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When I went to college, I decided to major in physics. The end goal was to work with renewable energy technology, whether that be wind, solar, or batteries. I always saw myself as working in a field like that so that I could contribute towards a cause greater than myself: helping to rid our world of fossil fuels, and help advance the state-of-the-art with technologies that would replace the old, polluting technology of the last century. Choosing to study physics, though, is not as confining as it might sound. An advisor of mine put it best: he described a degree in the field as a degree in critical thinking. Doing well in our classes meant we were learning how to take the tools available to us - typically a long list of equations and mathematical techniques - and using them to solve problems that may, at first, seem extremely difficult. 

At the end of the day though, I always expected that I would be able to work in a field that allowed me to contribute positively to society. To better future generations in any way I could. Life didn't make it easy to get to where I am today, though. As one of three kids in an upper-lower class family, I started with the cards stacked against me. And if I were just starting down that path today, I never would have been able to get to where I am now. Not only has the cost of a higher education shot through the roof, but every other issue that affected my family growing up - and families like mine - have only become a bigger problem. 

When I looked at that reality, and compared it to our representation in the 16th District for the last many years - and those seeking to replace our current representative - I couldn't sit on the sidelines anymore. I decided to run for Congress because we do not have a Representative who truly represents the interests of the people of the 16th District in DC. I decided to run for office because, even though I love what I do, I know I can be a strong voice for the people in the capitol, and do far greater good there. But I'm also running for office because no one should die the way my dad did, from a preventable, treatable condition simply because we could not afford the medicine to treat him. I'm running because millions of Americans start their adult lives saddled with student loan debt they will never pay off. And I'm running because Congress keeps kicking the can down the road on important generational issues. Whether it is the student debt crisis, climate change, or our crumbling infrastructure, they show zero resolve to actually create solutions to the problems we face.

Instead, they write bills that go against the public good. They undermine the health and security of every American citizen by putting corporate profits - and campaign donations - ahead of the interests of the American people. I am running to be a voice against this trend, to bring light to the issues affecting everyday Ohioans like myself. To support the working class and to bring them relief and aid in whatever way I can. To be a proactive part of the district, with a real presence, and to hold Town Halls as frequently as possible.

I'm running to be the bold new progressive voice our generation desperately needs. In Congress, I will be an aggressive advocate for the people, and I will represent the 16th district - its people, not its corporations - with pride, and be a representative they can have pride in. Issues I will fight for include:

- Healthcare as a human right. No one in this country should go bankrupt from medical bills. Every other modern nation has figured this out. We can too, and I will fight everyday to make access to affordable healthcare a reality in the United States.
- ‎A resolution to the student debt crisis, first by providing relief to the students affected, and then dealing with the problem at its source: the skyrocketing cost of a higher education. I will introduce and support legislation giving Department of Education a meaningful role in helping students stuck in debt, and fight for making public colleges tuition-free.
- ‎Dealing with climate change by supporting our re-entrance into the Paris Accord, and incentivizing research into renewable energy tech. In Northeast Ohio, I'll support the offshore wind farm for what it is: a boon to the region, and an initiative that will make Ohio a leader in manufacturing offshore wind technology.
- ‎Work with absolutely everyone I can to bring an end to the opioid epidemic. We need our local municipalities to have the funds they require to deal with this problem, and we need to hold accountable those who are, at least in part, responsible for bringing us to where we are today. 
- ‎A living wage. Because in the 16th district, the minimum wage is not enough to survive, and the same goes for every state in the union. If you work 40 hours a week, you should be able to afford food and a roof over your head.
- ‎Doing what I can to strengthen and empower our unions. Because we are stronger together, and when the people can bargain with their employers as a unit, the American people win.

Send me to Congress, because it's been too long since anyone in this district has fought for the people. Because irrationality has had a hold on Congress for too long, and a scientist brings a perspective not heard enough on the hill. Because, perhaps most importantly, I came from nothing, and I will never forget that, and I will always fight for the good of the people above all else.  I am used to solving difficult problems, and I will bring those skills to DC to get things done: both at home in the 16th and across the country. Support my campaign here, and if you live in Ohio's 16th District, vote for me, Aaron Godfrey, on May 8th, 2018.

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