I'm Joseph (Joe) Jeffries, 35 years old and 33 year resident of WV! I'm running for WV, House of Delegates - District 22 in 2018

I'm not a politician, and honestly never dreamed I'd be running for an office. I'm tired of seeing WV put last on the list. It's time for us to stand up and give its people back what they deserve in government officials, their voice!

I've thought long and hard about what I can do to help WV become a better place for our future generations. My biggest goals are to make state government smaller to accommodate our population. I believe the house needs to be reduced by 30 members, state spending needs cut to meet our living.

WV is 49th in income yet is taxed so high we are ranked 22nd in Taxes and cost of living. It's not fair to continue raising taxes on WV residents to make up for the loss of coal revenue. Taxes and income need to be brought to a more level playing field. I believe if we can bring jobs back to WV, we can raise our incomes! That along with lowering taxes should bring us to a more fair cost of living.

When Toyota came to WV, they were offered huge tax breaks. After ten years there was talk of them leaving but WV worked with toyota to offer them more tax breaks to expand right here in WV. Toyota has now been in WV for just over 20 years and is valued at around $1.4 Billion! I believe state leaders need to work to bring more jobs like that to WV and what better way to make is desirable to large companies? We can offer those same tax breaks to other corporations to show them WV is one, if not the most, hard working states in the USA!!

On top of large companies, we need to make smaller, locally owned businesses, continue to thrive throughout WV! Most importantly in the hard hit, coal field communities! Offering assistance to get their businesses up and growing, give tax breaks to help offset the initial cost of opening and establishing their businesses. WV Secretary of State, Mac Warner, has been doing an amazing job helping WV in these areas by providing them with field reps to help guide them and offer any assistance they can. We need to continue to help small business so that they can succeed and do tie growing our state.

WV has been hit hard by a drug epidemic! We need to continue to curb the drugs in our state by bringing communities out of poverty with jobs, having the available services for addicts when they decide to seek help for their addiction, and hopefully work to lower crimes by getting people away from and off of these drugs.

WV residents have been asking for marijuana to be legalized. I feel they are entitled to their voice. I don't believe the legislature should for one second decide the fate of marijuana in WV. I believe the voters should have the say if they want it here or not. I say put it on the ballot, if they choose to have it here, then the lawmakers can set the guidelines for it. I firmly believe medical will pass without a doubt! Recreational has a good chance as well. Allowing the people to make the decision is the only constitutional thing to do! I believe WV will reap the benefits of either being passed but it should ultimately be the people's choice!

WV needs to expand energy! I'm not talking about just coal! I'm talking Oil &a Gas, solar, and water energy as well! It's time we expand all options that would be viable sources of energy within our state.

I'm a candidate that looks to the Constitution of the United States as the Supreme law of the land! No ones rights should be infringed upon! We need laws that won't restrict anyone from their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness! I'm pro II Amendment and will vote in favor of any bills giving back the people of WV their freedoms!

We need to grow tourism in our wonderful state! WV has so much to see and unlimited things to do! We need to reach out to WVians, and others from out of state and attract their attention so they will wish to visit! Living here most my life, I still have so much I'd personally like to see and do and just haven't had the chance! We need to show the world just what is so "Wild and Wonderful" about West Virginia and share with them our wonders of the state!

Most importantly, I'm seeking ideas from our communities to get a clear understanding of what THE PEOPLE want! I want to be your voice in Charleston! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my goals! I'd love it if I could get your vote in 2018!

Let's make WV a better, stronger state, for us and the future generations to come!

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March 24, 2017

Campaign created!

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