A dedicated father, husband, local educator, pastor and community leader Demetrius Beachum is uniquely positioned to help bring about REAL change in Marlin. With a campaign declaration of "This is Our Time", Beachum believes that this is our time for REAL CHANGE, time for UNITY, and time for SOLIDARITY. You've seen his commitment to Marlin over the years. Someone who doesn't just talk but walks the walk. More recently with the opening of the NEW Nations Skating Rink. Taking an abandoned building and creating a flagship for Marlin that brings families together from all over Falls county.

After years of obvious instability in leadership, city maintenance neglect and the recent tragedy with the November 2015 water outrage Beachum wants to focus on the community's support of our EDUCATION system, REVITALIZATION of Marlin, and confidence in supplying the citizens of Marlin QUALITY WATER. His belief is that we ALL play a role in resolving the issues that have plagued Marlin over the last decade. His role is to be a STRONG voice for you within the local City Council and statewide.

Beachum Supports:

  • Creating an atmosphere of transparency
  • Building confidence within our local government
  • Strengthening our support of the Public Schools
  • Revitalizing Marlin to attract businesses and create jobs
  • Mobilizing efforts to reinforce accountability surrounding the City of Marlin's water supply

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Other Ways you can support:

  • Sign up to volunteer - Our volunteers are crucial to the success of this campaign. We will need volunteers to knock on doors, coordinate community events, make phone calls and hand out print materials. (You can help from anywhere in the US. From making telephone calls, to posting support via social media you can be a part of a historic election)
  • Like our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/beachumformayor
  • Be a recruiter! Work your personal circle of friends and family. Get others to donate and volunteer. This is how we will win this campaign --- through the voice of Marlin citizens wanting CHANGE.

Thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to your vote on May 6th.

Beachum for Mayor Campaign Committee
521 Williams Street
Marlin, Texas 76661

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  • endorsed

    “The steps of a good man are ordered by God!! Rev Beachum is a great man and will be an excellent Mayor for the city of Marlin.”

April 14, 2017

Early Voting Begins April 24th - May 2nd

Go vote!!!!! #ThisisOurTime #VoteBeachumForMayor

April 14, 2017

Family Fun Festival & Campaign Rally

Join us Saturday, April 22nd 6pm - 8pm for FREE food, skating and fun at NEW Nations Skating Rink - 521 Williams Street.

April 14, 2017

Marlin Pride Town Hall

Marlin Pride Hosted Mayoral Town Hall on April 6th.  Visit my Facebook Page for LIVE Stream video @BeachumForMayor

February 28, 2017

Town Hall March 2nd @ 6pm

Come and be heard this Thursday March 2nd at 6pm in Marlin. NEW Nations Rec Center 521 Williams.

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!