We need more innovative and change craving leaders running our offices. We must have leaders who truly make an effort to connect with their constituents and represent their voices. We have let too many uncaring, unreliable office holders destroy our system. We must not forget that those in office work for the people, not corporations, PACs, or other poisonous organizations that influence with money and favors.

With my drive, commitment, and experience as a first generation American, first college graduate of my family, U.S Army combat veteran, Teach for America teacher, Americorps VISTA, and other public services positions I've held to prepare me, I will:

  • Truly represent the voices of my district AND I will act on them while keeping the fundamentals of our country in mind.
  • Bring back the purpose of government.
  • Make sure that every issue brought before me is addressed either immediately or through a plan of action.
  • Take every opportunity I get to meet with the people of my district whether it's small business owners, activists, veterans, community leaders, students, police, firefighters, retirees, LGBTQ, immigrants, all races, or any ethnicity.
  • Fight for you not only at the Capitol but also by your side in the community to resolve the issues.

These are some issues I will be working on with the help of the community, organization, and fellow office holders at all levels:

Veterans- Increase mental health care, eliminate veteran homelessness, close gap between veterans and community, opportunities to transition into civilian job.

Environment- Protect the everglades, green spaces, no fracking, reduce plastic waste, hold corporations accountable for environmental damage, no pipelines, state-wide initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions.

Education- Invest on public education (primary, secondary, college), free college, increase teacher pay, require life preparation courses (personal finance, health, sex ed, elections, computer literacy, spirituality), less testing, more art, educational equality.

Small Business- Micro-grants, made in U.S.A, encourage innovation, start-up support.

Women's Rights- Eliminate pay gap, more support for domestic violence victims, support Planned Parenthood, paid parental leave, pro-choice.

LGBTQ+ - Transgender bathroom access, bias-free schools and workplaces, homelessness prevention.

Gun Control- Protect 2nd amendment right, better accountability on firearms and sales, required mental health screening, additional training for first-time users/carriers.

Economy- Stop unnecessary government spending, invest in organizations and government programs that have high return on investment, support local, financial literacy, sustainability, growth.

Taxes- Close tax loopholes, simplify taxation system, make better use for taxes or reduce it.

Infrastructure- More parks, better roads, environmentally friendly structures, improve public buildings, innovate public transportation.

Immigration- Encourage sanctuary cities, eliminate immigrant discrimination, assist with citizenship path, help transition into work force and education.

Unemployment- Increase jobs, eliminate ageism, non-profit network to provide training and job opportunities, stop outsourcing of jobs.

Police- Hold police accountable for wrongful shootings, assist with body cams initiative, community policing, reduce militarization of departments.

Crime- Remove mandatory minimums, legalize recreational marijuana, remove death penalty, removal of private prisons, shift to rehabilitation.

Electoral Reform- Campaign reform, term limits, voting rights for felons and others.

Housing- Prevent unlawful housing practice that raises housing costs, affordable housing, revive housing market.

Healthcare- Assist with reforming Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) to reduce premiums and cover more people, eliminate healthcare provider loopholes (including PIP), opportunities for free health assistance to financially challenged.

Together, we will stand and fight for what is right, what is true, and what will make our society progress.

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