughtful, patriotic and morally grounded person, and I will enthusiastically support her candidacy. The people of Utah's 3rd will be well served and represented - much more so than they are now. Utah 3rd- don't allow yourselves to be fooled. You are currently "represented" by a man who is an enabler of criminals and anti-democratic, unpatriotic, power hungry individuals who are trying to rob the american people of the power our constitution bestows on us, and to restructure government to rob wealth from millions to enrich the already wealthy. He is a traitor to our democracy. My parents and grandparents - YOUR parents and grandparents DID NOT FIGHT, STRUGGLE AND DIE to preserve our nation's existence only for creeps like Chaffetz and his conspirators to take down our REPRESENTATIVE and ACCOUNTABLE government. THIS is our generation's fight to protect the nation we love. Unfortunately this is not hyperbole. Our battlefield (mercifully) will be on the campaign trail in our communities, unlike our parents and grandparents who spilled blood to make sure that peace and justice could be preserved around the world. It is a worthy battle we will fight, and thanks to our predecessors, we will only have to sacrifice our time and effort, with ballots as our ammunition, to remove the domestic enemies who have waged war on YOU by stripping your rights, flaunting the law and violating the most minimal standards of ethics. Kathryn Allen will do the right thing - she will represent you - she will defend the constitution from ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. One of these current domestic enemies is your current representative. Hold him to task. Ensure your rights are protected and your freedom genuinely preserved. ELECT KATHRYN ALLEN TO REPRESENT YOU!!! Good luck Kathryn.”

  • Brian Salisbury endorsed

  • Patricia Ritchie endorsed

  • Karen Oliver endorsed