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This is the first and ONLY Real Ongoing Campaign for The American People to Elect the FirstNonPartisanPresidentOfUSA Since George Washington, and Our Founding Fathers, Established our Great Country. My Presidential Campaign started in 1950 when I discussed Tax Reform, HealthCare Reform & Election Reform with my father, and it became a Presidential Campaign in 1960 at the back of President JFK's Campaign train where I met him before he became President. At the end of our discussion about Our Campaign he said to me "You should make it a Presidential Campaign" and "You should become President when you are old enough", it has been the ONLY ongoing Non-Partisan Campaign for the American People since then. The best description of my philosophy is a Thomas Jefferson, Founding Fathers, Non-Partisan. I have been strongly endorsed by BOTH people who call themselves Strong Conservatives and Strong Liberals, I do not believe in most labels which are used, real people are individuals and rarely can be properly identified with a generic Political "Label". All of my Campaign is directed towards ONLY promoting things that benefit ALL of The American People equally, not Big Business or "Special Interests", The Real American People need Real Representation and that is what I have done ALL of my life, represent only The American People. We need real Non-Partisan Elections, which we expect all real democracies to have. The Electoral College, may have been well designed for Colonial America, as a Temporary method of selecting Presidents, although it has been Totally obsolete for well over 100 years. There are much better voting systems today which have been proven to represent The American People a lot better than the Obsolete Electoral College can ever do. I have been told that many people have the odd misconception that the reason for The Electoral College has something to do with States Rights, when in fact in today's world, it is really only about Party Power, today It only serves to keep The (Democratic –Republican) Party in Power. There are two "wings" of The Party which are commonly called Democratic and Republican. We The People do not choose our Presidents, the Parties do, and The Party rarely represents the interests of the people and almost always only represents the interests of the Rich people who support and pay for The Party and its Candidates who, for the most part, represent the rich far more than more than 99.99999% of The American People. The best way to encourage a better slate of candidates to run for ALL positions, which everyone would be much more enthusiastic about voting for would be to have Real Election Reform which would include eliminating the Electoral College. We could then have real elections which will pass anyone’s "Democracy Test". I have worked inside of the Government of Our Country in the United States Government Executive Branch Bureaucracy for over 30 years, and have never acted like a Bureaucrat. I have been a friend of the Environment and have personally operated almost exclusively from Solar Power for well over 40 years. I have always consulted those who know more than I do to form my opinions, however I do have a good enough understanding of Government, International affairs, and other important subjects to know how to recognize what are good opinions and bad opinions. I am NOT rich, like the current President and almost all of the previous Presidents and ALL of the Professional Politicians in Washington D.C.. My choice of people to run any Government Agency or organization is based entirely on how well they understand the organization they will be running, preferably from having been working as a part of it. I can NOT be bought and no Government position should ever be bought, especially by people who have any conflict of personal or any other interest in properly running the affairs of The American People. It has been demonstrated many times over that filling Corporate or Government positions with friends and relatives almost always has a bad outcome, for the organization and it's proper function, and should not be done. I actually have Military Leadership Training which none of the current, or most recent, Presidents actually do, and that should be a requirement for any "Commander in Chief"of the Military. I have never supported the unnecessary use of the Military, including the current problems in the Middle-East. In 1970, when terrorists hijacked airliners in the desert of the Middle-East, being an actual pilot, and aircraft owner, I suggested a very simple plan to our Political Leaders that would have made the events of 9/11 of 2001 impossible; they were not interested, probably because it would have cost the Airlines, and the Government, a few Dollars. My suggestions, and the logical technical improvements which could have easily been implemented since then, could have easily prevented several more recent Aircraft tragedies. As much as some people think that the United States should go fix every problem in the World, we can not afford to, without our going bankrupt, which we really are now in terms of real Economics and good Accounting. We need to use good judgment in choosing where to invest the resources of The People of the United States of America. Anyone who is in the Legislative, or the Executive, Branches of Government should understand Economics very well, and it seems obvious that none of them do now, including the President. I do understand Economics which was one of my easiest A+ grades in College. The Tax Reform Plan which I have been campaigning for, since 1950, which I am sure my Economics Professor would strongly endorse, is the only plan that anyone who understands Economics would agree is Fair to Everyone, and would help the Economy of Our Country in many ways. It cuts everyone’s taxes, except some of the rich people and rich companies who are now paying little or no taxes, some of which are actually being paid "welfare" from the Treasury of Our Country. It makes sure that the rich pay their fair share, and still pays for everything being paid for now, including many Dollars of Government waste, which we still need to work to eliminate, without the current form of the IRS and NO "April 15th" for The American People to need to be concerned with. Please do not confuse my tax plan with the tax, which is being sold under the grossly misleading title of "FairTax" which is a very high National Sales Tax and is very unfair to everyone, except Rich People. I would completely replace the current "Tax Shell Game" system with a fair and equitable system not based almost entirely on the Income Tax, which is what we have now, which primarily taxes the poor and not the rich, which is how the current Tax System is structured. Real Tax Reform, Real HealthCare Reform (Universal HealthCare, NOT run by Insurance Companies), and Real Election Reform have always been, some of the main parts of my OnGoing NonPartisan Presidential Campaign. The Real Tax Reform and Real HealthCare Reform which started Our Campaign in 1950 are two of the things which will create the largest amount of American Jobs, solve problems for both Business and Labor, and solve many of the other problems which the Professional Politicians are constantly complaining about and never actually doing anything which will really fix.

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    “Campaign for FirstNonPartisanPresidentOfUSA Since George Washington! since Dwight has the most commonsense real solutions to problems that none of the politicians will ever even start to solve. I want him as the President of Our Country.”

Apr 12 2017

Why does a Presidential Candidate need to solicit support for many years?

Why does a Presidential Candidate need to solicit support for many years?

I apologize for the length of this note, however; some explanation and examples are helpful in this discussion.  I hope this makes it clear why Our Campaign needs your Support (of ALL kinds) now and for as long as you can give it so that we can succeed for ALL of The American People.

First I should mention that since I have worked for The United States Government for over 30 years it has been illegal (that it would violate the “Hatch Act”) for me to do more than campaign on issues and work (as I always have since 1950) for the kind of constructive change which the Professional Politicians will never offer or actually give to The American People.  I therefore could not legally do any of the things required to participate directly in ANY Presidential Campaign, or other political campaign, until I retired from the Government of Our Country.  Now that I have officially “retired”, from my position with the Government, I can both legally Campaign and run as a Candidate for The President of The United States, as many people have continually told me I should do.

Nearly all of the people who I have talked with, even those who have tried to run for President on AmericansElect.org (in 2012) and before and after that, even though they have all probably studied American Government in school have absolutely ZERO idea what is required for everyone (Except candidates selected by The Democratic and Republican Party) to do in order to be on the ballot, or be a “Write-In” Candidate, for President of The United States, and actually get the votes for their Presidential Campaign counted in all of the States.  The candidates selected by The Democratic and Republican Party have to do practically NOTHING and the process cost those candidates practically nothing, because The Democratic and Republican Party have OWNED The Government of The United States for many years and passed laws which exempt them (The Democratic and Republican Party) from the extremely laborious and expensive process which they have set up to require ALL other Presidential Candidates, by law, to complete.

The Presidential Election is NOT a National Election, as it should be. The actual process is completely different for each State.  A very small number of States require very little for candidates who are not selected by The Democratic and Republican Party.  Other States make it as difficult and expensive as legally, and illegally, possible for any candidates not selected by The Democratic and Republican Party to be on the ballot or even get their votes counted.  I understand at this writing that it is still not legal in some states to be on the Ballot, or be a “Write-In”, as a Presidential Candidate unless you first get permission from The Democratic and Republican Party.  When working on my 2008 Presidential Campaign (which was the first Presidential Election I could legally run in, since I am now no longer prohibited from doing so by The Hatch Act) I accumulated much of the information which would be required just to start to run as a Presidential Candidate in all of the States.  If I printed it all out completely it would take up several very large printed volumes, and that is just part of the “instructions” for each State.

Now that I have given the background, the answer to the question I posed in the title of this note should be easy to guess.  Since nobody except candidates selected by The Democratic and Republican Party have the massive Party “Infrastructure” in all of the states to do all of the things that The Democratic and Republican Party has made necessary for all of the other Candidates, all of the other Candidates must campaign for however long that it is required to find the people in each state which will be required to meet the massive requirement which each State requires for each Presidential Candidate to be approved to even get their votes counted in each States.  That process can quite literally take many years and it must be ready to be completed in the relatively short time-span required by the laws established by The Democratic and Republican Party in the year of the Presidential Election.  What I am saying here is in order to succeed Our Campaign really needs the actual support of at least some people in every State.

AmericansElect.org (a Non-Partisan organization) spent millions of dollars and traveled all over The United States in a large Interstate Bus with a “wrap” (which can still be seen on the (http://www.americanselect.org) Web Site.  That is something that nobody except an extremely rich person could afford to even try to do.  I am not rich.  During the AmericansElect.org bus tour in 2012 they found that “In order to obtain ballot access nationwide, some states' guidelines required Americans Elect to register as a political party.[8] For the 2012 elections, Americans Elect succeeded in ballot access status in 29 states: Alabama,Alaska,[9] Arizona,[9]Arkansas,[10] California,[11][12] Colorado,[13] Florida,[14]Hawaii,[15] Kansas,[9] Maine,[16] MarylandMichigan,[14] Mississippi,[17]Montana,[18] Nebraska,[19] Nevada,[9] New Mexico,[20] North Carolina,[21] North DakotaOhio,[22] Oklahoma,[23] OregonRhode Island,[24] South Carolina,South DakotaUtah,[25] Vermont,[26] Wisconsin[27] and Wyoming.[28]

(The above and below quotes are from the AmericansElect Wikipedia Web Page. Several aspects of the AmericansElect.org process were flawed to the EXTREME which should be very obvious and contributed to the result which I have copied from Wikipedia which follows, and they, therefore; rather than fixing the problems canceled their participation in the entire 2012 Presidential Election. As an actual participant in the AmericansElect.org the flaws were extremely obvious to me, and should have been obvious to everyone who was paying any attention, especially the management of the project.)

“However, on May 1, 2012, the first primary ballot (which had been scheduled for May 8) was cancelled, because no candidate had garnered sufficient support clicks to qualify for the ballot.[35] Voting was then rescheduled to begin on May 15, 2012.[35] However, with no candidate qualifying for the ballot to be held on that date, the primary was pushed off again.[36] On May 17, the organization issued a statement that it was ending its nomination process because no candidate had achieved the required amount of support to qualify for its primary ballot.[37]

In July 2012, the remaining board members decided to officially end Americans Elect's presidential efforts and withdrew its name from most state ballots.[38]

The Americans Elect website is still accessible, but has not been updated since 2012.

As of September 2015, Americans Elect has made no attempt to revive its process for the 2016 presidential election, despite widespread dissatisfaction with the two major parties.”

AmericansElect.org, so-far, is NOT a success story but, in their failure, a lesson about what is necessary to succeed, and a lesson to learn from their mistakes.

I give the AmericanElect.org experience as an example of why someone who is not as rich as the founders of AmericansElect.org must work for YEARS, as I have done (and will continue to do until we are successful) with Our Campaign for the American People, to actually win The Presidential Election.  When we have actually succeeded we will, at the very least, have a much better platform to work from to start to correct many of the problems which The Democratic and Republican Party have very deliberately and selfishly created entirely for their benefit, and that of their rich supporters, and to the extreme detriment of the interests of ALL of The American People in the Presidential Election Process, and in many other ways. 

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    “Campaign for FirstNonPartisanPresidentOfUSA Since George Washington! since Dwight has the most commonsense real solutions to problems that none of the politicians will ever even start to solve. I want him as the President of Our Country.”

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