Haley is a candidate for Congress in Michigan's 11th District. Current Representative, Republican Dave Trott is a multi-millionaire who made his fortune on home foreclosures and has never spoken out against the Trump Administration or his hurtful campaign.

Trott recently sponsored legislation to make these types of activities easier, so people like himself could continue to profit. He declines meetings with constituents and when he finally agreed to a town hall, he held the event at 8:30am on a Saturday, closing the doors at 8am stranding many in the freezing snow, including elderly individuals. 

Here's your chance to support a Democratic challenger to Dave Trott. He is a vulnerable member of Congress and now we should rally behind Haley.  

Haley's impressive record includes the following....

  • During the Great Recession, Haley served as chief of staff on the Auto Task Force inside of the U.S. Treasury Department, the team responsible for returning the auto industry to financial stability through an $80-billion-dollar federal investment loan, which was largely repaid with interest. She was often the only woman in the room during these tough negotiations.
  • Haley played a key role in setting up two federal offices critical in creating new Michigan jobs: the Office of Recovery for Automotive Communities and Workers and the White House Office of Manufacturing Policy.
  • She began her career working in Democratic politics, first on the Michigan Democratic Party on the reelection efforts of Senator Debbie Stabenow and Governor Jennifer Granholm.
  • She is a proven problem solver and has led dozens of successful public private partnerships specifically in the advanced manufacturing fields.
  • Most recently, Haley led a national workforce development program and created the country's first training opportunity for digital manufacturing.
  • Haley has formed partnerships across the aisle. She believes in listening, fairness and a science based agenda. She believes in single payer health care and a no cost barrier to higher education. 

Haley has led innovation programs across the country, helping small and medium sized manufacturers grow. She is a frequent speaker on job creation by way of harnessing new technology.

Donate to Haley's campaign today, because when you're up against a multimillionaire you need to know you have support. So let's make sure she can raise enough to challenge Dave Trott. 

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    “Go Haley!”

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    “Haley is honest and hardworking. She will represent the people she is elected to serve. Please vote Haley Stevens for Congress.”

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    “She seems great & energetic! We need more women in congress, Good Luck Haley, it's an uphill climb but you must believe in your mission no matter what. I decided today to send $10. to every Democratic, woman candidate who appeared like a winner online. It is all that can afford on low income. Suggestion, your need a better, more lively website. Mary, Sonoma County, CA”

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    “She is the brightest and most competent candidate out there! We need this intelligent woman fighting to bring government normalcy back to DC !”

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    “Haley is a amazing leader”

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    “I'm tired of the republican agenda. I want something better!!”

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    “She has experience in politics, she understands the need for communication, education, access to affordable health insurance. I'd be proud to represent my interests in Washington!”

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    “Dave Trott bought his election with his millions. Haley is the real deal. She cares about and will work for the people. Smart, experienced, integrity!”

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    “She's had the DC experience to be effective right away, with expertise we need. And she supports single payer, rather than dismissing it or destroying the funky system we now have.”

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    “We need competent people in Congress and David Trott is, not only incompetent, he hides from his constituents! Ms Stevens is a capable woman and we need more capable women in Congress!”

March 26, 2017

Personal note from Haley Stevens, 8 days out from David Trott's Townhall

Eight days ago Congressman Dave Trott held a public town hall in Novi, Michigan. It seemed like his team wanted to intentionally make this an exclusive event. They closed the doors promptly at 8am stranding many people outside in the freezing snow, including elderly individuals. There was no warm coffee provided or acknowledgement of the people left outside. This is not real leadership and this is not who we are as people from Michigan.

The time is now to have an inclusive and open dialogue from both sides of the aisle. This is what President Obama encouraged of all Americans in his farewell remarks: engage people who have different views than you. Let's start a conversation.

Compassion begins on the campaign trail and continues into government. We must listen and respect one another always.

This is a challenge. Many of us feel left out following the results of the 2016 election cycle. I am a long time Democrat. It was a valuable lesson for me that my loving father voted Trump this November.

While I was off volunteering for Hillary and Democrats every chance I could get in 2016, my dad was going to cast his vote the other way. This taught me something before I even knew what it was: it is okay to disagree and it alright to value other people’s opinions when they are different than your own. The point is, bring people under your tent and have a conversation, learn and exchange. I wish I could have saved my conversations with my dad because I think everyone could have benefited from this approach last fall.

The minute we understand where someone is coming from, we are in a lot better of a position.

And that is where David Trott is failing us. He is showing over and over, he is not the voice or the listener for the people of Michigan.

I am interested in being this listener.

People may not always agree with me, but they will always be able to call me and I will always listen to what they have to say.

I want to thank so many of you who have stepped up to pledge your support for my potential candidacy. I am overwhelmed and honored to have your support and kind words. Some of you I am just getting to know and others of you are dear friends. Together, I believe we can roll up our sleeves and bring a new vision for people in Michigan's 11th Congressional District and real, productive change to Washington, D.C.

I am looking forward to what is ahead. There is more to come.

With gratitude,


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