Current Agenda & Positions (in progress)

Unlike ANY other person identified as a potential candidate (do a search of Dallas Morning News articles, e.g.) for this position I am the FIRST (that won't change) and ONLY one (at least for now) that has pledged from DAY ONE to ***100%*** FULLY SUPPORT ***BOTH*** President Trump's ***AND*** Congressman Sam Johnson's agenda! I'm also the only one either not FROM, associated WITH, OR with ties TO "The Swamp".

I've been a businessman and trader and have always embraced what was most expeditious and logical and looked to cut through or eliminate red tape and bureaucracy every chance I got. I owe NO ONE ANYTHING and am neither owned by nor beholden to ANY special interests.

Our next Representative should not be a career politician and instead be one who knows what it is like to be a regular citizen having to deal with crushing government over reach, mountains of bureaucracy, piles of needless red tape, and job and opportunity killing regulations. My litmus test will be "if it doesn't help people earn more money OR save money OR improve the quality of their lives - WITH THEIR FULL AGREEMENT - then it is probably not a good idea."

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April 20, 2017

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Live now but will be updated.

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