Support Nathan Arroyave Progressive Democratic challenger for the 16th Congressional district and help turn the tides in Congress and elect a new voice in Washington, a voice for the people by the people. 

  • An economy and tax system that supports the working class of America, NOT putting the burden of taxes on us.
  • Education funding on all levels, especially on higher education. Not just college, but trade schools and technical schools, so our students don't graduate with over $30,000 in debt and will be better prepared for the workforce.
  • Better funding for social programs that benefit those who need it the most, such as those individuals with physical and mental limitations.
  • Ending the corporations control of our politics and overturning Citizens United.
  • Safe guarding our health care and Social Security systems
  • Ending our disastrous "War on Drugs" that targeted our minority communities.
  • Allowing Marriage equality for all!
  • Religious equality for all!
  • Equality for all women with the freedom to choose their own health path, and equal pay and representation.
  • Open the doors for those who wish to make America their land of opportunity and safely allow immigration and refugees to continue to make This Country great.

And Much Much More!

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  • David J Soll endorsed

    “We need youth, energy, and solid progressive values moving forward. Establishment style politics are at an end! The time is now for a long lasting progressive wave. And Nathan can be a leader throughout.”

June 7, 2017

My letter to local elected officials to combat climate change

Dear Elected Official, 

It is no longer viewed as a myth but as a fact, climate change is real. Increasing levels of CO2 in our atmosphere caused by human activity is agreed on by 97% of scientist as the main reason for increasing global temperature. 

It’s not only a matter of protecting our environment but also a matter of national security. Leading military personnel throughout the world have agreed that one of the largest threats to our society is climate change. When fields flood and when drought becomes more severe the world food supply will become sparse. This will lead to political unrest across the globe.

The United States was a key player in drafting the Paris Climate Agreement which had lofty but achievable goals to curb carbon emissions and help combat climate change. President Trump’s announcement that we would be leaving the Paris Agreement says to the world that it is not our problem to fix. However, as the largest contributor of CO2 into the atmosphere per capita, it is most definitely our problem and we should be involved in the resolution. 

All over our nation, elected officials have joined together and have pledged to continue with The Paris Agreement to curb our carbon emissions.

 My question is, have you? 

Will you make the pledge, as many of your elected colleagues have, to save our earth and combat climate change? Do this not only for us but for our future, for our children and grandchildren. When they look back, will they see you on the right side of history in protecting our only planet? 

It is time to join the pledge now, because 97% of scientists agree. It is no longer a partisan issues but a nonpartisan issue; it is a human issue.

As an elected official it is your duty to serve and protect your constituents. I encourage you to join the pledge and help curb our carbon footprint, help combat climate change, help save our environment. 

Join the pledge today at

Nathan A. Arroyave 

IL-16 Congressional Candidate

April 11, 2017

Nathan Arroyave Launches Campaign for 16th Congressional District.

Rockford resident Nathan Arroyave would like to officially announce his candidacy to be the Democratic nominee for the 16th Congressional District of Illinois for the midterm election in 2018.  An official campaign kickoff will be held on Wednesday April 26th, 6:30 pm at Greenfire restaurant in Rockford. (This is a ticketed event and those taxes can be found at  Arroyave is a graduate of Guilford High School and has worked as a financial advisor in the Rockford area since 2013.  He is an avid photographer and an active member in the local art community.  He co-founded Gallery 610 located in Rockford, Illinois and has worked for the Greenwich Village Art Festival. “The recent proposal by the current administration to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities is disheartening. Funding cuts jeopardize educational opportunities and negatively affect future generations. The preservation of the arts and its context in history provides essential wisdom which ultimately strengthens our democracy”, said Arroyave. 
The campaign will be based on a grassroots effort focused on addressing the needs of the working class and poor. Arroyave is an advocate of many issues to include, but not limited to:
Building safer communities: opportunity is the key to success
Raising the minimum wage to a living wage: an economy that works for the many, not just the few
Affordable educational opportunities: regardless of one’s economic background or status
A single payer healthcare system: quality healthcare as a right to all U.S. citizens
Protect Social Security and Medicare: ensuring a retirement with dignity.
“I have had the privilege to travel around the world.  If the United States intends to continue as the Shining City Upon the Hill for future generations, this nation needs progressive solutions.  I would be honored to serve the citizens of this district with a progressive agenda based on Racial, Economic, and Environmental justice.”
To learn more about Nathan Arroyave’s progressive agenda and his grassroots campaign, please visit  Be a part of a campaign powered the people and join us in the revival of our democracy. 

March 15, 2017

Campaign created!

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  • David J Soll endorsed

    “We need youth, energy, and solid progressive values moving forward. Establishment style politics are at an end! The time is now for a long lasting progressive wave. And Nathan can be a leader throughout.”

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