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UPDATE: We hit our initial goal of $50,000 much faster than we could have imagined thanks to all of you.  I'm blown away and because of your support we know there is real energy here.  I've had the honor of meeting many of you already and I'll be meeting with many more in the Jersey Third in the next week to talk specifics on next steps.  Stay tuned and let's keep up the momentum! www.twitter.com/andykimnj  


The people of the New Jersey Third Congressional District deserve a Representative that puts the interests of the constituents first.  My Representative Tom MacArthur has become Trump's biggest supporter in New Jersey and is the main author and lead negotiator for TrumpCare 2.0 that jeopardizes care for people with pre-existing conditions while blatantly protecting the health care plans of Congress from these changes.  We need new leadership in my home district, a place where President Obama won twice.  I grew up in the Third District.  It's where I hit my first home run, earned my first paycheck, and received an incredible public school education that opened up a world of opportunity.  I had the privilege of representing New Jersey as a Rhodes Scholar and Truman Scholar and then as a career public servant at the White House, Pentagon, State Department, and the Senate.  I advised President Obama on the war against ISIS, and I served as a strategic adviser to General David Petraeus in Afghanistan.  Through my commitment to public service, I came to believe that the mission of government is to improve the lives of people by providing opportunities and ensuring security.  Unfortunately, our government and our leaders have lost sight of this mission.  I have and always will put the nation and the American people above politics, and I want to fight alongside the citizens of New Jersey to demand a better government focused on improving the lives of the people.  I am considering running for Congress and I hope to have your support.


I'm considering running because I want to change how Congress works for the Third District.  Our government is broken. Our leaders ignore their responsibilities to the people.  Our country is led by billionaires and millionaires like Tom MacArthur who are out of touch with the struggles that Americans face to pay their bills and provide for their families.  MacArthur said he would be different from Trump, but he quickly became Trump's biggest supporter in New Jersey as he aligned with Trump 96 percent of the time, even on bills that he knew would hurt the people of the New Jersey Third District.  He was the only Member of Congress from New Jersey to support TrumpCare even though he knew over 33,000 people from our District would lose their insurance.  When the constituents voiced their opposition to these measures, Tom MacArthur had the audacity to call them "paid protesters."  By these actions Tom MacArthur had dishonored the people he took an oath to serve. 

If I run, I will make a contract with the people of NJ03 to be the most accessible and transparent Member of Congress.  I will commit to providing daily reports and to holding at least one in-person town hall every single month.  I will solicit constituent views before every vote and explain my positions.  I will fight against corruption and the negative influence of money in Washington that goes against the interests of the people.  We can only change Congress by changing the types of people we elect.  I am a public servant not a politician, and I pledge to always put the people of New Jersey first.


I am proud to have served my country from the war zone of Afghanistan to the White House.  I served in Afghanistan as an adviser to Commanding General Petraeus where I worked alongside our brave service men and women and learned what it meant to put our lives on the line to keep our nation safe.  I had the honor to serve at the White House as the Director for Iraq at the National Security Council and as a point person coordinating the war against ISIS.  I helped design our nation’s strategy for war to stop ISIS from committing genocide against tens of thousands of innocent people.  I worked at the Pentagon to strengthen our military and became a diplomat at the State Department to secure critical international alliances.  These experiences tested me and strengthened me as a patriot, a leader, and a public servant. I saw firsthand what it meant for our nation to be at war, and I am considering running for office to build on my deep national security experience as a public servant to bolster our security and to support the work of our military, the men and women at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, our veterans, our military families and the strong communities in New Jersey that support them. 


We all know what is at stake in 2018.  I am considering running for Congress because I want to fight on behalf of those Americans who are frightened about their futures.  My parents were both immigrants who moved to America to build a better life.  That is why they raised me in the New Jersey Third District.  My family never had much money in the bank, but we worked hard to maximize our opportunities.  I am now a father of a baby boy with another little guy on the way, and I want to make sure my family and all families in New Jersey have opportunities and security to build a better life.  We can only strengthen our economy and provide security to our citizens if we put the people first. That is the job of Congress, and I want to talk with you about how to build a better tomorrow. 

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  • Lisa Cenneno endorsed

    “I endorse Andrew Kim because he cares about people and has a calling to serve others!”

  • Marie Rogers endorsed

    “I'm excited at the prospect of Andrew Kim running for New Jersey Third Congressional District. I know he will be a great fit for the community! Marie Rogers”

  • amy suh endorsed

    “Because NJ and this country deserves better than Tom MacArthur”

May 11 2017

We're going viral…help me take it to the next level!

This is the first official update I’ve posted since I began exploring a challenge to Tom Mac Arthur. With your help, this campaign has gone viral and raised over $50,000 from nearly 700 donors and been covered by the ObserverPolitico and The Hill just to name a few. 

Last night I joined with hundreds of fellow citizens to express outrage at the passage of MacArthur's healthcare bill - Trumpcare 2.0. I’m at a critical point in deciding to jump into this race, and now I’m asking you to help me take it to the next level by doing these two things: 

Share my campaign on Facebook and Twitter 

Help me hit my new goal of $75,000 with a pledge of any size - remember this is still an exploratory effort. You’ll only be charged if I receive the support I’ll need to win this race!

Thank you for your support - onward!


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Apr 2 2017

Campaign created!

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  • Eric Ascalon, Esq. endorsed

  • Yogi Patel endorsed

  • Lisa Cenneno endorsed

    “I endorse Andrew Kim because he cares about people and has a calling to serve others!”

  • Louise Shaffer endorsed

  • Marie Rogers endorsed

    “I'm excited at the prospect of Andrew Kim running for New Jersey Third Congressional District. I know he will be a great fit for the community! Marie Rogers”

  • amy suh endorsed

    “Because NJ and this country deserves better than Tom MacArthur”

  • Turhan Hunt endorsed

  • becky todd endorsed

    “Represenatives and constituents are needed whom have not lost sight nor pocket of fact Founding Fathers based and adopted the Constution Of U.S.A. upon Indigenious Constution Of The People For The People. Caring for The People The Nation For The People For The FUTURE. The Nation Trust, Health and Wealth Is BUILT AND MAINTAINED Upon FUTURES. A Future for our Children better than ours. This Administration is intent on raping and pillaging. Not only Health Wealth Lands and Constution. Life is Not without Grandchildren. Kim, I Pray And Hope Will Maintain and Trust Perserve for our Grandchildren.”

  • Linda Rey endorsed

  • Pradipa endorsed

  • Ina Ayliffe endorsed

  • Natt Nilhguoc endorsed

    “I endorse Andrew Kim bc the pos who drafted trumpcare 2.0 has GOT TO GO!”

  • Jessica Schoolman endorsed

    “It's too easy to feel helpless in this political climate--but we have power, we have a voice, we have the capacity to create change!”

  • Tom Nishikawa endorsed

    “The country needs Congressmen who supports the interest of the people and the USA. Not putting the party or moneyed interest first. I believe Andrew Kim can & will do just that!”

  • Lillian Robbins endorsed

    “I support Andrew Kim because I believe people should not have to be penalized for having pre-existing conditions.”

  • Stacey levitt endorsed

  • Roxy endorsed

    “The people of NJ's 3rd need Andrew Kim. MacArthur must be defeated in 2018.”

  • Ali mohsenian endorsed

  • Troy Turner Sr. endorsed

    “I endorse Andrew because we need a government that cares.”

  • Susan Finnegan endorsed

  • Annie Fine endorsed

    “He is a smart guy with a strong background in security who also has progressive values and will stand up to Trump and the Republicans. He will support women's health care and fight for what ordinary - aka not wealthy - people need.”

  • Tracy endorsed

    “This is how we change the world, one leader at a time”

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    “Andy has the right idea. Let's help him to help us.”

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    “He's willing to fight for the American people...not just the elite few.”

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    “Let's clean the House!!!!”

  • Jean Callaghan endorsed

    “We need intelligent, educated, experienced people in Congress. Tom MacArthur is a disgrace to our country. He must go!”

  • Ravi Pattamatta endorsed

    “It's time a common man gets a say.”

  • Lisa soley endorsed

    “I am sick of being lied to and my concerns ignored by my current representative.”

  • Andrew Cortright endorsed

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  • Lee Winter endorsed

    “I endorse Andrew Kim because he believes that people should not be excluded from getting affordable health care/insurance. Unlike MacArthur whose amendments exclude those with pre-existing health conditions from receiving affordable insurance, or any insurance.”

  • Christine Malloy endorsed