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I would appreciate all of the support that you and your friends can send to me. I believe the following should link you to my page. I thank you in advance for your help and support.

I am currently trying to get enough support for my presidential campaign, with your help and that of your friends, and many others, to be the first non-partisan presidential candidate to actually be on the ballot in all of the states, and represent you the people of the United States of America as the first non-partisan president of the United States of America since George Washington. Yes, he was the first and so far only non-partisan president of the United States.

I am always interested in and welcome all of the constructive comments you may have. It is time that We the People were represented by our government for your interests, not the personal interests of the politicians, and rich people, who run the government, as so often happens now.

Many people are asking me if they can write-in my name for president, the answer is "yes" however I need many people's help for those votes to be counted, as I have noted below in this note. When we can actually get on the ballot the write-in effort will not be necessary. Thank you.

I have the only ongoing non-partisan (which is write-in until we can get on the ballots) presidential campaign. Since I am not a party I must do everything, so I need 538 electors (all persons who are interested are encouraged to contact me and request that honor), some for each state and Washington DC. If you are interested in becoming one please let me know. I am still looking for a good vice-president, and a first lady (yes I am presently single). If you have any ideas which I can include in the campaign which will help everyone please tell me that too. My campaign has always been a campaign for the people since it was started in 1950, and was turned into a presidential campaign in 1960 at the suggestion of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. As you might notice I am still trying to learn how to set things up on the Internet. Someone who can help with things like videos would be very helpful. Frankly I can use all of the help that I can get, so feel free to help if you can. I am not too proud to ask for or accept help.

I want to get all of my electors and other paperwork filed with all of the states so we can get all of my votes in all of the states counted. I really appreciate all of the help you can give. You are not only helping me but all of the American people when you help the campaign. Thank you.

I have copied a brief description of the campaign that I have put on my MySpace page after this note for your information.

Best regards,

Dwight S. Smith, D.B.A. Icarian Enterprises

The Only Ongoing Nonpartisan Presidential Campaign


Post Office Box 1960, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106-1960

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    “Campaign for FirstNonPartisanPresidentOfUSA Since George Washington! since Dwight has the most commonsense real solutions to problems that none of the politicians will ever even start to solve. I want him as the President of Our Country.”

April 6, 2017

A brief history of how the “Candidates” we “vote” for are selected

A brief history of how the “Candidates” we “vote” for are selected

You can call me cynical if you wish, however; I started to learn the way the only people who have a ghost of a chance in Hell to get elected as President in the United States from my father in 1950.  My father was pretty smart and accurate in his analysis of the total “Election System” which is ENTIRELY run by and for The (Democratic – Republican) Party and paid for ENTIRELY by ALL of The American People.

I use words “The Party” to refer to both sides of The Democratic – Republican Party because the process is identical in both cases.

“The first presidential primary election was held in 1901 in Florida, and by 1916, presidential primary laws had been passed in 26 states. More than 40 of the 50 states hold primary elections by 2005. The presidential candidates are officially and formally nominated by national party conventions.”  Some states have Caucuses; however the result is the same.  In either case the “voter” is NOT voting for any actual “Candidate” they are only choosing a set of “delegates” who will go to the convention of The Party.  In all cases The Party is a PRIVATE organization and the management of the private organization (The Party) makes ALL of the rules regarding who the management of The Party will choose as their “Candidate” on the Presidential Ballot in November.  When I discussed the process with my father in 1950 all of the “Candidates” were chosen by the management of The Party in a “smoke filled room” not by any “voter”. The selection process may have a slightly different look in today’s world, however; the actual process has not changed significantly since 1950.  Now the “potential Candidates” do, however; spend a lot more money before, and after, the convention than they ever did before.

The complete Presidential Election from start to finish is NOT a “National Election”, as it should be; it is run entirely differently by The Party and for The Party in each State.  The Party has made the process so complicated and expensive for anyone who is NOT The Party’s Candidate to effectively eliminate any Candidate who The Party management has not chosen. No, all “Candidates” selected by The Party do NOT have to do all of the very expensive and burdensome things that The Party has passed the requirements into law for anyone who is NOT selected by The Party to do.  The Party has set up the system in each State to exclude ALL Candidates who would even try to compete with The Party, and in some States The Party has even Unconstitutionally made it illegal for anyone other than a Democrat or Republican to actually be on the Presidential Ballot in November without the specific permission of The Party.

I worked for the Executive Branch of The United States Government for over 30 years, I know The Government of Our Country very well from the inside.  When I worked for The Government, “The Hatch Act” made it illegal for me to actively participate in, or run for, anything defied as Partisan Politics.  Since I have retired from The Government I have been able to actually say I am officially running for President which many people have told me that I should be doing.  Yes, I have studied the Presidential Election Process very well, and it still needs to be completely reformed, so we can have Real Elections which are not run only by and for The Party, now even more than it did in 1950 when I discussed it with my father.  During the 2012 Presidential Election I worked very hard to become the Presidential Candidate of “AmericansElect” who presented themselves as a Non-Partisan effort to elect a Candidate who is not part of any Party.  AmericansElect spent Millions of Dollars, and succeeded in qualifying to be on the Presidential Ballot in enough States to actually win the Presidential Election, if they won all of those States, and was well on their way to getting on the Ballot in ALL of the States, then they just stopped.  I, and I am sure other people, spent all of our resources trying to work with AmericansElect, and it is not an understatement to say that I was extremely disappointed in what they did to My Campaign when they just quit in the middle of the 2012 Presidential Election Process.  Since AmericansElect folded I have been looking for another Internet source of “support” and so far CrowdPac is the first one I have found.  I have been a real non-bureaucratic actual Public Servant all of my life and Our Campaign for The American People will continue to work for all of the things which The American People need until we are completely successful for The American People.  We are always looking for real constructive comments concerning anything which will actually be helpful to all of The American People.

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    “Campaign for FirstNonPartisanPresidentOfUSA Since George Washington! since Dwight has the most commonsense real solutions to problems that none of the politicians will ever even start to solve. I want him as the President of Our Country.”

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