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Now more than ever, the composition of Congress will be critical in paving the path forward for America. Whether it's defending social programs that help the impoverished or fighting for increased funding for our educational systems, Ohio needs a representative that will fight for the average Ohioan, not just the wealthy elite.

I am not a lawyer, and I am not a politician. I am scientist, and I have fought my entire life to get to where I am today - and it wasn't easy to get here. One of three children in a true working-class family, the odds have always been stacked against myself and my family. When I graduated from Elyria High School in 2004, I knew that making it through college - being able to scrape together the money to make that work - would be a challenge every single semester. And it was. But at the end of those four years, I graduated from Miami University with a B.A. in physics, and stayed on two more years to earn a Master of Science in the same field. Since then, I've worked a variety of jobs - from teaching adjunct at Lorain County Community College, to working as an engineer for a contractor to the US Navy, to where I am today, working for a high-tech company in Middleburg Heights.

I fought hard and worked harder to get to where I am today, working a job that I love, helping science that matters progress. But being a casual observer of national politics, and seeing the direction of the economy in recent years, has me concerned. It has me concerned that my story - coming from that working class family struggling to get by, to living firmly in the middle class today - is the last gasp of the American dream. When I graduated college all those years ago, the costs were staggering, and the struggle to repay loans is one that has enormous consequences on my life. Students today must somehow deal with even greater costs, with less aid, after making it through a public school system that is failing them on multiple levels. And when they do graduate, they can face a lot of uncertainty on the job market - something I know and have experienced first hand. Meanwhile, Congress is stuck in the past, trying to prop up fading technologies and industries, while actively fighting against forces that could reshape the American economy for the better.

It's in the face of those concerns - and many others - that I have decided to run for Congress in 2018, competing for the 16th district in Ohio. This isn't a decision I take lightly, but I think that if given the opportunity, I can be a great force of change for both Ohio and the nation as a whole. Central to my campaign will be several key issues, including:

  • Access to an affordable, quality education. Access to higher education is a key driver to lifting families out of the lower class - I am living proof of this. But the high cost of college makes this dream out of reach for far too many people. In the near term, we need to support legislation that will cap the rise in tuition at public colleges and universities, and in the long term, we need to fight for free tuition at all public schools.
  • Reform of our public school systems for K-12. Over-testing and under-funding has caused real and noticeable harm to our public schools. Additionally, we need to refocus our efforts on providing a well-rounded education in math and science, and do everything we can to support children of all stripes from joining the fields. Our country's focus on math and science during the Cold War cemented our position as the world's premier super power, and going down our current path of discrediting science and dismissing math risks that status.
  • Climate change is real and an existential threat to my generation and our children - just ask the Pentagon. It is easy for those on Capitol Hill right now to barter away our future - they will not be around to see some of the most severe effects of climate change. But they are gambling with our lives and our futures, and we cannot allow that. I will support legislation to curb our nation's contribution to climate change (including a cap on our carbon emissions), and support initiatives to help steer companies onto a greener path for a more sustainable future. Renewable resources can be a huge boon to our economy, and we should harness that potential and bring it to the 16th district. It's about time America reaffirmed its position as a world leader and truly led on this issue - our lives literally depend on it.
  • Access to affordable, quality healthcare. Healthcare is a right of all people and should be treated as such. In the short term, the ACA (also known as Obamacare) should be supported, but in the long term, our country needs to move towards a public option/Medicare-for-All system. We need to join the rest of the industrialized world in guaranteeing healthcare as a right for all of our citizens.
  • Gerrymandering has produced unequal representation in Ohio since (at least) the last census. This practice is clearly unconstitutional and an affront to democracy. I will never support partisan gerrymandering for any political party, and will support efforts on every level to end it.

Of course, these are only a fraction of the issues that matter to me, but these are big issues that have a very clear effect on Ohio and the US.

In supporting my run for office, you'd be sending a clear message to Congress: we're sick and tired of a Congress willing to trade in our livelihoods for campaign contributions. We're sick and tired of unequal representation, and of our districts being gerrymandered. We're sick and tired of being represented by businessmen, lawyers, and politicians out to benefit themselves over their constituents. You would be saying, loud and clear, that it's about time we had a voice in Congress that knows what it's like to come from nothing, and knows what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck. You would be supporting someone who cares about Ohio and Ohioans, someone who wants us to support those who need help the most, and someone who knows first-hand the value of important social programs. 

If elected, I will fight tirelessly everyday to represent the working-class Ohioan. I will stand up to big-moneyed interests, and I will always keep an open door to my constituents - no matter what side of the aisle you represent. I am fighting to represent you, the people, not the corporations, or the moneyed elite. Let's rebuild our Great Society, and reclaim at least this part of Congress in the name of the people.

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    “He actually cares about the health care of our residents and making it more affordable.”

April 1, 2017

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    “Aaron is a true representative of the middle class!”

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    “He actually cares about the health care of our residents and making it more affordable.”

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