UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Supreme Court didn't bring closure on the merits of extreme partisan gerrymandering. But we can still win this war to terminate gerrymandering.

This is a call to action -- we've identified four state-based initiatives to end gerrymandering step by step. Learn more here. Common Cause and others are continuing the battle in the courts with cases that address the justices’ concerns, so your continued support of this campaign is also incredibly appreciated.


The Supreme Court has heard cases of Democratic gerrymandering in Maryland and of Republican gerrymandering in Wisconsin, and both instances are completely unacceptable. 

I'm determined to terminate gerrymandering and its poisonous impact on our democracy. That's why I've partnered with Common Cause, a nonprofit focused on promoting open, honest and accountable government.

While we anxiously await court decisions, we must keep up the momentum at the state and local level to end this scourge on our democracy. We're so close to our $150,000 goal, which won't just help with these Supreme Court cases, but the many fights still to come. 

Please chip in whatever you can afford today – we are closer than we've ever been to defeating gerrymandering, but we must keep up the pressure. 

Even $3 will send a powerful message that the citizens of America won't stand idly by as politicians protect their jobs instead of earn them. And, because we must win these cases, I'll personally match every single donation that comes in.

Thank you for everything, 

Arnold Schwarzenegger 

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    “To make every vote count! Gerrymandering must be FIXED or ended”

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    “A level playing field is necessary to any genuine competition .”

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    “Voters should select their elected officials. Elected officials should NOT select their voters. Gerrymandering has caused primary elections to be won by the extreme right and left. We need moderates who are willing to work with all parties and get things done.”

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    “Make elections fair in places like Maryland, California, and Ohio!”

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    “I'm a Marylander running for office that COMPLETELY sees the effects of gerrymandering. I support the hard work from Arnold and my Governor, Larry Hogan. Lets terminate it!!”

July 3, 2018

We don’t have to wait for the courts.


I have a new and important update on our fight to terminate gerrymandering.

After the Supreme Court ruling to send the Wisconsin case back to the lower court to establish standing and several other decisions at the end of their term, along with the retirement of Justice Kennedy, I’ve gotten messages of concern from many of you about the possibility of tackling gerrymandering through the courts.

While I wish we’d won the case, the legal process will continue and I don’t want any of you to lose hope. But we don’t have to wait for the courts. Join me with renewed energy to terminate gerrymandering state by state at the ballot box this November. Regardless of the court decisions, momentum is on our side. Believe me – I know how hard it was to reform California’s redistricting process. We failed four times and finally secured a victory to give an independent commission the power to draw our state legislative lines by barely a point! Two years later, when we expanded our reform to Congressional seats, we won by 22 points. And earlier this year, Ohio voters approved redistricting reform by nearly 50 points.

The tides have turned, and we will continue winning. Let’s work together with these citizen-powered movements in Utah, Colorado, Michigan, and Missouri to terminate gerrymandering once and for all:

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