Marla Mott-Smith is angry with Mia Love (R), Utah's current 2nd term 4th District Representative and the Trump administration. Marla thinks you should be angry too. She is running as a Democrat and believes the Trump administration is not draining the swamp as promised, but filling it to overflowing with the bodies of hard working Americans and the items outlines 1 through 7.

Working together, we can change that. It becomes more urgent as the administration gathers more power, turning our democracy into a fascist state.

District 4 is winnable by getting more residents to register and then getting out the vote. It has a population of approximately 700,000. 

Here is what Marla stands for

  1. Protecting the Environment and Public Lands 
  2. Accountability and Transparency
  3. Equal Rights for Women & Minorities 
  4. Getting Big Money Out of Politics
  5. Bettering Education by Protecting Our Public Schools, Lessening Teacher Loads, and Providing Debt Free College for Grads and Their Parents 


ADVOCATE:  Marla helped found a nonprofit that advocated for housing and job training for the homeless. As a founder and president of the Women’s Council of Ventura/Los Angeles Chapter of the Building Industry Association, her team raised thousands of dollars to support a home for abused women. She was the second woman to be appointed to the BIA board. She helped raise funds for the Salt Lake City YWCA to support housing for abused women and children.

In Niger Africa, at that time the poorest country in the world, she and her husband assisted in opening a medical clinic. Over six hundred nomads were treated, some lining up in the hot sun for blocks to see a doctor. She assisted first time homebuyers in qualifying for FHA and VA loans, one of her most satisfying real estate assignments.

As founder and first chair of the Utah Chapter of Community Associations Institute’s (CAI) Legislative Action committee (LAC) she advocated for the 450,000+ Utahns who live in community associations. Goals of the LAC are to educate the Utah Legislature and write and propose bills that protect and enhance the property values and rights of community associations and their owners in Utah. Marla’s team raised over $40,000 to hire a lobbyist and fund operations.

BUSINESS WOMAN:  She is currently the founder and CEO of Community Association Consultants, and consults for community associations, community managers, and builders and developers, as well as for Alliance Association Bank (AAB), a subsidiary of Western Alliance Bank Corps, rated one of the 4th best bank in America in 2017 by Forbes.  AAB services community association management companies and the community associations (HOA) they manage. Marla has built Utah deposits from zero to over $30,000,000 in four years. Marla founded, operated and sold a community association management company.

During her long and distinguished real estate career she “worked out” troubled communities in a down real estate market with innovative marketing plans. She was an award-winning sales and marketing specialists for builders and developers. She also helped acquired rights-of-way for Lucent Technologies for underground cable installation.

Marla compiled and oversaw budgets for community associations and other nonprofits totaling millions of dollars. She is well educated in many aspects of real estate including taxes, law, sales, and marketing. As an owner and president of a small downtown association she led a team that was responsible for a rehabilitation that increased property values 50%.

INDUSTRY LEADER: Marla founded the Channel Islands Chapter of the Community Association Institute, and helped found the Utah Chapter, later serving on its board of directors. She has spoken to industry groups on the local, state and national levels. She consulted for a Utah developer to establish and transition a master community and its sub associations to the homeowners, compiled the budgets and saved by consolidating trail maintenance.

Marla is honored to be the recipient of many awards for her achievements.

FAMILY MATRIARCH: She is married to Harold Collins Bowers, II (Collie), retired Salt Lake City businessman who volunteers at a hospital and was honored at the State level for his dedication to handicapped patients. Together they have 8 children, 18 grandchildren, and 9 great grandchildren. Marla was a foster mother two babies and is delighted to have a multi-ethnic family.

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May 7, 2017

Protest Marches in Utah

In the last three weeks, I have participated in the Solidarity March for Immigrants, The People's' Climate Movement March, and the March for Science. Today I will join others outside the Salt Lake City Federal Building to show Secretary of the Interior Zinke how much Utahns value our public lands.

Thousands gathered to protest the Trump's administration's attempts to implement immigrations laws that allow discrimination and tear families apart; deny that there is human caused climate change affecting our air and water; and deny that science has is a legitimate way to prove the cause and effect of human behavior.

These marches and protests have given me the opportunity to add my voice in opposition of these policies and meet hundreds of Utahns that give up some part of their personal lives to show that they care about these issues.

April 2, 2017

Campaign created!

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