Why you should support John Curtis

The last few years have been some of the most divisive in our nation’s history. Washington is broken and many people are deeply concerned about what kind of country their kids and grandkids will grow up in. I am too.

Meanwhile, in Utah we've enjoyed unprecedented success and recognition for the quality of life we've created. We have something very special to share. 

As a longtime business leader and two-term mayor of Provo, I know why we’re getting these results. It starts with the people who live here and the conservative values we hold dear. It comes from dynamic local leaders who are engaged, experienced, and effective.

I want to bring that approach to problem-solving in Congress and I’m asking for your vote. I promise to be a leader you can be proud of. I’ll listen to you, fight for you, and give it to you straight. 

Let’s get to work.

- John

Who your money will go to

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  • Ron Dean endorsed

    “He is a consummate problem solver not a consummate ideologue.”

  • Jonathan Wagstaff endorsed

    “He has transformed our city”

  • Jacob Curtis endorsed

    “He's a good dad, too!”

May 26 2017

It's official

John has announced and the race is on! Thank you so much for your generous donations, kind endorsements, and for spreading the word. We drafted John Curtis--and now it's time to help him win!

This page will live on and now donations made here will just go directly to John's campaign.

For updates from here on out, check out John's official campaign website.

You can also follow the campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

#LetsGo and don't forget to vote for John.

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May 24 2017

John Curtis Announcement

This whole #DraftJohnCurtis thing has been an awesome journey. :) Did you hear the big news??

John's going to be making an epic announcement tomorrow evening in Provo at 6pm. You can register to come via the Facebook event.

If you’ve pledged your support for John, endorsed, or expressed an interest in getting involved as a volunteer - don't miss it!


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Apr 19 2017

A big day in the news

When Chaffetz made his announcement this morning, the idea of Mayor Curtis running in the 3rd District received a blast of media attention. Some of the stories are below. This quote may have best summed up the day:

"The earth shifted just a little bit when he made that announcement," Curtis said, "at least for me."

Jason Chaffetz will not run for re-election, people react (Doug Wright Show, KSL)

Chaffetz’s planned departure touches off mad scramble among would-be candidates (The Salt Lake Tribune)

Chaffetz Calls It Quits (Vice News)

A Former Presidential Candidate And A Mayor Are Considering Running For Chaffetz's Seat (Buzzfeed News)

Chaffetz says he won't seek re-election but his plans remain unclear (Deseret News)

Who wants to run for Chaffetz’s seat? Who does he face if he runs for governor? (Fox 13)

Jason Chaffetz announces he will not seek re-election, seat challengers evaluate future campaigns (Daily Herald)


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Apr 19 2017

What a day

Wow. The dynamics of the race changed completely with the announcement this morning that Jason Chaffetz won't be running for re-election. But what hasn't changed is the goal to #DraftJohnCurtis to run and win in Utah's 3rd Congressional District.  

More updates to come... in the meantime, let's spread the word, donate, and endorse some more. #LetsGo

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Apr 13 2017

Daily Herald: John Curtis fans want him to challenge Jason Chaffetz

More coverage from Daily Herald.

"It didn’t take long for fans of Provo Mayor John Curtis to organize.

Since Curtis announced he would not seek a third mayoral term last November, the chatter has grown increasingly louder for the mayor to run for a higher office."

You can read the entire article here.

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Apr 12 2017

DesNews: Campaign-funding web page urges Provo mayor to run against Chaffetz in Republican primary

The DesNews took note of the campaign today. 

"Supporters of Provo Mayor John Curtis have launched a webpage raising funds on his behalf and encouraging him to run against Rep. Jason Chaffetz in a Republican primary contest."

You can read the entire article here

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Apr 12 2017

The Prince of Oversight

A solid piece in The Atlantic about Chaffetz.

"Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz chairs the House’s watchdog committee. But critics charge he’d rather overlook the Trump administration’s infractions than look into them."

You can read the entire article here.

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Apr 12 2017

Poll: Chaffetz's approval ratings dip following controversial statements

Check out the news from UtahPolicy.com. Chaffetz approval rating has dropped by twenty percentage points since November of last year.

You can read the entire article here.

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Mar 28 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

  • Jeremy Pyne endorsed

  • Ron Dean endorsed

    “He is a consummate problem solver not a consummate ideologue.”

  • Jonathan Wagstaff endorsed

    “He has transformed our city”

  • Candy Shewell endorsed

  • Molly Hadfield endorsed

  • Jacob Curtis endorsed

    “He's a good dad, too!”

  • Marianne Quilez endorsed

  • Jeffrey Harper endorsed

  • Matt Styles endorsed

    “We've lived in Provo for 6 of the 8 years of Mayor Curtis' term and have nothing but great things to say about what he's done. We love the city and we love to see the constant improvement in just about every aspect of it, from culture, celebrated diversity, technology, public transportation, and conservation of nature/resources. He continues to do an outstanding job.”

  • Travis Birch endorsed

  • Frederick T Williams endorsed

  • Phill Taylor endorsed

  • Blu Robinson endorsed

  • Amber Eliason endorsed

    “John is smart, kind, empathetic, and takes a common sense approach to issues rather than cling to partisan lines. It would be a privilege for the people of Utah to be represented by John.”

  • erick endorsed

  • Ray Mullings endorsed

  • Ann Woodbury endorsed

  • Tyler Murdock endorsed

    “While not a resident of Provo, I have always admired the thoughtful and pragmatic approach of Mayor Curtis. I sincerely hope he decides to run for higher office Utah.”

  • Tyler Bingham endorsed

  • Sam Wood endorsed

    “Seems to be concerned with the quality of life of everyone as a whole, not just those with the deepest pockets.”

  • Alan Wessman endorsed

    “John Curtis strikes me as an effective leader who respects his constituents, appreciates diverse viewpoints, and regards himself as a public servant. This is the type of candidate we need more of, and Mr. Curtis would be a refreshing change from the self-ambitious, partisan opportunist we're currently saddled with.”

  • Ryan Viertel endorsed

  • Katie Konold endorsed

  • Donald K. Jarvis endorsed

  • Justin Miller endorsed

    “He's made Provo a great place to live. He listens to his constituents and thinks through all the angles of different problems. I wholeheartedly endorse John Curtis for House... Senate...And President.”

  • Molly Hadfield endorsed

  • Sahil Lavingia endorsed

    “An outstanding mayor with a clear set of ideals that will serve our country like it has served Provo.”

  • catherine eslinger endorsed

  • Nathan Murray endorsed

    “I feel like my quality of life would be impacted positively if John Curtis was representing District 3 and I'm not even living in the state.”

  • cameron manwaring endorsed

    “John is my last remaining hope for politics. He deserves your support. He will give it back ten fold.”

  • tom foster endorsed

    “He has good conservative values. At the same time he works with people in a positive way.”

  • bob gledhill endorsed

    “I respect his desire to do the right thing.”

  • Jon Ogden endorsed

    “John Curtis has done fantastic things for the tech and cultural scene in Provo, and he's the perfect candidate to unseat Jason Chaffetz (whose unhinged career ambitions have embarrassed Utah long enough).”

  • Gregg Schultz endorsed

    “I met Mayor Curtis and had a long discussion about his political philosophy. I left feeling hopeful that he would continue as a public servant. There is a reason he is so beloved in Provo as exceedingly competent, non-abrasive, and keenly aware that he works for his constituents. I endorse him as the Republican candidate for UT-3!”

  • PrimaryOut endorsed

    “Primary/Out believes in John Curtis and believes he is the best opportunity to oust Jason Chaffetz. He is a principled moderate who is widely admired in Provo and who we could all be proud to have serve us. He is humble, thoughtful, and listens - the opposite of Mr. Chaffetz.”

  • Owen Fuller endorsed

    “I admire Mayor Curtis. He’s the rare elected official who’s a true public servant, and not just another politician. When John was first elected mayor I’d recently graduated from BYU and launched a company in Provo. Ever since I’ve been blown away by the impact of his leadership. He’s made Provo more business friendly, more united, and more fun—the whole city seems to have a new and better feel to it. The fact that Mayor Curtis would happily be done with politics is all the more reason that I want to #DraftJohnCurtis to run and win in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District.”