Ground Game LA is an organization that fosters civic empowerment and resident support in Los Angeles' District 13.

Through organizing neighborhoods on a block-by-block micro-level, we connect communities to advocacy groups, while also strengthening the long-term civic engagement and power of the people of LA.

Our organization started from a campaign.

We rallied around our core principals and the goals we wanted to accomplish through the office of city council.

As we worked, it became more evident that the office itself was a just a vehicle. The more doors we knocked, the more people we connected with, the more resolutely we promised ourselves and them that we would be back.

This organization is based on what we have learned.

It is the embodiment of our strength, compassion, and dedication to pursue our hopes for LA. We intend to foster others to grow as we have grown ourselves. We anticipate evolving with flexibility and learning from every new contact we make. We have the courage to acknowledge that we are not the first and will not be the last to believe in the power of connecting neighbors to each other.

In that, we also acknowledge what it is we have to offer and how much we can accomplish. By having a presence in the streets and empowering people in their communities, we can rapidly identify needs as they arise and respond by connecting service-based providers and advocates to the issue.

By giving people the resources and support that they need to build stronger networks, we create a vast support system that confronts the undue pressure put upon our vulnerable.

By promoting civic education and organizing civic engagement, we help people along the same process that has helped and enabled us to have an impact.

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April 14, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

  • John Motter endorsed

  • Shaila endorsed

  • Bill Przylucki endorsed

  • Sara Mouser - YAS, Gawd! endorsed

  • Elissa Anne Polansky endorsed

  • Erin Tenney endorsed