About the candidate:

I have been very involved in politics on the Local and State level for many years now. I first got involved with the Bibb County Democratic Party Executive Committee just prior to the 2008 National Election. I was soon elected to the Democratic Party of Georgia State Committee from Bibb and currently continue to serve on the State Committee. I continued to serve the State Party in 2014 by being elected to be the 8th Congressional District Chair, which includes service on the Democratic Party of Georgia Executive Committee. In 2016, I was selected to represent my Congressional District at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia as a delegate for Hillary Clinton. Fred has also volunteered and worked on multiple campaigns including David Cooke for Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney (2014), James Beverly for State Representative (2014), Michelle Nunn for US Senate (2014), Jason Carter for Governor (2014), and Wade McCord for Bibb County Tax Commissioner (2016).

On the issues:


I know firsthand the critical nature of our struggle over healthcare. In May 2011, my wife, Rebecca, was taking my daughter to her first day of summer camp on the way to work. I was working nights as a call center supervisor, so I was asleep when I received a call from a number I did not recognize. The woman on the other end of the line identified herself as a nurse who was sitting on the side of the road with my daughter. Rebecca and our daughter had been in a major accident. I didn’t know it at that time, but this accident would change our lives in ways we still don’t fully know. It also made us intimately aware of the value of having health insurance that my employer provided, as well as nearby reliable healthcare. My daughter broke her upper arm, which needed to be set. She was released from the hospital after a few days. Rebecca, however, did not get off so easily.

Rebecca’s injuries were extensive, requiring several surgeries and making her unable to walk. She remained in the hospital for a month, and was transferred to a local rehabilitation hospital, where she stayed for another two months. During this time, she relearned how to walk, get in and out of vehicles, and other things we all take for granted. When she was released from the rehab hospital, we needed to have a hospital bed, medical supplies, and home visits from a nurse. Rebecca has not fully recovered, but she is walking, and we have health coverage and readily available medical care to thank for that.

Before this time, it never dawned on me how many aspects of healthcare we took for granted. Now, we are seeing politicians using healthcare as a football, trying to score goals against each other instead of ensuring access for all communities. Rural hospitals are continuing to suffer, and our state government has refused Medicaid expansion to make the Affordable Care Act unsustainable. Now, we have a government in Washington that has provided a “plan” to make healthcare more expensive for rural communities while increasing profits by the health insurance industry by more than $1 billion. We need someone in Washington who is looking out for our rural communities, who understands exactly what is at stake.

We must move towards Medicare for All. In the wealthiest, most powerful nation on earth, no one should die of preventable diseases. I am also prepared, if necessary, to work in a bipartisan fashion to create a public option for healthcare. If we stop putting insurance company profits over the lives and health of our citizens, we can expand care and drive down costs. This is the single greatest challenge of our generation, and it is one that we can tackle together.


For decades, major sector productivity has rising at a steady rate while wages have stagnated. Billionaires and CEOs are pocketing profit from the labor of workers instead of paying fair wages. Wall Street continues to reach record heights, while businesses on Main Street USA close their doors for good. There is a disconnect between business profits and the well-being of hard working citizens.

We need to increase the minimum wage. This will get more money in the pockets of hard working Georgians, who will then spend it on the things they need, instead of sitting in banks or investing in Wall Street stocks. 


Our roads and bridges are in a state of complete disrepair. The American Society of Civil Engineers gives us a grade of D+. How can we improve our local economies if we cannot get out goods to market? We do not have the capacity to meet even our current demands. We must plan now if we are to reap the harvest of the growth from 21st century technologies.

Also, we must tap into these 21st century technologies. It used to be that high speed and broadband internet access was a luxury, and rural communities went without it just fine. Today, though, this connectivity is crucial to economic development and creating opportunities for our families. In the 19th century, where the railroad went, towns sprung up and flourished. In the 20th century, where

highway, state roads, and eventually interstates went, it was the same story. In the 21st century, the story will be that economic opportunity runs along fiber optic cables.

Instead of wasteful spending, we need to look at every dollar in terms of its investment into our communities. Rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges must be a priority. Maybe we can take some of the materials from the President’s wasteful and ineffective Wall. Also, any infrastructure spending must include plans for public/private partnerships for increasing rural broadband internet access.


Our district is the home to two Air Force Bases, Robins in Houston County and Moody in Lowndes County. We are also near the Marine Corps Logistics Base in neighboring Dougherty County. Defense spending is deeply important to not only our nation’s security, but also to our military families and the communities they support. Our spending must be based on the needs laid out by our military commanders, and not by defense contractors. An audit of the Pentagon will make sure that we are best utilizing our resources and not losing them to waste and fraud.

We can cut waste in our military budget, shifting funding to better pay and benefits for the men and women who put their lives on the line to defend us, as well as their families. We must fund better education benefits, job training, mental health counseling and improved service at the Department of Veterans Affairs without privatization. We can do better in taking care of those who defend and protect us. I will see to it.

Also, military preparedness is crucial. The 21st century has seen the rise of terrorism and non-state actors. We face an enemy that is often arranged into cells instead of battalions. We still rely heavily on Cold War era systems. I want to work with our military commanders on funding projects that increase the agility and flexibility of our forces. We don’t want to have to put our troops in harm’s way. However, when they are needed, we must know that they are fully equipped to meet any strategic challenge.

A Statesman Can Be Proud Of:

Our President was sent to Washington without a clear mandate. The popular vote went for someone else, and voter participation was at a twenty-year low. Regardless, the President is moving full throttle with an extreme agenda that will eliminate healthcare coverage for millions, explode the budget deficit, and weaken our global position. Now is not the time to send another rubber stamp Republican to Capitol Hill. I will fight to protect our way of life in rural Georgia.

I have planned for several years to run for office, but I didn’t plan to run for Congress so soon. However, after the last election, I realized that someone needs to take a stand for us. If you have been looking for a candidate to challenge Austin Scott and Donald Trump’s White House, please give to my campaign. Thank you for your support, and together, we can make positive changes in Washington.

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    “I have a 6 month old daughter whose future I am deeply concerned about in terms of health care and the environment”

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    “Fred Swann is a thoughtful, persistent man, aware of the needs and desires of the people he will represent. He knows how to listen, and how to work through processes to accomplish their goals. Georgia needs someone who will represent the people, not just the wealthiest people.”

September 2, 2017

Update on the campaign

Everyone, I want to thank you for the faith you have shown in me so far. I know that when I started, I stated that I would not run unless I reached by fundraising goal. However, it has become clear to me that this campaign has to be about more than a traditional fight of money against money. If no challenger comes forward, then there will be no one to force Austin Scott to listen to his constituents.

I have decided that I will run regardless of how much I raise. In one week, I will activate this account and move the pledges raised so far into the campaign's account. I plan to start doing events and town halls throughout the district. I want to speak to the issues, as well as encourage more people to run for local and state level offices throughout the district.

But I need your help. Let people know about my CrowdPAC campaign. share my Facebook page to all of your Facebook friends (www.facebook.com/fredswannforcongress). Speak with friends throughout the district who may be interested in running for local office, and help me to get in touch with them. 

This campaign is about making a real difference in a part of Georgia that has all but been forgotten. Together, we can be that difference. Thank you for everything you have done and will do to be a part of that movement.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!