My campaign is a campaign for hope. A hope that will revitalize the younger generation and make them want to change their home for the better. My run for public office will let other millennials know that they have the power to make the changes they want and need for their city. I hope that my run will also inspire those of the younger generation and those who are older to fight for what is right; to know that their voice matters and they should aspire to be greater than the status quo.

Our current elected officials have been in office for so many years and there hasn't been much elevation for my district or the rest of the city. These elected officials are not progressive enough to handle the change of time and the needs of the people. They have shown that the aren't fully able to listen (attentively) to the incumbents and make decision to help the city and the state as a whole.

I am the woman that will help mend this city by listening to the problems of our people and coming up with solutions with our people. I WILL remind the communities that elected officials are meant to serve the people, not themselves.

I believe in order to correct issues in the city, we must correct the foundation of the home. When children have a positive role model at home or at school that will make those children want to do more and be more. I will establish a plan to truly bring back after school programs for student, creating/establishing more mentoring programs in inner city schools, and creating/establishing more therapeutic programs within schools. I can say from personal experience that dealing with depression through my high school days was easier when I had a therapist to talk to because she was that outer influence that understood on a different level not just parental.

I will fight to establish a plan to bring the money that is suppose to be for the Education Fund back to the school system. Currently money that is given by Maryland Lottery and Casinos (6 total) for the Education Fund has been diverted to other "projects" by elected officials (who even voted to lower the percentage given to the Education Fund). It's not right that people we elected to fight for us sided against us for selfish reasons. I am fighting for the right to have a well rounded education, since politicians currently won't.

We must tackle our current prison system and the desire to build new jails. First and foremost building new jails will not solve the issue of crime. Current established jails must have programs inside of the institution that will give inmates the tools they need to be intergrated in today's society. There must be established training programs within the jail (job training, ged programs, finishing/attaining high school diplomas etc.), something that would have those incarcerated refocus their energy to something positive/constructive. When elected officials are happy about adding new jails, that adds distrust between constituents and politicians. We need to banish that distrust, and that's why I am running to gain the faith of the people to be a true representative. In Baltimore City plans are being drawn up to spend almost $100 million dollars on a youth jail. I can imagine that money being spent on education, possibly even repair older jails that are falling apart.

Many will say "Your not an experienced politician." or "You're too young to understand politics", and all I can say is that I am a citizen of Baltimore City, I have attended public school where we were at a disadvantage (something that I was reminded of everyday), and I have experienced the rising costs of living. I am a woman that has to fight for my city, a woman that wants to have sleepless nights making sure the right decisions are made for the city.

Thank you!

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    “We meed more progressive Millennials like Angel Mack-Boyd in politics, and we need more attention and support toward local elected offices.”

March 31, 2017

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March 13, 2017

Recent Travels

I went on an excavation to New York City where I observed some of their tactics to keep their city clean.

Anyone living in Baltimore City knows it's common to see trash on the streets, sidewalks and sewer drains. We all know that the Inner Harbor (although a tourist spot), smells horrible, the water is dirty and wild life is dying/dead. Keeping our streets clean in turn will help with the process of cleaning the bay (and of course bring more tourists which is income for the city).

Walking through New York City, I noticed solar powered trash reciprocals, and the multitude of street cleaners. And I must say I didn't see one rodent in Times Square. Manhattan is the tourist spot for New York (one of the main tourist spots). If Baltimore City adopts New York's practices for the whole city that could increase jobs and decrease garbage and rodents.

I will introduce this as a bill in office or out of office. This is a great city unfortunately it's just covered in garbage.

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    “We meed more progressive Millennials like Angel Mack-Boyd in politics, and we need more attention and support toward local elected offices.”