CHORUS Agency is a network of pro bono advisors who are supporting exceptional progressive leaders running for state legislature and Congress. 

We are working to change the culture of politics by removing barriers for a more diverse pool of authentic leaders to run for office and win.

Your contribution will help us file as a 501c4 organization (a political nonprofit), hire a small team to support our work with 20 campaigns in 2017, and create a free library of resources for running winning campaigns.



Authentic leaders are out there. There are just many, many barriers in place that keep them from running and winning elections. Among those barriers is the cost of necessary support. This is particularly true for low-resource, congressional and state level races — the places we need strong leaders the most. The best strategists in the business simply aren’t affordable for most candidates. Until now. 

We believe that we can change the culture of politics and strengthen our democracy by developing and supporting a new generation of progressive leaders to serve in elected office. We support candidates who are reflective of their districts, demonstrate leadership in their communities, and are committed to our core values: equity, opportunity, inclusion, and justice. But this is about more than making an impact through policy; we seek candidates who will change the tone and tenor of the dialogue, usher in a new age of inclusive leadership, and inspire us all to answer the call of citizenship. 



We’ve carefully vetted and assembled a team of strategists who want to support authentic leaders who will drive long-term change. These pro bono advisors have committed to full-day strategy sessions and/or sustained weekly support throughout an election cycle. 

Every advisor on our team is a leading expert with multiple cycles of experience. We specialize in strategic planning, data and analytics, grassroots organizing, digital engagement and technology.



We are partnering with recruitment organizations like Run for Something and First Ask to identify candidates that are a match for our support. Then, we vet and match them to our strategists. To learn more about our candidate selection criteria, visit the candidate page on our site.



Your contribution will help us:

  • File as a 501c4 organization (a political nonprofit)
  • Hire a small team to support our work with 20 campaigns in 2017, and scale it up to 60 campaigns in 2018
  • Create a free library of tools and resources for running winning campaigns


With your help, we can flip the consulting industry's incentive structure, reduce the role of money in politics, and provide necessary support to the candidates with the most potential, instead of the candidates with the most cash on hand. 

Let's do more than build the progressive bench - let's help them win.

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August 17, 2017

Big News: Chorus Agency is merging with the Arena PAC!

Dear Friends,

I’m writing with a very big and very positive update. When Chorus Agency launched back in June, we set out to build a community of support that would help to usher in a new generation of leadership and change the culture of our politics. In the last two months, we have assembled a network of veteran campaign strategists to offer pro bono support to three incredible candidates for US Congress.

Meanwhile, the Arena — an organization that launched last November with the mission of activating the next generation of civic leaders — held three summits around the country that brought together thousands of current and future candidates, activists, entrepreneurs, and operatives. The Arena is serving and supporting these leaders as they run for office in record numbers, lead campaigns, organize in their communities, and found new and needed institutions.

Today, we are thrilled to share that Chorus Agency and the Arena are joining forces, under the umbrella of The Arena PAC.

Together, we will expand our support to candidates across the country. We will ensure that these new leaders have the best advocates, coaches, and resources working for them. We will reshape our political and civic landscape and channel today's unprecedented wave of civic activism into enduring political change. 

By the end of 2018, we will:

  • Support over 30 of the most promising candidates around the country to victory through The Arena Fellowship. We will announce our first Fellowship class the first week of September.
  • Welcome over 3000 political newcomers into The Arena community -- in person -- through The Arena Summits and build a more robust membership system to serve those newcomers.
  • Highlight the promising work of over 100 of the next generation of civic leaders around the country through our Spotlight program.

What does this mean for your CHORUS Agency Crowdpac pledge?

Tomorrow afternoon (Friday, August 18th), Crowdpac will convert the pledges and redirect them to the Arena PAC. If you wish not to be charged, please contact in the next 24 hours.

Our team is excited for the next chapter, and I hope you are too. Thank you for all of your support, and we’ll see you in the Arena.

With gratitude,

Kate and the Chorus Agency Team

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!