Why you should support Molly Sheehan

While our country is divided, most of us want similar things. We want a stable career, opportunity for our children, and safety. Simply, we want good lives for neighbors and ourselves. So how do we get back to a place of listening and trust where we can work together towards these goals?

Policy-making has become a team sport in Washington, fueling our divide to suit political ambitions and donors. It’s time to say enough is enough and put those who share our values back into the decision-making seats in Washington.

As a scientist, I can play a unique role in our moving towards progress. As an evidence-based decision maker, I will use the best information available to make the best decision for my constituents and the American people. I will never discount information, stories or suggestions because of the ideology of the source. I will use real evidence to find real solution to the real problems that we face everyday.

I am not another career politician who is removed from the struggles of everyday Americans. I grew up in a family of modest means that instilled in me the values of fighting for economic and social justice for others when I have the privilege. Now, I am a scientist and mother working to improve the lives of those in southeast Pennsylvania. I work to improve healthcare through scientific innovation and serve my communities locally and abroad through youth community building. 

I am an internationally-awarded biophysicist for my current work developing new types of medical imaging for cancer treatment. I have also worked towards developing battlefield- and remote hospital-ready blood substitutes. I love developing new technologies, but I know the healthcare needs of Americans are urgent and first based in affordable access. I served on the insurance-buying board at the University of Pennsylvania, negotiating insurance plans for all students, during the ACA rollout. I am prepared to advocate in complicated world of healthcare policy to achieve universal healthcare coverage and access without turning a blind eye to the healthcare workers who care for us and are a vital part of our economy.

Universal healthcare and improved job retraining resources will allow working Americans to pivot in our changing economy and spend more time with our families and communities. We need to be unshackled from our jobs because of benefits, and support small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow businesses to improve their communities. Support of apprenticeship programs and expanding Pell Grants for job retraining are necessary for people to train for the new economy without leaving the workforce. Policy needs to support those who do the hard work of supporting our economy every day.

I will bring creative problem-solving to issues such as the environmenthealthcare reform, job creation, science funding, and making evidence-based decisions on all types of policy. As the wife of a naturalized citizen and a mother, I will also serve as an advocate for early childhood education, paid maternity leave, civil rights and inclusive immigration reform.

I cannot do this without your help. Please consider supporting my campaign. You can learn more at mollysheehan.org and watch the TIME piece.

Who your money will go to

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

  • Robert J. Killian endorsed

    “Biophysicist vs. Trump supporter? No contest.”

  • Elaine DiMasi endorsed

    “Molly is awesome and her message is so important. We were together at meetings in Washington, and as both a scientific colleague and a potential Congressional colleague I couldn't be more excited about her run! Please support Molly for Congress!”

  • Dr. Edward C. Rosner endorsed

    “We need well-informed men & women with solid science backgrounds to move our country into the future. Molly Sheehan is one of those candidates.”

Jun 30 2017

Help us show Healthcare for All is #1 Priority by Midnight

Tonight is the end of the first quarter, and we are close to our goal to show we can take this seat back for compassionate, rational representation. We need 30 more donations to hit our goal. Please donate or donate again to help us reach this important goal!

Last night, I attended a rally with friends and family in Delaware County and heard heartwrenching stories of how people's lives have been saved and improved by Medicare. We heard how our neighbors, veterans, newborn babies, spouses, mothers and friends rely on public health programs for their healthcare, to be standing there alive in our community. Yet, the GOP, with Meehan's cooperation, are moving forward to decimate Medicare and other healthcare programs we depend to to support veterans, children, and our most vulnerable.

The only way we will truly be able to maintain the protections of the ACA and make sure everybody has the ability to get quality healthcare is through a move to Universal Single Payer Healthcare. Our health system is complicated and also an important job sector of our economy, so this move has to be done carefully, without inducing austerity that can reduce quality and cripple the system. The switch has to be done with proper firewalls so the same misogynists who want to call pregnancy a pre-existing condition aren't deciding what is covered.

Fixing our healthcare system properly will require electing legislators that understand the complexity of our healthcare system. I am the only candidate running in for the 7th with any healthcare experience, having worked in biomedical research, negotiated group insurance plans, and done constituent services on health plan development, right here in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Please join me in helping me make my quarterly goal by midnight tonight, in showing the GOP that healthcare is our priority and we will fight to make sure everybody is covered!

With care, Molly

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May 29 2017

200 Donations Strong!

Thank you all for the outpouring of support! We've reached 200 CrowdPac donations today. I deeply appreciative of all of your help towards our common goal of taking our country back for rational, progressive, evidence-based decision making that will benefit all Americans.

Please spread the word! Share our website, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Medium.

With care,


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Apr 25 2017

Feature on TIME: I run for our future

This Earth Day was different. Rather than just a celebration and appreciation of our planet giving us life, it is a call for us to rise to defend its ability to do so. The Trump Administration and Congress, including Pat Meehan, are showing a disregard for evidence and working full-speed to enhance profits for the 1% at the expense of our health and future. 

We must defend our basic liberty to live in an inhabitable world, where we can breathe and drink our tap water freely, where we aren't afraid that our child will drink the bath water, where we fund life-saving scientific research. We must invest in our future by electing better representatives.

I spoke about my concerns for our future and why I am running for Congress in a video interview on TIME this weekend and wrote up why our anti-fact government is so disastrous. It is too easy for us to be complacent. If you are comfortable, it is time to get uncomfortable. It is time to work to improve our country for everybody who does not share those comforts right now and who will not have them in the near future.

With care,


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Apr 14 2017

Action Items to Keep It Going!

Thank you all for your support and helping build this amazing energy and momentum over our first week! We need to keep it going to ensure our Congressional vision of evidence-based decision making is possible.

Please consider taking one (or all!) of the actions today:

1) Spread the word! Share on Facebook, Twitter, or call/email your network or listservs who may also be passionate about our mission.

2) Make a(nother) donation. I'm officially a candidate now and committed to fighting for scientific integrity, healthcare for all and rational policy making. Please consider another donation or asking a friend to donate.

3) Visit mollysheehan.org and sign up to volunteer! My campaign relies on a variety of grassroots support.

With care,


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Apr 10 2017

Filed with FEC!

We are filed with the FEC today as an official candidate! Thank you all for your support. 

You can sign up for updates and volunteer with the campaign at www.mollysheehan.org.

With care,


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Mar 26 2017

First 100 pledges! Thank you!

Thank you for all of your support! Over 100 have pledged over $5k in the past 2 days. Momentum is growing to unseat Rep. Pat Meehan.

Meehan is continuing to show his inadequate understanding of healthcare policy and compassion for Pennsylvanians this week by finishing up "undecided" on the AHCA. Congresspeople have a responsibility to be vocal advocates for their constituents, not just vote. In this case, he managed to both be a coward and fail to come out on the right side of history after rushing to pass it through his committee. I promise I will advocate for comprehensive healthcare reform that works for Americans, not advocate for insurance companies or tax breaks for the ultra-rich.

Thank you again for your generous pledges and endorsements!

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Mar 23 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

  • Robert J. Killian endorsed

    “Biophysicist vs. Trump supporter? No contest.”

  • Julia Clark endorsed

  • Susan Forscher Weiss endorsed

  • Elaine DiMasi endorsed

    “Molly is awesome and her message is so important. We were together at meetings in Washington, and as both a scientific colleague and a potential Congressional colleague I couldn't be more excited about her run! Please support Molly for Congress!”

  • Dr. Edward C. Rosner endorsed

    “We need well-informed men & women with solid science backgrounds to move our country into the future. Molly Sheehan is one of those candidates.”

  • Anna Parra endorsed

    “Science matters! Good luck Molly!”

  • Madelyn levy endorsed

  • Tricia Davis-Muffett endorsed

  • Rebecca Hallock endorsed

    “Molly Sheehan is exactly the type of candidate we need to support, promote and make sure that she gets elected!”

  • Morgan DeSantis endorsed

  • Lorena Bonilla endorsed

    “Her training in science will be valuable as an advocate for environmental justice, climate change, funding for medical and scientific research as well as being a voice for logic balance with compassion for policies.”

  • Gabriel Gonzalez endorsed

  • Lisa Lippert endorsed

    “Not only is Molly an amazing scientist, she is knowledgeable about political issues, and genuinely cares about social justice. She is brilliant, but still willing to listen to other expertise.”

  • Glennis Amelia Logsdon endorsed

  • Steve Pipitone endorsed

    “I endorse Molly Sheehan because... SCIENCE. There needs to be a presence in Washington to counteract the absurd anti-fact based policy being pumped out by Big Oil's stooges”

  • Kelly Johnson endorsed

    “Evidence-based science should be the basis of sound policy decisions, and this is lacking in Washington today.”

  • Giles Geetooah endorsed

    “I Am A Frim And Deep Beliver of Science. Unlike Religion and it's Made up Fairy Tale nonsense, Science Tells You How to Get The Answer or How The Answer Came About.”

  • Haley Stevens endorsed

    “Molly is inspiration! The U.S science and research agenda is paramount. Thanks for dipping a toe in Molly, keep going with your crowdpac!”

  • Sarah Willie-LeBreton endorsed

    “I support Molly Sheehan because I believe that science is the universe evolving to study and know itself; that to refuse to study and know ourselves is a radical act not of ignorance but of resistance to our humanity; that in living into our humanity we take responsibility for each other and the earth; and that our little piece of that begins with electing thoughtful and courageous people from a variety of disciplines, particularly people of ethical intelligence like scientist Molly Sheehan.”

  • Erin Berlew endorsed

  • Alison Love endorsed

    “I endorse Molly Sheehan because we need scientific, political, and sociological perspectives working together to mitigate climate change effects”

  • Nate Ennist endorsed

  • Melanie Douty-Snipes endorsed

    “I support Molly Sheehan because she is one of the most capable, focused and caring people that I have ever known. That she would consider setting scientific research that she has devoted so many years to aside to become a public servant as an elected official speaks volumes to the concern that she has for our country at present. Molly would bring a great mind and heart and immense organizational skill to this endeavor. It will take all of us to work as we are able to uphold civility, reason and compassion in these troubling times. I am proud of Molly for generously and courageously taking this step to run for office.”

  • Barbara Slott endorsed

    “We need more women, more scientists in governmental offices. The Xtian right wing has hijacked the republican party and we need to return to a secular government.”

  • lina aguirre endorsed

  • Byron D. Taylor endorsed

    “Molly geniunly cares about the issues in her platform. She' is one of the brightest and most resourceful people I know. I am confident that she will use her unique perspective as a mother, wife, scientist and friend to improve the lives of people in the community where she grew up.”

  • Michael Magaraci endorsed

  • Ian Yuan endorsed

  • Rachel Thomas endorsed

  • Lisa Ruby Raedler endorsed

  • Kelly Johnson endorsed

  • Ruth Keris endorsed

  • Dan Huet endorsed