My name is James Myers Jr., candidate for Pittsburgh School Board District 3. I am a graduate of Carlow University and the Pittsburgh Public School system. While a PPS student I attended Madison Elementary, Reizenstein Middle, and Peabody as well as Schenley High Schools. What I learned during my time as a PPS student has had an immeasurable impact on my personal life and professional career.

My professional experience began as a teacher/paraprofessional at the Urban Academy of Greater Pittsburgh Charter School where I served as a teaching assistant, gym instructor and basketball coach. I went on to work for the Schenley Heights Community Development Center as a Program Coordinator where my work centered around leading academic enrichment programs for students attending Schenley High School during it's transition to the Reizenstein Middle School building.

More recently, I worked as Education & Outreach Coordinator for Pittsburgh Green Innovators where I led efforts to educate students on renewable energy and green practices. Now, I am proud to serve as the Director of Community Affairs and Business Development for Urban Innovation21, a public-private partnership that boosts regional economic development through 21st century innovation driven entrepreneurship.

I am running for school board because I believe that every generation has the responsibility and duty to make constructive contributions to their community and society as a whole. I believe that combination of my experience, energy and concern for our future leaders and learners make me a more than capable and qualified candidate for school board.

Upon election I will move quickly to:

•Restore pride and resilience in our schools and therefore our communities.
•Cultivate a belief that investing in education must be the first priority.
•Increase access to quality resources for our students, families, teachers, and communities.
•Support programs that develop career and higher learning pipelines for our students.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!