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Please go to my Crowdpac page and "Endorse" me and "Support" me in whatever way you can. It is FREE and there is no charge for these forms of support. If you “pledge” to our campaign you will not be charged until the site makes the campaign “official.”

I would appreciate all of the support that you and your friends can send to me. I believe the following should link you to my page. I thank you in advance for your help and support.


I am currently trying to get enough support for my presidential campaign, with your help and that of your friends, and many others, to be the first non-partisan presidential candidate to actually be on the ballot in all of the states, and represent you the people of the United States of America as the first non-partisan president of the United States of America since George Washington. Yes, he was the first and so far only non-partisan president of the United States.

I am always interested in and welcome all of the constructive comments you may have. It is time that We the People were represented by our government for your interests, not the personal interests of the politicians, and rich people, who run the government, as so often happens now.

Many people are asking me if they can write-in my name for president, the answer is "yes" however I need many people's help for those votes to be counted, as I have noted below in this note. When we can actually get on the ballot the write-in effort will not be necessary. Thank you.

I have the only ongoing non-partisan (which is write-in until we can get on the ballots) presidential campaign. Since I am not a party I must do everything, so I need 538 electors (all persons who are interested are encouraged to contact me and request that honor), some for each state and Washington DC. If you are interested in becoming one please let me know. I am still looking for a good vice-president, and a first lady (yes I am presently single). If you have any ideas which I can include in the campaign which will help everyone please tell me that too. My campaign has always been a campaign for the people since it was started in 1950, and was turned into a presidential campaign in 1960 at the suggestion of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. As you might notice I am still trying to learn how to set things up on the Internet. Someone who can help with things like videos would be very helpful. Frankly I can use all of the help that I can get, so feel free to help if you can. I am not too proud to ask for or accept help.

I want to get all of my electors and other paperwork filed with all of the states so we can get all of my votes in all of the states counted. I really appreciate all of the help you can give. You are not only helping me but all of the American people when you help the campaign. Thank you.

I have copied a brief description of the campaign that I have put on my MySpace page after this note for your information.

Best regards,

Dwight S. Smith, D.B.A. Icarian Enterprises

The Only Ongoing Nonpartisan Presidential Campaign


E-Mail: FirstNonPartisanPresidentOfUSA@juno.com

Post Office Box 1960, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106-1960

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    “Campaign for FirstNonPartisanPresidentOfUSA Since George Washington! since Dwight has the most commonsense real solutions to problems that none of the politicians will ever even start to solve. I want him as the President of Our Country.”

Apr 18 2017

Real HealthCare Reform, UniversalHealthCare - MedicareForAll - SinglePayerHealthCare

Real HealthCare Reform which is a Real National Health Care System NOT run by, or for, ANY Insurance Company is just one of the things which started Our Campaign for The American People in 1950.  It is STILL a major part of Our Campaign today.  My parents traveled over much of the world and everywhere they went Health Care was better quality and less expensive, or no cost to them, than you will ever get in The United States of America, until we Really have the kind of Real Health Care Reform which started Our Campaign in 1950.  The United States is still the ONLY country in the world where Health Care is run exclusively by, and for, the rich Health Care Industry, and the rich Insurance Companies.  Disgraceful ! ! !.

Everyone needs Health Care, anyone who says it is a "free market" where you can "shop" for the most expensive Health Care which most people need quickly, and in some cases in an emergency, has either never needed it or is too rich to care.  In most Health Care "Markets" that I have seen in person in the United States, there is no real choice and little or no competition, and thus no real opportunity to “shop” at all.  Even if there were any choices, in most cases, you will not have a clue what the actual price you, or your Insurance, will pay until AFTER you have received what ever Health Care was  sold to you, yes, Health Care is sold to the patient, but NOT in a “free market”.  If you can not afford it, either it will run you bankrupt (which happens to many of The American People, especially poor people), and/or ALL of the other American People will end up paying for your Health Care in higher Costs of their Health Care and Health Care Insurance.  Either way ALL of The American People lose and pay more for less.  Many people simply can not even afford to pay the deductible on their Health Care Insurance.  It really does not matter what you call it, Universal Health Care, Single Payer Health Care, Medicare for All, or something else, when The American People actually have it, it will cost all of us less and we will all be able to afford it when we actually need it.

You will not have to “bargain” with any employer or Insurance Company regarding the type and coverage of Health Care you want, or need. Since Employers will no longer need to concern themselves with their employee’s personal Health Care that will be one less thing that they need to contract with their employees, and one less cost of doing business.  Universal Health Care is a win for everyone, and makes it easier for employers to create jobs without adding any Employee’s personal Health Care Costs to the employers cost of doing business

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    “Campaign for FirstNonPartisanPresidentOfUSA Since George Washington! since Dwight has the most commonsense real solutions to problems that none of the politicians will ever even start to solve. I want him as the President of Our Country.”

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