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Businesses and the Economy

Franklin Township is the center for growth and opportunities with its central location to the City of Columbus, Grove City, and Prairie Township. Yet our community lacks the strategic vision or leadership to tap into the vast potential for new and unique business opportunities. From developing the area around West Broad Street and I-270, to recruiting new small businesses, restaurants, and other enterprises, Franklin Township has a chance to be a welcoming community that creates a friendly business environment and offer good-paying jobs for our residents.

Police and Fire Support

Having a fully-staffed police and fire department is critical to the safety and health of Franklin Township. When you pick up the phone to report a fire, crime, or medical emergency, our residents need to know that our public servants are on the reporting for duty and have the equipment needed to do the job. We must work together to make sure that these services are the best in the region and protecting our community. As the opioid epidemic continues to plague our streets, we need the best medical response team waiting to save lives and a strong police presence to curb the use of illegal drugs.  

Leadership in the Community and Region

Our township has been taken advantage of by surrounding communities and forgotten by our state government. As cuts to the local government fund continue to devastate the Franklin Township budget, we need leadership from our Township Trustees to be a voice for our neighborhoods and to fight to protect our community. Through strong leadership and relationships with Franklin County and the State of Ohio, Franklin Township can grown and receive the support and respect our residents deserve.

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Apr 3 2017

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!