I’m Amanda Champion and I look forward to serving District 12 in Tompkins County Legislature.

I have been putting down roots in Tompkins County for 17 years and am deeply tied and committed to this community. I have lived in District 12 for 14 years, a few years at EcoVillage at Ithaca, and now in the small eco-footprint home my husband and I built on West Hill. I am a writer for freelance magazines, as well as literary journals, and a senior editor at Literary Mama. I am a proud mother of an 11-year-old son and 19-year-old stepdaughter. My husband, Robert, operates a small business as a contractor, focusing on building energy-efficient, affordable, green homes.

For me, the 2016 election was a turning point; I felt called to step up. My response was to organize the Women’s March in Ithaca in January, a peaceful event which drew about 10,000 people and provided inspiration and hope for so many. After that, I needed to do even more, and came to see that by participating in County Legislature, a place where defining decisions are made, I could affect positive change in the community I love.

Since January I have been attending Legislative meetings, talking with current Legislators, and studying the issues in preparation for this campaign, and for serving. I will be a leader for District 12 who is thoughtful in words and actions, committed to listening and learning, and invested in our community.
The first and foremost issue I am concerned with is women’s rights and equality, and the struggle for affordable childcare. As a mother involved in the local community for years, I know the wide variety of challenges mothers face. The number of Pre-K programs has decreased, prices for daycare are high and still rising, and many other programs have waitlists. Single mothers struggle to work full time to earn enough to support a household, with much of their income going toward childcare. On the other side of the coin, stay-at-home mothers with partners supporting them are often penalized in salary or promotion options when they go back to work outside the home. It is my goal to help Tompkins County broaden its support of women and mothers. We have strong organizations in our county like Family and Children Services of Ithaca and the Child Development Council, and they need greater support.
Another issue I feel we urgently need to address is that of climate change. As a former Park Ranger and long-distance backpacker, I am dedicated to protecting the natural world for our children. One major way we can address this is by creating a sustainable energy system. We are doing much already, but as the County’s Energy Roadmap shows, there is more to be done. Tompkins County residents are in debate over wind and solar installations, as well as the Cayuga Power plant. It is essential that we move toward a fossil-free future and make choices that will preserve our planet for future generations.

Check out my campaign website at amandachampion.com and my Facebook page Amanda Champion for Tompkins County District 12

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    “Amanda and I differ on some beliefs, both political and religious. But what we both share deeply is love triumphs all. This is one woman I truly believe could and will make a real difference for making this a better world for all. Voting for her is like voting for the air we breathe; we need it!”

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