Roger Penske is well known across Michigan (in fact, the Nation) and therefore starts with the important Name recognition that some Political Campaigns only dream of achieving. Roger Penske fits the "anti-Politician sentiment" many clamor for, having been betrayed by duplicitous Politicians. Penske would have the all important Seed Money to begin a Statewide Campaign and connections to additional Donors for the much needed Campaign Cash required to run a successful Statewide Campaign. Roger has ties to Wayne County having single-handedly saved the Grand Prix of Detroit, making him well liked and respected in Wayne County (an all important County to court for a successful USSenate Campaign). Roger obviously has the successful Businessman angle, that helped both Rick Snyder to the Governorship of Michigan and Donald Trump to turn Michigan RED for POTUS for the first time since 1988. Where he stands on the Issues, will (of course) be an "issue" and open question, but Roger Penske should be considered high on the list of potential Candidates for the Republican Party in order to defeat Debbie Stabenow in #MidTerms2018.

I'd like to hear the excuses from Detroit Democrats as to why one of the few Men (Penske, Gilbert, Illitch, etc) constantly putting money into the City of Detroit shouldn't represent them? It will be the usual Class envy garbage, but they love his money when he is giving them some. If they reject him, perhaps Roger should stop helping to fund the Corrupt Leaders and Wasteful Projects/Spending in Detroit.

("Thanks Alot Debbie, NOT" - Replace Stabenow 2018 Group)

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April 1, 2017

Campaign created!

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