Everyday my aunt walks into an industrial plant and engages in back-breaking labor to feed her family.  She works 12-hour days and still manages to smile after a tough shift.  She begins her workday during early morning hours.  Like other industrial workers, she longs for better wages, employment benefits, and the opportunity to spend more time with her family.  Her routine has been the same for over twenty years.  The paychecks have not increased as significantly as the cost of living.  As a widow, she reared three children on a small salary.  Over the years, she has worked tirelessly to create the dream so many work hard to obtain in America.

My grandmother has lived over eight decades.  After rearing six children, she should enjoy retirement.  However, she stills faces financial uncertainty and insecurity like many senior citizens in our nation.

Over 40 years ago, a teenage girl from a small rural town in South Carolina defied the odds.  She believed her baby had a right to life despite her circumstances.  Like all women, she had a choice, and she gave birth to a little girl-a girl with purpose. 

Why Vote Wilson?

Debbie "Rica" Wilson is running for United States Senate to represent Maryland.  Wilson's desire to create a better nation is rooted in her experiences as a mother, educator and public servant.  

As a former public school teacher and college professor, she is a champion for educational reform.  Wilson will fight for smaller classes, diverse learning environments, and community hubs to support educational equity. 

As the founder and executive director of Brown Girl Wellness, Inc., she constantly represents the interest of homeless and low-income women and children in rural America.  As an elected official, she will represent the interest of Maryland citizens with the same passion.  She will fight to ensure each community has access to healthy options and resources in addition to speaking boldly for women to promote equality and human rights.  Wilson is also committed to preserving the state's natural resources and justice reform.

The results-driven visionary has a heart for the people.  She is not a stranger to hardship.  As a result, she is dedicated to removing barriers and promoting equity.  Wilson is running for Senate to provide a fresh voice for Maryland's future.  As a renaissance woman, she represents visible changes for our nation.  Little girls born to teen mother's become women.  They can lead in America and help make life better for all.  After all, seats are made for  women too.

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    “Strong support of women, families, and our educational system.”

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    “I believe her experiences and her abilities will take Maryland to a better place.”

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    “I endorse Debbie because her heart is with the people”

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