I want to continue the good work my current congresswoman has done, but it's time to take on new issues and fight harder. As an independent, I'm loyal to the people, not a party. So both sides need to work on creating bills that work more for the greater good of the people in order to get my support, and the support of other independents.

No more using party advantage numbers to push agendas.

I've set a goal of $10,440 which is the required filing fee to run for congress. Once the goal is reached, I'll be able to officially declare my candidacy and take the next step. Anything raised, over the goal, will go to tackle other campaign expenses.

It's time for a new set of eyes, and a fresh set of legs.

I'm not a life long politician. I am a citizen like the rest of us. I'm also not looking to be a lifelong politician. I want to get elected, do the best I can while in office, then pass the torch to the next hungry for positive advancement candidate. With no term limits set, I'm setting my own term limit for myself.

No political position should be a lifelong position.

As someone not affiliated with a party, I'm able to propose bills that are in the best interest for the most people possible. Both workers and business owners. And not just propose bills that appeal to just one party or the other.

I believe legislation proposed purely based on party affiliation, makes it a target for the next batch of elected officials.

So hopefully I can reach across both sides of the aisle and get bills passed that will stand the test of time.

You're not likely to agree with every single position I have, but, I hope you'll agree with enough of them to follow me and support me. Let's find the common ground.

I feel the people deserve better in politics, and I want to be part of that change.

The incumbent has done many good things for the parts of community, and I'd love to see her spend her time completely focused on the causes that have been nearest and dearest to her heart. Working directly in those areas. I'd do what I can to make sure the support remains when I'm in office, but I'd also like spread the focus on other parts of the district too. I'd also like to work with her where I can. This is not a campaign of negativity.

She is also very popular in this district, and as such she's going to be difficult to replace. So I'm going to need all the help I can get. I think we can do this.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!