Why you should support Kathryn Allen

As a family physician, I have spent my 30 year professional career caring for my patients and 26 years in a nurturing relationship with my husband and 3 step-children. Now it is time to care for our country. I believe that the democratic protections we have taken for granted are under threat. The very nature of honesty and integrity has been under assault. Truth is flat-lining and needs CPR. There is an objective reality out there, and, as a woman of science, I intend to protect that reality. My current representative in Congress, Jason Chaffetz, has been deaf to the concerns of his constituents and has claimed that they are “paid protestors.”

More medically trained people are needed in government. We can critically examine symptoms, synthesize them, and render an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Congress is ailing and we have a prescription.

My Background:

I received a B.A. in psychology from the University of Redlands, CA in 1975. Immediately after college, my first employment was as a Congressional Aide to Honorable Shirley N. Pettis, of the 37th Congressional District of California, my native state. I worked in this capacity for about 3 years, and learned a great deal about how the federal government functions and fails to function. I then worked in a County Housing program for 2 years while I finished preparing for medical school. Duties of this job included going out into the desert near 29 Palms and enrolling senior citizens in a housing repair program. I visited many residences that did not have indoor plumbing; some were literally shacks.

My professional training as a physician entailed four years at Loma Linda University School of Medicine, where I graduated in the top third of my class. I then moved to Salt Lake City to pursue a 3 year residency in Family Medicine through the University of Utah, completed in 1987. I practiced in the West Valley area for most of my career, running my own business. This is predominantly a blue-collar area of Utah and one of the more racially diverse cities in the state. I had many Asian, LatinX, and Polynesian patients.

I have personally experienced the problems of small business owners. Toward the end of my tenure in private practice, it became difficult to make ends meet and to keep abreast of onerous regulations. I sold my privately owned practice to a large corporation with the intention of continuing to work for them for 5 years. I only lasted 3. The moral dilemma of choosing whether to do what I thought was right for my patients kept bumping up against the organization's desires that I make decisions that would enhance their bottom line. I am much happier in my current employment working in a private clinic run for the employees and staff of the Utah Transit Authority.

Past Leadership:

For about 25 years, I have been active in organized medicine. I am a past president of the Salt Lake County Medical Society. In the Utah Medical Association, I held many positions of leadership, including Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice-Speaker of the House of Delegates. I was usually in a small minority of moderating voices. The underdog role is one with which I have intense familiarity. The UMA Women's Section awarded me the Deborah Robinson Memorial Award for my activism.

My Philosophy:

I have been a democrat for most of my life. My husband and I, along with a group of friends, visited Scandinavia last year. One thing that struck us in these social democracies was how seriously their citizens pledge to look after one another's welfare. In America, we state that we are created equal and have certain unalienable rights—life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There are parts of the world which take this commitment to heart. I believe that people are not only created, but continue to actually be equal throughout their lives. I am dismayed by our elected leaders’ unrealistic promises to people whose livelihoods are threatened by technological changes in our world. The funds earmarked for the California coal port were originally intended to stimulate the economies of rural areas of Utah. Once again, the greed of a few individuals overcame what could have been a real effort to bring clean industries to our rural areas and re-employ our rural citizens.

Personal Life:

I have been married for 26 years to Craig Fineshriber, retired Utah Symphony Principal Percussionist. Craig devoted 40 years of his life to high art. I have three grown step-children and two grandchildren. Step-parenting is a skill that requires both kindness and firmness.

My interests are varied. I direct a Balkan Women’s Choir called “Darena” which presents the music of the Balkan countries. We performed during the 2002 Winter Games here in Salt Lake City. I am also on the leadership team of the Mountain Jubilee Chorus, a chapter of Sweet Adelines International (lady’s barbershop) and play several musical instruments, including the accordion. I am quite fluent in French and have enjoyed international travel. Reading has always been important to me and has helped me develop empathy living vicariously through the people who populate novels, memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies. I am a master gardener and maintain my garden with assistance mostly from the bees and the butterflies. I enjoy fitness and sports.

My Principles:

*Health care is indeed a right and most developed societies acknowledge this right. I have seen what happens when people do not have health insurance, and we cannot go back.  A mature society takes care of its needy, its sick, and its hungry and homeless. I am strongly against the privatizing of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. The ACA provides insurance to many in the 3rd Congressional District and must be maintained until a superior option is agreed upon.  

*Marginalized citizens, including Muslims, African Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos and others have been threatened for years, but this threat has been made more real by the Trump Administration. I am strongly against any effort to deport residents who have been law-abiding and productive members of our society.  People who have resided in America for years and have born and raised children here should be afforded legal protection, as was suggested in the Dreamer Act.  People of all faiths and belief systems are protected by our Constitution. They should live in freedom without threat to body or soul.

*The tribal peoples of Utah are its first citizens. Their voice has been muted by gerrymandering and prejudice. Tribes near the Bear Ears Monument area have to drive 100 miles to cast their vote. This cannot and will not be tolerated. The Tribal Coalition desiring the Bears Ears Designation put aside intertribal animosities to come together in order to protect their sacred lands. The least we can do is follow suit and come together to insure, on their behalves, that these lands remain pure.

*The LGBTQIA+ community is a vital part of life in Utah. Marriage equality strengthens families. Discrimination against any group of individuals is un-American. We should all have the agency to live our lives to the fullest and enjoy the blessings of liberty. Losing our LGBTQ youth to suicide highlights the need for support programs and education to stop this appalling trend. Recently the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that employment protections for the  LGBTQIA+ community are covered by the Civil Rights Act. I support the Equality Act on the Federal level which would remove all doubt about it being illegal to discriminate against the LGBTQIA+ community in housing or employment.  Our country has more work to do to insure that LGBTQ folks have equal protections under the law. On a personal level, losing one of my gay friends to AIDS on a bleak Christmas morning is one of the most painful experiences of my life. This experience and others has engendered in me a desire to stand up for the civil rights of the LGBTQIA+ community and to call upon others to do the same.

*Jobs feed both the table and the soul. As jobs have been displaced by technology and outsourcing, it is essential that we embrace new technologies and training programs and move forward to produce jobs for the 21st Century. Small businesses need access to an affordable work force, but individuals need to support their families; these two forces must always be counterbalanced. I favor an increase in the minimum wage. Technological change has an inexorable forward progression and is rarely reversible. We will not be returning to vacuum tube TVs, rotary dial telephones, or surgery with ether as an anesthetic. When discussing ways to stimulate our economy, these facts must be acknowledged, and our focus should be on cutting edge and future technologies, not dying ones.

*The government interferes with certain industries by issuing unnecessary regulations. If these fail to justify their existence in the protection of the environment or some other common good, they are not necessary and they hamper innovation and morale.

*I oppose any attempt to transfer Utah's public lands to private or state control. National parks and monuments fulfill a unique niche wherein human beings can appreciate that they, too, are natural beings in a complex ecosystem. Like most Utahns, I was pleased by the designation of the Bears Ears National Monument, which is within the 3rd Congressional District. This monument, like all of our public lands, must be maintained and protected for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.  

*Facts are part of verifiable reality. Ignore them at your peril. Lies are attempts to manipulate the vulnerable. Repeating them ad nauseam does not turn them into truth. The penetration of false news and propaganda into our society has weakened it. Everyone has a responsibility to stop turning to unreliable sources for our news, and to discipline ourselves to not spread inaccuracies.

* Climate change is real and we, as stewards of our planet, need to recognize it and combat it aggressively. Putrid air has dire health consequences for human beings and for Planet Earth. We must protect the purity of our planet for our children and our grandchildren.

*Tax cuts for the wealthy are unnecessary. The gap between those most and least fortunate keeps widening. Millionaires do not need tax loop holes. Trickle down economics does not work and what really trickles down is increased income disparity. Fiscal responsibility in spending is indeed important, and this is one of my more moderate views.

*The needs of public education are acute. A democracy cannot be nourished without an informed public. Critical thinking skills should be taught from an early age. Children should be exposed to music and other arts. Studies show that exposure to music enhances intellectual development. Public education should teach people how to communicate in cogent and respectful ways, even when communicating with those with whom they do not agree. We need to listen to those with expertise about the education process, and adhere to methods with proven success in the classroom. Diverting money from public schools weakens them. We can’t afford that. Although the recruitment and retention of qualified teachers is more of a Utah State issue, any federal resources available to alleviate the shortage of qualified teachers should be accessed.

*The principles of embracing diversity and inclusion are ideals of the Democratic party, and they are mine as well. I firmly believe that humanity is part of a tapestry that links us with all other life forms on the planet. Often in our day-to-day lives, we may not appreciate this interconnection and interdependence, but it is there nonetheless. Humans caring for one another is not a platitude; it is a necessity. Empathy and respect should guide our interactions, even with those with whom we disagree.

*I believe in equal pay for equal work. The powers in our world today are out of balance due to many factors, one of which is that the feminine archetype is largely missing. Government needs women who can build consensus, foster tolerance, and show compassion. We can nurture ideas and bring them to fruition just as we nurture our families. Our collective wisdom needs to be outed. Studies show that a critical mass of 3 women in a group of 10 can alter the "group-think," allowing breakthroughs that lead to creative solutions. The Equal Rights Amendment is a confirmation of the value of women to our society, and its long-overdue approval is the patriotic choice.

*The scientific method, while not perfect, is the best model we have for ascertaining whether a theory is correct, whether physical laws of our universe are valid, whether a medication is safe and effective, and whether vaccines cause autism. My campaign will be run on scientifically verified data. Vaccines do not cause autism and climate change is real.

*I wholeheartedly support the arts. They feed and nourish us, especially at times when we are collectively stressed. They lift us out of ourselves and propel our culture to examine itself. The idea that the NEA and public radio could be defunded is appalling to me.

*Substance abuse and addiction problems are draining our world of potential. We need effective programs to prevent and rehabilitate those who have been afflicted by this scourge. It tears families apart and causes unbelievable pain. I know this firsthand, as I come from a family with many addiction problems.

*We need immediate reform of campaign funding. One should not be able to buy a public office. Corporate America is overly influencing our elections. I would like to see public financing of campaigns without reliance on large Super Pacs and other huge donations from corporations. I do not want to be on the floor of Congress and forced to vote against my conscience because of some donation I received from the corporate world. Citizens United should be re-visited by the Supreme Court.

*Veterans deserve timely medical care in state-of-the-art facilities. They deserve primary care doctors and specialists customized for treating loss of limb, PTSD, and other needs. Most of all, they deserve our thanks.

*Gerrymandering is akin to a botched surgery. Our legislative districts should not be resected into pieces specifically designed to disenfranchise a political party, a minority, or the non-religious. A democracy cannot function without checks and balances, as our founding fathers made abundantly clear. A one party system with no opposing voice creates a ripe environment for tyrrany and loss of constitutional protections that every American cheriches. I am working actively on this issue with others.

*Coalitions of citizens are important for effecting change. It is my hope to bring together moderate democrats, moderate republicans, liberals, and concerned citizens of all stripes to fight against an administration which has threatened freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press. If an administration is corrupt, it needs to be exposed and expelled. Our electoral process must be safeguarded and remain pure and free from interference. The emoluments clause is a part of our Constitution and it was put there for a reason. Public officials should not benefit financially from their positions of power.

*Extreme partisanship is destroying the sanctity of civil discourse and debate. We need new men and women in Congress who can reach across the aisle and forge alliances for the betterment of our nation. These new leaders will serve as role models to begin the process of bridging the animosity that divides democrats from repulicans, conservatives from liberals. Stonewalling is destructive and unpatriotic. Forward progress is what America has always been about. It is in our national DNA. We reject our own heritage when we put partisanship above loyalty to our core values.

*Pets are family members for many of us. They should not be abused or mass produced in "puppy mills."

*Acknowledging that complex problems do not have simple solutions is an initial step toward solving those problems. We need realists who can acknowledge the gravity of a situation while simultaneously thinking creatively and inventively about possible solutions. Let's talk values; values are the root of the humanity tree just as issues are its top growth.

*Patience and persistence are what produces change. It may not come as quickly as we wish, but citizens must engage for the long-run and celebrate small victories as they come. We face daunting obstacles and it will take stamina to make positive change happen. We need to set minor differences aside for the greater good, and unite in a common cause to protect our rights and freedoms.

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  • Sharon Thomas Parrott endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because she works for all people. She believes in healthcare for all and equal treatment for all including indigenous Americans.”

  • Landon Kinard endorsed

    “It's about time we get as person that has devoted her life to helping others. She knows the need for healthcare, planned Parenthood, women's rights and all other rights. I'm with her.”

  • Sarah Dziura endorsed

    “I support Kathryn Allen because we need more scientists and science-minded people in congress in an age when many legislators don't seem to pay any attention to basic facts.”

Mar 8 2017

I am official! Filed with FEC yesterday!

Hello to all of my hundreds of supporters to whom I am so grateful! Crowdpac has charged me their share of the fee for their services, and everything from now on goes to me 100%. So thanks for your continuing support. We've got this!

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

  • Andrew Chang endorsed

  • Molly Banta endorsed

  • Nicholas Kitchel endorsed

  • Sharon Thomas Parrott endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because she works for all people. She believes in healthcare for all and equal treatment for all including indigenous Americans.”

  • Jonathan Williams endorsed


  • Landon Kinard endorsed

    “It's about time we get as person that has devoted her life to helping others. She knows the need for healthcare, planned Parenthood, women's rights and all other rights. I'm with her.”

  • Debbie Bosley Thurman endorsed

  • Brett Allred endorsed

  • Charlotte endorsed

  • Chris Sherbak endorsed

  • Sarah Dziura endorsed

    “I support Kathryn Allen because we need more scientists and science-minded people in congress in an age when many legislators don't seem to pay any attention to basic facts.”

  • Brian Schoot endorsed

  • Asa&Ariela endorsed

    “She will be relieving Jason Chaffetz from his torment, embarrassment and confusion about being a Republican in a Trump presidency. Go "Republicans for Allen"!”

  • Lisa Nelson endorsed

  • Ronda Callister endorsed

    “You go girl! You have already accomplished a major victory with Jason Chaffetz' resignation!”

  • Debra P Connors endorsed

    “I support Dr. Kathie Allen because she represents my values and the worthiness of all people.”

  • robert hugie endorsed

    “Now that Jason is no longer running for his seat why doesn't Kathryn do what Jason was afraid to do ...hold town meetings around the district. I'm sure there are many activist groups who would jump at the chance to help organize such events.”

  • Steven Littlewood endorsed

    “Kathryn Allen is a truly progressive politician who will on healing the broken political and social system in our nation! As a physician I endorse her - and I hope her support of a single payer healthcare system will be successful!”

  • David Cummins endorsed

    “I stand with all progressive candidates against regressive GOP. #StormTheCapitol and #FlipItBlue”

  • Daniella Ballou-Aares endorsed

  • I am kooft endorsed

  • Lynnette Madden endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because we need to take our country back. We need to drain this cesspool of a presidency and administration.”

  • Janice endorsed

  • Alla Estrakh endorsed

  • Kirsten Johanna Allen endorsed

  • Jacqueline Smay endorsed

  • elizabeth leverett endorsed

  • Stuart Johnsen endorsed

  • Sue Thompson endorsed

  • James Huning endorsed

    “As a native Californian who now lives in DC and Maine, I am very impressed with Dr. Allen's philosophy. As a retired scientist (NASA and NSF) I totally agree with her position on science and especially climate change.”

  • Niv Biswas endorsed

  • Linda Miller endorsed

  • Dr. Michael Brunson endorsed

    “I endorse and will support Dr. Kathryn Allen because she appears to truly care for people, and Chaffetz is a Trump surrogate who follows his right-wing agenda irrespective of his constituents' desires and best interests. His voting history and behavior continues to reflect the sick devisiveness of the Republicans in power, and God help us all if he continues to "represent" us in Congress. Please work hard to elect this fine candidate, Dr. Allen.”

  • Keith burke endorsed

  • Susan Rosen endorsed

  • diana w endorsed

  • Steven Gill endorsed

  • Monica Sena endorsed

  • Cedric Hulin endorsed

  • Carolyn Nickels endorsed

  • Chuck Brainerd endorsed

  • Maggie Arnold endorsed

  • Danny Borum endorsed

  • Tom Fitzsimmons endorsed

  • janis Ries endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because we need more women running and need to get rid of Jason Chaffetz at the very least.”

  • Franklin Francosky endorsed

  • Thomas Lane endorsed

  • Haley Stevens endorsed

  • Betty Van Wagenen endorsed

    “Kathryn Allen supports my values which include a concern for seniors, minorities, women, children and men. She is not beholden to corporations and wants to see fair taxation for US citizens. Millionaires and billionaires are not going to feel a dent in their wealth by paying their fair share of taxes; but middle and low-income families will see tax increases that will impact their daily lives. Kathryn is a breath of fresh air in the world of politics--a woman and doctor who understands real people.”

  • Benjamin Cheng endorsed

  • Marshall Gatten endorsed

  • Elaine Berrios endorsed

  • Lisa Green endorsed

  • Bob cruz endorsed

    “She seems so far to be in tune with utah public and willing to be objective and not just a minion of a political party. What happened to everyone liking term limits. Here's our chance-fire Jason”

  • Kathleen Stone endorsed

  • Diane Cushman Neal endorsed

    “I endorse Kathy Allen because she stands for democracy, liberty, freedoms and will do an excellent job. We need someone who can be objective and not a yes-man. Someone who stands for the American people. I am a Coloradan who believes not just in name, but have and continue to give. Thank you!”

  • CJ Evans endorsed

  • Beatriz Golden-Hayes endorsed

  • Anne Axelrod-Bedell endorsed

    “Time to end the Chaffetz run. How he's survived in Utah this long is a mystery to me. He's an ignorant, hypocritical bully, and a blatantly cowardly representative of the beautiful people of Utah and our country. Kathryn is a candidate that will represent her constituents and all Americans across our already great country. She has my full support as do all candidates who strive to protect our country from corporate corruption and ethical indignities.”

  • Paul Olsen endorsed

  • Stephne Keller endorsed

  • Dawn McVey Leithead endorsed

  • rose graham endorsed

  • Nancy Futrell endorsed

  • Suzanne Frew-Harris endorsed

    “I support Kathryn and I am an experienced phone banker and trainer who would love to support her that way. I've got a team ready to start calling!”

  • Lilianne endorsed

    “I live in Florida and I support Kathryn. We need people with common sense and real desire to work for us. Let's show Trump and Chaffets who we drain the swamp!”

  • john Mathews endorsed

  • adeyinka adebayo endorsed

    “I believe in her vision and Jason Chaffetz is a hypocrite.”

  • richard johnson endorsed

  • Salim Zymet endorsed

  • Katherine Sydnor endorsed

    “We need elected officials who put public service ahead of party power”

  • Elizabeth Craig endorsed

  • Claudia Wiggins endorsed

  • Krista Oliver endorsed

  • James Brown endorsed

    “I endorse Kathrine Allen because it makes sense!”

  • Nancy Dafoe endorsed

  • Michelle Maurer endorsed

  • michele miller endorsed

  • Connie Griffis endorsed

    “I endorse Katheryn Allen because we need representatives who vote our positions, rather than by party lines.”

  • Felicity Blundon endorsed

  • Brandi Jensen-Pena endorsed

  • Shannon Raphael endorsed

  • Jim O'Brien endorsed

    “She is a progressive non-establishment candidate who is going to win in 2018”

  • John Paskowski endorsed

  • Donna Harper endorsed

  • Peter Kirchner endorsed

  • Derby Jones endorsed

  • Alexis Frank endorsed

  • Sara Ewen endorsed

  • Jeanine Roquet endorsed

  • Grant Bagley endorsed

  • Bob Watson endorsed

    “She exhibits the kind of can do moxey we need in Congress”

  • Denise Gabbard endorsed

  • Olúwayèmisí Joseph endorsed

  • Judy Wells endorsed

  • Jean Scheidemantel endorsed

    “We need strong, smart women to make decisions that benefit all of us. I'm tired of old white men deciding what's best for all of us.”

  • Rosemarie Kozdron endorsed

  • stev endorsed

  • VIJAYA RAGHAVAN endorsed

  • Jill A Belnap endorsed

  • Persistent Monique endorsed

  • carl williams endorsed

  • E Martin endorsed

    “I support Kathryn Allen's message to Chaffetz -if you won't do your sworn duty to your constituents, then I'll offer the voters someone who will. Let's, all over the U.S., step up where we can!”

  • Tyler Michael Shaw endorsed

  • Maggie Soboleski endorsed


  • Melissa Nicolaysen endorsed

  • phyl cail endorsed

  • Amelia Hughes endorsed

  • Catherine D Lukas endorsed

  • Rob Thomas endorsed

  • paul norman endorsed

    “Ms Allen is our best chance of getting rid of Chaffetz”

  • Katherine Winn endorsed

  • Susan rockel endorsed

  • Monica Garcia Yamasaki endorsed

  • dan sabo endorsed

  • vivian potter endorsed

  • Steven Mazliach endorsed

  • Chad Morishita endorsed

  • Barry Morgenstern endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because, among many other things, she's not Jason Chaffetz. She is a care giver, not an enemy of her own constituents, as Chaffetz is.”

  • Richard Moniz endorsed

    “She has a solid progressive philosophy and seems like a person with great caring and leadership experience.”

  • megan endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because she is an intelligent women who uses science and logic to make informed decisions and she will work on behalf of her constituents and listen to their needs”

  • Julie Maldonado endorsed

  • Carol Graffius endorsed

    “Kathryn Allen has a very impressive lifetime background. Read her story and you will know why I say this.”

  • Dayva Holody endorsed

  • Robert Weissman endorsed

  • Torivio Nicholas Hernandez endorsed

  • Fran Gayron diCicco endorsed

  • Wendy Banner endorsed

  • Patricia Slice endorsed

    “Chaffetz is too big for his britches and doesn't really care about the US.”

  • Ryan Murphy endorsed

  • Michael Ravera endorsed

  • Jerome Langer endorsed

  • cindy white endorsed

  • Emily DeVoto endorsed

    “Jason Chaffetz has had so many chances to stand up to Trump and stop the carnage, and he's proven to be a coward. I am thrilled to be able to endorse and empower Kathryn Allen to challenge him.”

  • Marye Rowley Wanlass endorsed

    “She's smart, caring and capable. She has a handle on the real issues facing our country.”

  • Samantha Gene endorsed

  • Susannah St. Clair endorsed

  • Stephanie Shonie endorsed

  • sylvia dambrosio endorsed

  • Keith Strombotne endorsed

  • Alley Mb endorsed

  • Richard C Sprague endorsed

  • Elizabeth Seacord endorsed

    “Coming from a bluer than blue district, I am excited to have this opportunity to support a candidate who can stand up to someone imbued with the politics of Donald Trump. I'll be looking for more of them here on Crowdpac, and am grateful to having learned of both its existence and that of the campaign of Kathryn Allen from watching the always fabulous Rachel Maddow!”

  • Mary Vercellino endorsed

    “She understands health care and the positive impact the ACA has had on patients.”

  • Troy J Roskens endorsed

  • Ulrike Barta endorsed

    “Kathryn Allen stands up to challenge a full of himself, condescending, reality removed, flip-flopping, not to his constituency listening yet blaming them white male ultra conservative with no willingness to speak truth to power. We do not have time for hypocrite, lying men anymore. REPEAL and REPLACE that guy. Her positions are contemporary, embracing, civil, inclusive and meaningful. She supports equal rights, does not deny climate change and cares to represent her constituents not to rule without listening and accuse over compromise.”

  • Mary Ellen Battesti-Schwab endorsed

    “Because as a senior in this Mess world of Trump and his "Good Ole Boys" It scares the Bejesus out of me that no one will be there to speak for Me !”

  • Alexis Borrero endorsed

  • Shanna endorsed

  • Colleen Johnson endorsed

    “We need more smart women like Dr. Allen in congress. Jason Chaffetz is a corrupt coward and a disaster of a representative. He has caused enough problems and wasted enough of our taxpayers dollars. His priorities are very messed up. Kathryn Allen will help to restore sanity to Congress!”

  • wendy endorsed

  • Ric Watts endorsed

  • Lorraine Benedict endorsed

  • George E.(Ed) Patience endorsed

  • Veronique Markewitz endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because she reflects my values!”

  • Danette Borg endorsed

  • Suzanne Tharpe endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because she stands for America's values and values healthcare, the environment, education, and will stand up for her constituents.”

  • Patricia Dalton endorsed

    “We need to take back our country. Get rid of Chaffetz.”

  • Doug Flanagan endorsed

  • Ernest Holliday endorsed

  • Tom Dollemore endorsed

  • STEPHANIE J. WHITIS endorsed

  • Justin E Poland endorsed

  • Nina Skorus-Neely, BS Engineering, MBA Statistics endorsed

    “Because I strongly believe in the principles on which she is running "providing every American with health care, combating climate change, advocating for public education and promoting science".”

  • Michele Caputo Knowles endorsed

  • Robb Walker endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen cuz health care costs $25,000, my phone cost $20. Chaffitz is OUT OF TOUCH WITH UT!!”

  • Catherine endorsed

  • Shaylee Cullimore endorsed

  • robin nash endorsed

  • Paul Ishikawa, Jr. endorsed

  • Elizabeth A Brennan endorsed

  • suzanne kumar endorsed

  • romy aranguiz endorsed

  • MIKE HORGAN endorsed

  • Alex Acevedo endorsed

    “We need sensible people in Washington who will put the needs of everyday people first.”

  • Warren Metcalf endorsed

  • Judith Evans-Gallagher endorsed

    “Because Jason chaffetz is a dangerous man Kathryn will represent all the people”

  • Tom Fuller endorsed

    “A small donation from 2 unemployed seniors, one disabled, in NH. Here's hoping that soon we won't have to hear sphincter-face Chaffetz spewing his horrible venom.”

  • Collette Powers Barbee endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because as a family doctor she will understand the healthcare better than Chaffetz. Also we need more women running this country...”

  • Alicia endorsed

    “So happy to see a compassionate physician step up to the plate! Best of luck! From Florida”

  • Dannean Altman endorsed

  • Maria Bilyeu endorsed

  • Katherine Sullivan endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because I believe, through the work in which she is already involved, she has respect for the common man. Chaffetz has shown nothing but disdain for people, from those he represents all the way up through the members of congress with whom he works. It's time we got someone in this office who can show common courtesy and caring for the people of Utah and the USA. Ms. Allen is plugged in to the crisis of health care, and knows that people need to depend on their health plan from day to day; Chaffetz takes a good plan for granted, because he, as a member of congress, has the best health care plan on the planet. Time for Chaffetz to go.”

  • Rose Graham endorsed

    “Chaffetz has got to go! He is not for the people. We need affordable women's health care. Who better than a women Dr.”

  • Laura #Resistance✌ endorsed

    “Kathryn will remove @jasoninthehouse removed from office so he can go play with his iPhone all day long. #TheResistance”

  • Philip Baker endorsed

  • Karen Unger endorsed

  • linda olsen endorsed

  • Barbara Bolitho endorsed

    “Jason Chaffetz enables and supports the gutting of our democracy by Putin's half-wit puppet. We must unseat him and depose the puppet. To represent us in Congress, we need people like Kathryn Allen who are intelligent, compassionate, and competent, who comport themselves with integrity, and who honor both expertise (science!) and public service. (Thanks to Rachel Maddow for alerting us to her campaign.)”

  • Laurie Prather endorsed

    “Cancer patients deserve the choice of not dying because they bought a phone”

  • Jamal Abdulkadir endorsed

  • Michele Doyle endorsed

    “Here is the person that is going to unseat Jason Chaffetz! Let's get her elected and take our country back! At least check her out and see if you like her.”

  • Pamela Brown endorsed

    “I endorse Dr. Allen because she cares about all Americans having access to affordable healthcare. The country is in crisis, and we need good leaders to restore decency to our democracy”

  • Uriel Acuna endorsed

    “She sounds like a great replacement to Chaffetz.”

  • BMF endorsed

    “She's knows the complexities of health care. She will be trusted to inform us ethically.”

  • David Stein endorsed

  • jose hernandez endorsed

  • Peggy Kirkendall endorsed

  • robin mcalpine endorsed

  • Hayley Monroe endorsed

  • Brandon Albert endorsed

    “I endorse her because she has a very good chance of replacing the gutless Jason Chaffets. He has no moral compass and needs to investigate, do his job. Jason, don't forget to look your 16 year old daughter in the eye and tell her you enforced DJT even though he sexually assaults women and walks in while teen models dress. Tell your daughter that was the beginning of the end of your free federal ride you call a job. Kathryn Allen will wipe the floor with you.”

  • Narda Fargotstein endorsed

    “Congress needs a caring doctor!”

  • Dorie Lawson endorsed

  • JDP endorsed

    “I trust her I don't trust the arrogant city slicker who puts too much grease in his hair”

  • Tio Wally endorsed

  • Julie Salmon endorsed

  • Spencer endorsed

  • Wendy Kretchmer endorsed

  • Alma Puckett endorsed

    “She is a remarkably qualified and bright woman and would stand up for the people not special interests and arrogant politicians who are lying to the American people.”

  • Kennon Jacobs endorsed

  • Dianne Jackson endorsed

    “The Democratic party needs new blood and she cares about all people poor and rich. She will listen to the people.”

  • Sara Davis endorsed

  • Anna McKenzie endorsed

  • Lindsey Lampe endorsed

  • Jean Rexach endorsed

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because democrats must regain control of the House of Representatives in order to stop the abuses against the poor & middle class by the Trump Administration & both houses of Congress”

  • bonnie lo re endorsed

    “Because she listens to the people”

  • Hedlund Nancy endorsed

  • Jennie Tony Ortiz endorsed

  • Jill Harrison endorsed

  • Mormon endorsed

    “We endorse Kathryn because we will choose people over our party, we will choose our country over our party, that is what God would do.”

  • Jeff Stern endorsed

    “She is a new voice for Democrats in Utah! #resistandpersist”

  • Susan endorsed

  • eileen rossi endorsed

    “She understands the need for healthcare, costs and flaws.”

  • darcy silverman endorsed

  • Susan Gutierrez endorsed

  • Lana Gruendell endorsed

  • gwen sperling endorsed

  • Melissa Yocom endorsed

    “Former Utah resident, always glad to support smart over stupid.”

  • Mark Bergeron-Alvarado endorsed

  • Chuck Carlisle endorsed

  • Jennifer Schmitz endorsed

    “We need to stand up for all American People and we need more woman in our government so our voices will be heard!”

  • Michael Del Rossi endorsed

    “We need to stand up for those that need help.”

  • Eddene Roberts endorsed

    “Utah deserves someone like you to lead them. I'm a Texan who supports you.”

  • Hugh Hoglan endorsed

    “Rachel Maddow program brought my attention to the possibilites”

  • paul wicha endorsed

    “This country needs more caring and compassionate politicians. It also needs more women politicians. Kathryn's stated philosophy and policies are what America is truly about. That is patriotism.”

  • Donald Trump endorsed

    “Kathryn Allen is is smart enough to understand the complex Health Care Bills!”

  • Sandy St. Germaine endorsed

  • cheryl jackson endorsed

  • Laura S Fraenza endorsed

    “It's time to end the reign of Chaffetz and put an intelligent caring Doctor, and a woman in his seat!”

  • P Wynn endorsed

    “She is a Real person, tired of the DC Crew (Chaffetz) not listening to the People that put him in office and she took action! It's time to Fix Congress!”

  • Lisa Smithhart Guyll endorsed

  • Sylvia Welsh endorsed

  • Terri Hudler-Hull endorsed

    “I commend you for stepping up and running on your convictions. You have Rachel Maddow to thank for my attention.”

  • Ruben Alvarado endorsed

    “We need Kathryn Allen in Washington D C. RESIST.”

  • Wisdom A Laysan Albatross endorsed

  • deborah fraser endorsed

  • victor balest endorsed

  • Beth Bishop endorsed

  • Tracy Markle endorsed

  • Shana Segat endorsed

  • Erick endorsed

  • Deb Hindley endorsed

  • Theodor Schwartz endorsed

  • Roy Steele endorsed

  • David gonzales endorsed

    “It's time to take back our country”

  • Stephen Brooks endorsed

  • Jeremy Moberg-Sarver endorsed

  • Catherine Grace Dent endorsed

  • William J McFarlane endorsed

  • Georgy Morgenstern endorsed

  • carol dresser endorsed

  • Jeremy Moberg-Sarver endorsed

  • Wendy Apperson endorsed

  • Connie Moore endorsed

  • Michael Kuner endorsed

  • Jeff Peatross endorsed

  • Shiona MacKay endorsed

    “Thank you for wanting to challenge Chaffetz. He is so out of touch. Among other things, Bears Ears is important to me to protect and keep as a National Monument. I have researched the processes and outcomes of the PLI and found it to be very lacking. The Tribal Coalition, after trying to work with Bishop and Chaffetz for three years, was wise to go over their heads!”

  • janice tanaka endorsed

  • teresa drobatz endorsed

  • Toni T endorsed

  • Joey Hauschildt endorsed

  • Marguerite Cole endorsed

  • Karen Hinchley endorsed

  • ana cobo endorsed

    “She is the best, the other ones stink.”

  • Pamela Floyd endorsed

  • Stephanie Yura endorsed

  • Andrew Radin endorsed

  • Teresa Morley endorsed

    “She is persistent and UTAH needs CHANGE!!! Throw Jason Chavitz OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Deena Baker endorsed

  • Debra K Nicholson endorsed

    “I believe its time we elect people for the people”

  • Rachel Welsch endorsed

  • jason endorsed

  • Jill Hileman endorsed

  • Camille Sleight Price endorsed

  • Celeste Dehoff endorsed

  • jessica dargin endorsed

  • Samantha Tollinchi endorsed

  • Patrick Zwick endorsed

    “Kathie knows things and will do things. We need good Democrats to run against the dangerous, ignorant fools that have taken over the Republican party. l”

  • Cheryl Barber endorsed

  • Artha Enman endorsed

    “Democrats must regain control of Congress!!!!!!”

  • mitra endorsed

  • Michael Cope endorsed

  • Gerry Panzica endorsed

  • Debbie Hilker endorsed

  • Alla Estrakh endorsed

  • Gail Reich endorsed

  • Tom Paleologopoulos endorsed

  • Lucia Brawley endorsed

  • Annie Southworth endorsed

    “No more Tryump chronies who refuse to do their jobs, hired by Americans. No to Jason Chaffetz.”

  • Kelly endorsed

  • Damian Sherman endorsed

  • Bruce Miller endorsed

  • Rebecca Thomas endorsed

  • Greg Belcher endorsed

    “I endorse Allen because she is a great learner and will serve Utah and not big business or corrupt special interests in D.C.!”

  • STEVE Hurst endorsed

  • Melody Tsao endorsed

  • Lesley Schwab endorsed

  • Pangie Pantz endorsed

  • McVay Bennett endorsed

  • Paul French endorsed

    “It's time to have more than just a single party representation for Utah back in congress.”

  • Austin Biesele endorsed

  • Barbara Huhtala Houghton endorsed

  • Shannon McManamay endorsed

  • Shannon Zorn endorsed

  • Kym Hunsaker endorsed

  • Michael F Ozaki MD endorsed

    “UT-3 Deserves a Representative that listens to the constituents and honors their oath to protect the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.”

  • beth cook endorsed

  • Scott Keenan endorsed

    “First, I must admit that I will support ANY opponent to Chaffetz because he is a traitor disguised as a politician, and complicit in Republican attempts to destroy our democracy. HOWEVER - Kathryn Allen is an exceptional candidate and very obviously a thoughtful, patriotic and morally grounded person, and I will enthusiastically support her candidacy. The people of Utah's 3rd will be well served and represented - much more so than they are now. Utah 3rd- don't allow yourselves to be fooled. You are currently "represented" by a man who is an enabler of criminals and anti-democratic, unpatriotic, power hungry individuals who are trying to rob the american people of the power our constitution bestows on us, and to restructure government to rob wealth from millions to enrich the already wealthy. He is a traitor to our democracy. My parents and grandparents - YOUR parents and grandparents DID NOT FIGHT, STRUGGLE AND DIE to preserve our nation's existence only for creeps like Chaffetz and his conspirators to take down our REPRESENTATIVE and ACCOUNTABLE government. THIS is our generation's fight to protect the nation we love. Unfortunately this is not hyperbole. Our battlefield (mercifully) will be on the campaign trail in our communities, unlike our parents and grandparents who spilled blood to make sure that peace and justice could be preserved around the world. It is a worthy battle we will fight, and thanks to our predecessors, we will only have to sacrifice our time and effort, with ballots as our ammunition, to remove the domestic enemies who have waged war on YOU by stripping your rights, flaunting the law and violating the most minimal standards of ethics. Kathryn Allen will do the right thing - she will represent you - she will defend the constitution from ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. One of these current domestic enemies is your current representative. Hold him to task. Ensure your rights are protected and your freedom genuinely preserved. ELECT KATHRYN ALLEN TO REPRESENT YOU!!! Good luck Kathryn.”

  • Brian Salisbury endorsed

  • Patricia Ritchie endorsed

  • Karen Oliver endorsed