More than a century ago, Regina's great-grandfather immigrated to the US from Sweden. He arrived with a box of carpentry tools, big dreams, and not much else. Three generations later, Regina has a PhD from Yale, and she's launched a serious campaign for Congress. 

Regina believes that with hard work and determination, every American should be able to build a prosperous, joyful life. But today, the American Dream is under assault. Millions of Americans may lose their health insurance, through no fault of their own. Climate change, wildfires, and water shortages threaten the financial solvency of our small businesses and local vineyards, ranches, and farms. Rural schools are facing steep cuts. Even the Pell Grant program is on the chopping block.

Regina is running for Congress because California's 4th District deserves a voice in Washington, DC. Our district has real needs, and we deserve real solutions. Regina is a pragmatic problem-solver who will fight for jobs, affordable healthcare, and the environment. 

Regina is running against incumbent Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Elk Grove). McClintock is an extreme Tea Partier who consistently votes against the interests and values of his district. For example, McClintock claims to be pro-business, yet he opposes the smart investments that are necessary for our region to thrive and grow. He's twice voted against federal support for rural broadband, even though large swathes of his district lack access to high-speed internet. 

McClintock treats his constituents with callous disregard, and incredibly enough, he has no roots in the district. He is not from here, and he does not live here. In 2008 McClintock promised to move to the 4th District -- but he's never done so. 

Regina, by contrast, is a proud native of the 4th District. She is an experienced public servant, an award-winning social scientist, and the devoted mother of three young boys. Regina was previously a Foreign Service Officer for the State Department, as well as a tenure-track professor at MIT.

Now more than ever, we need leaders in Congress with the courage and integrity to stand up for what's right. That's Regina. Please join our campaign and help send her to Congress.

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    “She is a mother.Mothers know best.”

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    “We sorely need good candidates like her in this day and age, who will speak for regular folks and not the corporate elite and Wall Street.”

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    “Regina has deep roots in this district and will better understand and respond to her constituents.”

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    “The people of California DO deserve better than Tom McClintock! Thank you for putting your hat in he ring!”

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    “Thankfully a REAL choice!”

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    “We deserve better than Tom!”

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    “We need a representative that is home-grown & not a carpet-bagger from SoCal; we need an intelligent, caring person, and it's time we elected a woman: the men we've had have been awful!”

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    “We need to be represented by someone who understands the challenges that face our district, not a Trump echo chamber.”

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    “I endorse Regina Bates because she's educated, experienced and is one of us. A hard-working Foothills woman that will listen to all of us.”

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    “We need a new voice.”

May 21, 2017

Time to get serious about beating Tom McClintock

Dear friends and supporters, 

Thank you for your ongoing encouragement, and for your interest in my campaign. 

Tom McClintock does not share the values of his constituents, and he consistently undermines our interests. But as I told several groups at the California State Democratic Party Convention this weekend, Tom McClintock is not just a problem for California's 4th District. Rather, McClintock's actions in Congress have consequences for all of us. 

Every day he's in office is another day that the wealthiest Americans have an advocate in Washington, while working families struggle to make ends meet. 

Every day he's in office is another day that the urgent, practical needs of rural Americans go ignored, and the economic potential of rural America remains untapped.

Every day he's in office is another day that millions of Americans are in danger of losing their access to affordable health insurance. 

Every day he's in office is another day that our environment and our planet are at risk of imminent, irreversible harm. 

Every day he's in office is another day that the rights of women, children, immigrants, people of color, Muslim Americans, and the LGBTQ community are in jeopardy.

It is unconventional for a politician to promote her opponent's website, but I encourage you to visit . Watch McClintock's speeches. Read his press releases. And ask yourself -- does Tom McClintock speak for you? Is this a man you want in Congress? If the answer is no, please support my campaign to unseat him. 

Local activists in the 4th District are fired up and ready to mount a major ground operation against McClintock. But to have a real shot at beating him, we will ultimately need to attract outside help. To make that happen, we first need to show that I can raise enough money to be a serious, viable candidate. 

Unfortunately in politics, money talks. Activism and passion are important, but when the DCCC is deciding where to get involved, they place a lot of emphasis on fundraising. They want to see that a challenger can raise money on his or her own, and only after that will they jump into a race. The same goes for many other influential advocacy groups. 

So in that spirit, I am asking for your continued support. As we shift from "startup mode" to "campaign mode," I have increased our goal on Crowdpac to $50,000. I am so grateful for the first $20,000 that you've already contributed, and that seed money has been critical. But now it's time to get serious about building a campaign, hiring staff and consultants, and attracting attention from the outside world. 

Every donation helps in that effort. No amount is too small. And if you aren't in a position to donate, please help to spread the word. Send the Crowdpac site to your friends and relatives. Write letters to the editors of your local newspapers, highlighting McClintock's record and publicizing our campaign against him. Tom McClintock's presence in Congress is a threat to us all. Let's work together to defeat him in 2018. 

In solidarity, Regina

May 17, 2017

We did it!

We did it! We've hit our goal of $20,000! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your generosity and for your support. 

I am proud to say this has truly been a grassroots effort. Most aspiring politicians begin their campaigns by seeking large donations from a few wealthy benefactors. Our story is completely the opposite! Our first $20,000 came from 369 donations with an average size of $54. 

In just over a month, our movement has grown from a glimmer of an idea to a very serious campaign. Thanks to you, we are building the infrastructure necessary to beat Tom McClintock in 2018. I've been able to travel around our district, rent a PO Box, hire accountants, print business cards, and prepare for the CA state party convention later this week. 

So ... where do we go from here? Onwards and upwards! Raising our first $20,000 is a significant accomplishment, but this is just the beginning of a long campaign. In the next weeks, I'll continue to work on fundraising, and I'll be working with a PR firm to develop a better online presence. 

I also need you to remain engaged and energized! In particular, it's time to start planning house parties. A house party is a cozy, informal gathering. You invite 10 or 20 friends over to your house, and you suggest that they each bring a small donation for the campaign. I come by the party, and we all talk and get to know each other. 

If you'd like to host a house party, please email We'll coordinate dates, and I'll send you a packet of information to help you plan your party. 

Once again, thank you for your support, and I hope to meet you all in the coming weeks.

Gratefully, Regina 

May 6, 2017

Can a woman win in CA-04?

Since I launched my Crowdpac site, several people have asked me, "Can a woman win in our district?" Sometimes this question follows close on the heels of praise for our female candidates, as in, "You were all great in that forum last night. But ... can a woman really win?" Other times, the question grows out of a desperate desire to beat Tom McClintock in 2018. Some of our fellow Democrats and progressives think their neighbors won't vote for a woman. So, the argument goes, if a woman runs against McClintock, we risk leaving votes on the table, and we aren't adopting the smartest possible strategy to beat him. 

I think people will continue to ask "the woman question" throughout the campaign. So I'd like to give you, my supporters, a toolkit to help you address the issue. 

First, try to stay calm. Assume the best about the other person's intentions and beliefs. Hopefully they're asking the question because they want to support me or another woman; they just need to cast aside this lingering issue that's bothering them. As I noted in my remarks at the PWD forum in Roseville, in the 167 years since California became a state, the counties that now make up the 4th District have never been represented in Congress by a woman. It's been more than twenty years since a woman appeared on the general election ballot for this congressional seat, so it's natural that people might be scratching their heads and wondering how this is going to work out.  

Luckily, the available evidence suggests that a female candidate should do just fine. On average, when women run for public office, they do just as well as men. There are so few women in office not because they don't win elections, but because they don't get on the ballot in the first place. 

Some people think our region is different. Too many of our voters are rugged cowboys, businessmen, or social conservatives who will not take a female candidate seriously -- or so the conventional wisdom goes. But we should be careful not to jump to conclusions about each other. Given the opportunity to vote for a well-qualified female candidate, people are more open-minded than you might think.  

Since 1990, two women (both Democrats) have appeared on the general election ballot to represent this area in Congress: Patricia "Pat" Malberg in 1990 [1] and 1992, and Katie Hirning in 1994 and 1996. Pat very nearly beat John Doolittle in 1990 when she won 49% of the vote, and she won 46% of the vote in their 1992 rematch -- a feat no other candidate matched until Charlie Brown got 46% of the vote in 2006 (and then 50% in 2008). 

Looking at the general elections from 1990 to the present, Democratic congressional candidates who are women have gotten an average of 41% of the vote in our district [2], as compared to an average of 37% for Democratic congressional candidates who are men [3]. Let me repeat that: on average, female Democrats do slightly better in our district than male Democrats.   

So rather than debating whether "a woman" can beat McClintock, I hope you can focus on getting to know each of the candidates as individuals. Talk to us. Learn our stances on the issues. Invite us to speak at group meetings. And don't get too fixated on McClintock. Yes, there's a lot to dislike there. I get that. But ultimately, it's not enough just to beat McClintock. You should also be looking for a candidate who will represent the interests and values of our region, finally giving you a real voice in Congress. You deserve no less. 

Sincerely, Regina

[1] I am referring to the 1990 race in the 14th Congressional District, which encompassed many of the counties now in the 4th District. 

[2] The 41% figure includes Pat Malberg's performance in 1990 in the 14th District. Starting in 1992, women candidates have won an average of 39% of the vote in the 4th District. 

[3] In 2014, Art Moore challenged Tom McClintock in the general election. Moore, a moderate Republican who emphasized his lengthy military career, won 40% of the vote in the general election. If we include Art Moore (R), then male challengers have earned an average of 38% of the vote in this district since 1990. 

May 3, 2017

We're off and running!

Thank you all for supporting my nascent campaign!

Buoyed by your enthusiasm, I mailed off my FEC forms this past Saturday, April 29. My older son did the honors and dropped the envelope into the mail slot at the post office in Old Roseville, accompanied by friends, supporters, and my husband and our babies (yes, we have twins!). We decorated our double stroller with American flags, and we had a small celebration to mark the occasion. You can see some photos from the day on Facebook, at When my forms reach Washington, DC, I will become an official candidate! 

Last week, I met with groups in Cameron Park, Roseville, Auburn, Truckee, and Moke Hill, and I attended a dinner in Lincoln. I also participated in a candidates' forum hosted by the Placer Women Democrats. More than 200 people attended the forum, and the room was full to the brim. The evening concluded with a straw poll, which I won by a significant margin. To those who attended: thank you for the vote of confidence!

At 7 pm on Thursday, May 4, I'll be participating in another candidates' forum sponsored by Indivisible Roseville. If you are in the area, I hope you will attend. The address is 699 Washington Blvd. in Roseville. For those scattered across the US and around the world, you can watch online! Indivisible Roseville plans to live-stream the event on their Facebook page, which is Tomorrow night I will be thinking of you all, and I will do my best to make you proud.

Starting a political campaign is absolutely nerve-wracking, especially for a normal person like me. Trust me, since my website first went viral, I've had many moments of self-doubt and anxiety. But even at this early stage, this campaign has also brought me great joy. I've reconnected with friends, mentors, and colleagues from every phase of my life, from my childhood in Roseville to my career as a political scientist. I've also made new friends, kindred spirits who I never would have encountered otherwise. Come whatever may, I will always be grateful for these relationships.

I hope you are feeling optimistic and empowered as well. In many ways, the world is a dark and depressing place right now. The Affordable Care Act is in imminent jeopardy. Our president is offering to meet with dictators and and human rights abusers. Yet we have already shown that by banding together, ordinary people can still have a voice in politics. We may not be able to change everything overnight. But right here, in California's 4th District, we are already making a real difference.   

Warmly, Regina

April 22, 2017

Stand up for science and the environment

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement! I am looking forward to meeting many of you in person at the Placer Women Democrats' Candidate Forum on Tuesday, and later this week as well. 

In recognition of the March for Science and Earth Day, this weekend I'll be tweeting about Tom McClintock's record on the environment and science, and the way he misrepresents scientific evidence in making his arguments. Follow me on Twitter to join in! @bateson2018

I've been getting a lot of questions about my stances on the environment, and climate change specifically. Let me be crystal clear. I believe that climate change is real, it poses a serious threat to us all, and we need to take action to curb greenhouse gas emissions. I also support regulations to protect our clean air and clean water. 

Many people live in our district precisely because they enjoy spending time outdoors. Some would consider themselves environmental activists; others simply enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, hunting, fishing, and camping. Still others depend on the natural environment for their livelihoods. But regardless of our motivations, most of us share some basic conclusions. 69% of adults in CA-04 believe that climate change is real. 68% believe that climate change will harm future generations greatly or moderately. 81% support funding for research on renewable energy. 72% say that carbon dioxide should be regulated as a pollutant, and 65% support strict limits on CO2 emissions from existing coal-fired power plants.* 

Tom McClintock is one of the most virulent climate change-deniers in Congress. He takes campaign contributions from Big Oil. He has an abysmal record on the environment. So why is he representing a district where so many voters love the great outdoors and are concerned about climate change? Why has he been entrusted to protect some of our most treasured natural spaces, like Yosemite and Lake Tahoe? There are no good answers to these questions.

If you live in CA-04 and you are concerned about the environment, please know that you are in the majority. Dare to discuss climate change with your neighbors! They likely already agree with you. 

In order to beat McClintock in 2018, we need to identify, energize, and mobilize each and every environmentally responsible voter in CA-04. The Marches for Science and Earth Day celebrations this weekend are the perfect place to start. 

Thank you again for your support, and have a wonderful weekend. 

Warmly, Regina

*This survey data comes from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication:


I encourage you to explore their site, which includes colorful, interactive maps that are perfect for showing to your neighbors and friends. You can choose to view the data by county or by congressional district. 

April 16, 2017

What a week!

To think -- this all began just one week ago! Thank you all for your support and encouragement! We have already raised more than $12,000! I am hoping to reach my goal of $20,000 before I file with the FEC and become an official candidate. 

Once I become a candidate, I will use this seed money to create a professional, comprehensive website, and to begin traveling around the District to meet with different community groups. Already I have a few events planned. I will be at the Placer Women Democrats' candidate forum on April 25, and I may also hold a small event in Roseville on the morning of April 29. Stay tuned for details!

Finally, I've taken on my first (volunteer) campaign staffer. Hannah Holzer is going to be my communications manager. Starting tomorrow, if you email me or send a message via social media, it is possible that Hannah may reply on my behalf. I have received an avalanche of emails, questions, and speaking invitations, so she is going to help me sort through everything and respond promptly to you all.

Thank you again, and I'm looking forward to meeting you in the course of the campaign! 

Sincerely, Regina

April 12, 2017

Public launch day!

Today is my Crowdpac site’s public launch!

The short URL is:

Please share the link with everyone you know: friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbors. Share it with people in the district. Share it with people across the country. Send it around your campuses, workplaces, and churches. Post on Facebook, email your lists, and tweet like crazy. #bateson2018

If you already made a pledge, come back and write an endorsement! If you already wrote an endorsement, come back and make a pledge! And if you’ve already done both, recruit a friend to do the same! No pledge is too small. Every little bit helps. This is how a movement grows!

We already raised over $5,000 in just two days -- all as the result of one Facebook post. Now let’s see if we can double that! The road to 2018 starts today. Thank you again for your support.

Warmly, Regina

campaign email:

twitter: @bateson2018


April 11, 2017

Overwhelming Support

I am receiving an overwhelming number of emails, text messages, questions, invitations to meetings, and speaking requests. I am so grateful for your support and encouragement. Please know that I am reading each and every message, and I am deeply touched by your kind words.

I am doing my best to respond to everyone, but as some of you may know, word of my prospective candidacy has spread much faster than I had anticipated or planned. I have significant pre-existing work commitments this week, and I am currently developing a communications strategy that will allow me to stay in touch with you all while also meeting my professional obligations. 

Thank you for your patience, and I will do my best to reply to you each individually as soon as I can!

Sincerely, Regina

April 10, 2017

$4,000 in 24 hours!

What a tremendous day! In just over 24 hours, we have raised over $4,000! I am humbled by your generosity and inspired by your passion. Now more ever, I am confident that we can defeat McClintock in 2018. 

For the time being, my Crowdpac site remains semi-private, accessible only through its URL. Later this week I'll have a launch day, and the site will become fully public. At that time I will have established an email address, Twitter account, and Facebook page for the campaign, and I'll need your help to spread the word far and wide.

Check back soon for more updates, and again, thank you so very much. We have a long journey ahead of us, but I am ready for the challenge, and I know you are as well.  

Gratefully, Regina

April 8, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!