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**Update 5/1 - Joaquin Castro announced today that he's taking on Trump in the House and won't be seeking Cruz's Senate seat. That means Beto is the best chance for Texas and the country to lose Ted Cruz in 2018.**

The Dallas Morning News reports that Cruz is a key go-between for Trump and the House in trying to take away millions of Americans' health insurance. He rarely meets with constituents and is beholden to his one-time political nemesis, Donald Trump. Texans and Americans deserve better than Ted Cruz.

Beto is a homegrown, grassroots Texan. He served as a city councilperson in El Paso for six years. Since 2013, he's represented the Texas 16th district in the U.S. House of Representatives, serving on the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and the Armed Services Committee, working on behalf of the more than 1.5 million veterans who served this country and who are proud to call Texas home.

Beto isn’t your average politician. He's a fierce advocate of term limits and a small businessman, starting Stanton Street Technology in 1999 to create high-skill, high-wage jobs for the people of Texas.

Beto is accessible. Unlike Ted Cruz and other Republicans hiding from their constituents, serving and listening to constituents is Beto's bread and butter. He meets with his constituents and is accountable to his neighbors, not to the powerful national lobbies that Ted Cruz uses as his own campaign piggy bank.

Cruz has the lobbyists, but Beto has Texans. Show your support to oust Ted Cruz in 2018 by donating! 

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    “Beto O'Rourke is not accepting money from political action committees.”

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    “Ted Cruz does not share my Texas values. I am excited to see a young progressive like Beto O'Rourke take him on. I am betting on Beto!”

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    “Join Beto in OUR fight to take back the Senate and take back TEXAS!”

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    “I constantly call my senators, but I know they don't really represent my concerns. We need a progressive voice who will speak for all of us -- not just industry and lobbyists.”

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    “Just checked out where Beto stands on the issues and came away impressed. Not afraid to tackle climate change, people over corporations, pro-choice, pro-science, and many other favorable position. He has my vote and support.”

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    “Beto understands elected officials serve the people of Texas and we want education, healthcare and equality for ALL!”

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    “I endorse Beto O'Rourke for U.S. Senate - because Texas deserves better than Ted Cruz. #BetOnBeto!”

May 26, 2017

zodiacPAC: taking the #losecruz fight to the next level

Thanks to your support, we raised just shy of $25,000 in early donations for Beto O'Rourke's campaign against Ted Cruz. Almost as important as the money is the sign that people all over the country want Ted Cruz out of Congress, and out of important decisions on health care, immigration, women's rights, LGBT rights, and national security.

Today we're closing #betonbeto and launching zodiacPAC, a political action committee reminding you why Ted Cruz and his cronies are bad for Texas and America. Republicans from Texas are some of the most powerful players in Congress on issues like health care and the Russia investigation. Ted Cruz has been working behind the scenes for months on the cruel Republican plan to strip tens of millions of Americans of essential health care.

Texas has been red for a long time, but there's a proud progressive tradition in our state, and there's too much riding on 2018 to stand by. zodiacPAC is founded by young Houstonians with a mission to keep the pressure on Cruz with lighthearted, punchy events, marketing, and media that keep us inspired to vote in 2018.

Join us on our website, or through our new crowdpac: Thank you!

May 1, 2017

Our favorite Canadian

Today, Joaquin Castro announced that he's taking the fight to Donald Trump from the House, and won't be seeking Ted Cruz's Senate seat in 2018. That means that Beto O'Rourke is the best bet for Texans and Americans to Lose Cruz.

Count yourself among Beto's earliest supporters - THANK YOU for carrying #BetOnBeto across the finish line and beyond our goal of $20,180! This kind of early support helps Beto make the case that people all over the country are behind him in what will surely be a long, tough fight against a powerful - and well financed - incumbent.

With the success of #BetOnBeto, we're inspired to do more. We have a few things in the works to take the fight to Ted Cruz (heads up: Canada Day is just around the corner on July 1...). Stay tuned!

April 6, 2017

You did it! $16,000 to take on Ted Cruz

Wow - something is happening across Texas and around the country. People believe that Ted Cruz has to go in 2018 - we just surpassed our goal to hit the $16,000 mark from more than 500 supporters who are betting on Beto! 

Today, Ted Cruz voted to change Senate rules to force through Donald Trump's Supreme Court nomination. And the Dallas Morning News reports that Cruz is a key go-between for Donald Trump and the House in taking away millions of Americans' health insurance. 

You believe that Beto is a good bet for Texas and America. Help us spread the word that it's time to #LoseCruz by asking a friend to give $18 at and liking our Facebook page: Thank you!!

- #betonbeto team

(Neal, Abby, Andrea, Jess, Liz, Sanjay, Judd, Doug, Jordan, Melissa & Sarah - we're a group of Houstonians excited about progressive candidates in Texas who want to show that Texas has potential for Democrats in 2018 and beyond!)

April 4, 2017

Woot! More than $12,500 and 450 donors

What an amazing effort - in Beto's first weekend in the race to take on Ted Cruz, we helped raise more than $12,500 from almost 500 donors. And he packed the hall at the IBEW event in Houston on Sunday, in addition to stops in Austin and Dallas. Clearly people all over Texas and the country think it's time to #LoseCruz in 2018! 

Bustle agrees

Although it's been a Republican stronghold since the mid-90s, the Lone Star State's politics might soon reflect the blue in its iconic flag. The presidential election had special resonance for Texas, which publicly excoriated Sen. Ted Cruz and made the state's proud political tradition something of a mockery. Now, the 4 million Texans who voted Democrat in November are turning to one man to represent them against Cruz in 2018. Rep. Beto O'Rourke could flip Texas for the Democrats, starting a movement in the Senate that could carry into 2020.

You know Beto thinks grassroots donors and support are crucial. He wants all of us (all of YOU that donated) front and center in the fight to save Texas from Cruz and Trump! Thanks for helping get this fight off on the right foot - more to come when we hit our $15,000 goal!

April 2, 2017

Help spread the word that Texas & Beto are good bets in 2018

In his first weekend in the race, almost 500 people have donated to show their support for the idea that Texas and Beto are a good bet in 2018! Here are three things you can do today to help build this campaign:

  1. Go meet Beto! He's at the IBEW at 1475 North Loop West in Houston on Sunday at 3pm. We'll be there.
  2. Do you know one more person who's invested in flipping the Senate? Send them a message with this link: and ask them to chip in $18.
  3. Like our Facebook page and share it on social media. We need help growing our reach! 

Politico says this week, "The road to a Democratic Senate majority runs through Texas - yes, Texas." Beto's campaign embodies that possibility. Thanks for being an early supporter and for helping us spread the word! 


#betonbeto team

(We're a group of Houstonians excited about progressive candidates in Texas who want to show that Texas has potential for Democrats in 2018 and beyond)

March 31, 2017

Beto's in the race, now we need you to help get to 500 supporters!

He's in! Beto formally announced his candidacy to challenge Ted Cruz this morning. Now that he's in the race, we want everyone to know that Beto's got grassroots supporters behind him by getting 500 donors to #BetOnBeto in his first weekend.

THANK YOU for your support. Now we need you to get 5 more friends to join. We've seen how this kind of grassroots campaign can help change the narrative about what's possible in a tough race in a red state. Just this week, Jon Ossoff is getting great press for his fight to take back Tom Price's House seat outside Atlanta. He's raised $3 million in what was considered a long-shot race. But because of his grassroots support and big donor base, the New York Times is saying "Democrats Have a Shot in a Georgia District Dominated by Republicans."

This weekend is critical - help showcase that lots of us are behind Beto's campaign, we want to #LoseCruz, and that Texas holds possibility for great progressive candidates. Send an email to 5 friends today, follow up by text, and let us know that you're in the fight by posting to our new Facebook page!


#betonbeto team

(We're a group of Houstonians excited about progressive candidates in Texas who want to show that Texas has potential for Democrats in 2018 and beyond)

March 30, 2017

Help us get to 500 supporters by the end of the week!

We're off to a great start in taking down one of the most conservative Republicans in the Senate in 2018 - as of Thursday afternoon, you're our 200 earliest supporters in supporting Beto O'Rourke in the fight against Ted Cruz. THANK YOU.

Now we need you to help us get to 1,000 supporters by the end of this week. 500 supporters is when the media will start to pay attention to this kind of grassroots effort and we'll put Ted on notice that he's #CruzinForABruisin in 2018.

What we need each of you to do is ask 5 friends for $10 to support #betonbeto. This is about groundswell - text/email/otherwise harangue your sister, soccer team, your book club, roommate, your kids, drinking buds, and your resistance email friends to go here: Tweet and share on facebook, too, with #betonbeto. Then let us know when you've got 5 friends who've given!

Thank you for helping us get to 500!


#betonbeto team

(We're a group of Houstonians excited about progressive candidates in Texas who want to show that Texas has potential for Democrats in 2018 and beyond)

Campaign created!

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