Virginia’s House of Delegates has become more and more Republican since 1999, when the Democrats lost their majority. With 66 Republicans and 34 Democrats, the House has been able to draw gerrymandered Congressional maps that benefit Republicans, and it’s passed voting laws that suppress the minority vote. Because of lax gun control legislation, Virginia is the number one source of illegal firearms in the country. This year, the House of Delegates passed legislation to defund sanctuary cities.

How can this be, in a state that has voted blue in the past three presidential elections? Republicans have simply competed in more districts and raised more money for candidates.

This year, we plan to change that. We’ve identified fifteen potential flip or defense districts with excellent Democratic candidates. We’re asking you to help us elect them.

Using our flippability model, we picked the 12th District as a target. The 12th District has one excellent candidate. Chris is a former journalist who was inspired to run in the aftermath of his fiancé's infamous murder on live TV. He will be a fierce advocate for mental healthcare reform and for students with special needs. His unique story will motivate his passionate service in Richmond.

You can learn more about our flippability model here and read about the candidates here.

Your donation will be made when an official Democratic nominee has been announced for the 12th District, after a caucus or primary. 

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!