In 2017, we turned Virginia blue. In 2018, we're expanding our work to 10 states, and over 250 pro gun safety candidates. Join us here:


We're crowdfunding $35,000 to create campaign videos for progressive candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates in the November 2017 election.

Compelling campaign ads will help these small campaigns in Virginia talk about the issues, expand their reach to more voters, and WIN.

We’re working with our friends at Flippable and Sister District to identify which candidates in Virginia to support.

Contribute to help us turn Virginia blue, one vote at a time!


  • Who are you?

We're filmmakers and activists. We've worked for and with companies like VICE, Participant Media, Maker Studios, and SoulPancake and now we are using our skills as directors and producers to fight back. You can read more about our team (Sarah, Mara, and Lauren) on our website or follow us on Facebook.

  • What does $35,000 pay for?

The money we raise will pay for:

  • Our start up costs (legal fees and insurance to make sure we do everything safely and by the book)

  • Two campaign videos for two different candidates (we'll employ an all female team of 7 crew members)

  • Distribution of those videos (we're using paid advertising to make sure that the voters in each specific district in Virginia see our videos). 

The more we raise, the more videos we’ll be able to make, and the more candidates we’ll be able to support.

  • Why Virginia?

All 100 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates are up for election in November 2017. Virginia voted Democratic in the last three national elections, but the House of Delegates is 2/3 Republican! (Thanks to gerrymandering.) That can change this November, and we're going to fight hard to make sure Virginians are represented fairly in their state government. 

Also, Virginia is a "bellwether state." If Virginia elects progressives this fall in spite of gerrymandering at the state level, it will be an important victory for Democrats heading into the 2018 midterm elections.  

  • What's a SuperPAC?

A SuperPAC is an "independent expenditure committee." Basically, it allows us to create explicitly political advertising. With a SuperPAC, we can overtly advocate for or against political candidates for office.

It's a powerful political tool, and we want to use it to elect progressive politicians at every level of government.

  • Why do you have a SuperPAC?

We started One Vote At A Time last fall to advocate for gun safety legislation. After the election, we realized that we can't just focus on gun safety anymore. We expanded our mission. Now, we're working to elect progressive politicians in 2017, 2018, and beyond. 

  • What do you mean "take back the SuperPAC"?

Ok, ok, so if we had our way, the United States would have publicly financed elections at every level of government. In the mean time, we want to use every tool at our disposal to amplify the voices of the people and elect progressive politicians.

That's why we're crowdfunding: we think the best way to fight back is to work together. We aren’t backed by any billionaires or special interests; we’re funded by engaged citizens like you. 

We're taking back the SuperPAC and we want YOU to be a part of it.

  • Have you done this before?

Yes! You can see some of our past work here: Mary's Story, Blood Money, and #DoYourJob.

  • How will you make sure these ads are effective?

By using social media to distribute the videos online, we can make sure these compelling stories are seen by voters in the district we're focused on. It’s essentially neighbors talking to their neighbors about why electing progressive politicians matters.

Together, we will turn Virginia blue, one vote at a time.

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    “I endorse this because I am gut sick to think that the USA is losing its 241-year-old democracy on our watch. I agree with the idea of acting where it will matter most, in our state legislature. Let's do this.”

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    “Progressives must take over local legislative infrastructures and closely monitor the actions of representatives. #VoteBluePushGreen”

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    “I can't think of any better way to leverage my small dollars than to give them to women filmmakers to make powerful visual documents that will help elect progressive leaders.”

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    “Proud to support this thoughtful and doable plan. Go get em ladies.”

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November 9, 2017

A great blue wave of hope

On Tuesday night, voters in Virginia made history. It was a blue tidal wave of wins: 15 seats, with even more races in recounts. 

With your support, we were able to travel to Virginia to make not just 3 ads we originally planned, but 19 in total. That's right, you read it: 19. We partnered with another resistance organization, The People, to produce free campaign ads for 19 candidates.

These are the 10 One Vote At A Time candidates who won in Virginia on Tuesday night.

Jennifer Carroll Foy for Delegate, a public defender and foster mom

Wendy Gooditis for Delegate, an educator and real estate agent who felt the call to serve after co-founding her local Indivisible chapter

Danica Roem for Delegate, a local reporter who is passionate about infrastructure and traffic issues

Elizabeth Guzman for Delegate, a social worker and fierce advocate for children

David Reid for Delegate, a Navy vet and businessman who is a former foster child

Kathy Tran for Delegate, an advocate for immigrants and fair labor policies who came to this country as a Vietnamese refugee

Lee J. Carter, a former Marine and Democratic Socialist, who cares deeply about economic and environmental justice

Dr. Dawn M. Adams, a nurse practitioner and health care policy expert

Debra Rodman For Virginia Delegate 73rd District, a professor of anthropology and expert court witness for refugees seeking resettlement

Delegate John Bell, a retired member of the US Air Force, and an advocate for families (including his own) fighting the opioid crisis

In light of last night’s tsunami election, and One Vote At A Time’s small but important role in those victories, we’re looking ahead at 2018. We want to keep doing this work. Hell, I’d love to deploy teams of filmmakers to 10 states in 2018!

If you like what you’ve seen, and you want to help us keep fighting (or can connect us with a donor who does), please get in touch: or message us on Facebook.

We're grateful for your support, as always.

The One Vote At A Time team

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!