As a father of three I look after my family. As a Sheriff I protect my community. When elected to the US Senate in Massachusetts I will continue to do what comes naturally for me, and look after the people who voted for me. The restraints that once kept our democracy safe from run away capitalism, has eroded over time. Our government works like a business, rather than a social service that tends to the needs of the people.

Our government wages wars at the cost of a trillion dollars a year to protect the interests of big oil and the big banks, rather than spend that money on advancing society as a whole. Our climate is changing rapidly as polluters, frackers and big business overlook the problems to see profit margins sky rocket. As summer fast approaches droughts are certain and water bans will be put in effect, but no lasting steps will be taken.

Until we the people of Massachusetts and our country, resist the rigged two party election system. Demand that the peoples rights to free speech, a healthy planet and a future for our children is put before corporate profit.

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    “because we need honest people like Joshua Ford, not two faced politicians like liz war hen.”

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    “I want a real progressive change to the senate”

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    “Because it so desperately needs rescesitated before it's too late”

June 24, 2017

$27 dollars scares the 1%

The 1% know that money buys power and influence. They witnessed us pooling our $27 dollars to stand against them and they are coming for it. It might be harder than ever but please donate so we can take back our nation from our corrupt 2 party system. Thank you.

February 23, 2017

Thank you

Raising money for a campaign isn't easy because times are hard on so many people. I am incredibly grateful for the donations I have received adding up to $200. Thank you all so much and just know I will never stop fighting to bring back freedom and democracy to the American people.

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!